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How to make an impression and get noticed while working remotely

The novelty of working from home, with 8:53 a.m. alarm calls and midday MasterClass breaks, has long worn off. Now you miss the sub-zero temps of your cubicle and the days of not having to supervise your kid’s virtual theater class. Plus, “the anonymity of working from home is really taking a toll on people and many are feeling a bit forgotten,” said Dr. Marianna Strongin, a psychologist in a private practice on the Upper East Side. It can feel difficult to get the attention you deserve, with employees finding it increasingly hard to get their work noticed.
10th Aug 2020 - New York Post

Remote working and online shopping could drive 14 million cars off US roads – permanently

As many as 14 million cars could disappear from American roads in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. That’s one of the findings of a KPMG report that estimates almost 40% of all jobs in the United States could be done from home, drastically reducing reliance on the private motor vehicle.
10th Aug 2020 - World Economic Forum

Coronavirus: Dubai government's flexible working hours expected to cut traffic congestion

A decision to give Dubai government employees flexible working hours could consign morning traffic gridlock to the past, transport experts said. Public sector workers will have the option to begin work at any time between 6.30am and 8.30am from Sunday, August 16. The decision could reduce accidents on the city's roads, caused by frustrated drivers rushing to make it to offices on time, said Thomas Edelmann, founder of campaign group Road Safety UAE. “It is an important step in reducing the morning gridlocks as much as possible,” he said. “There are a number of benefits to this including the reduction of dangerous behaviour from motorists.
9th Aug 2020 - The National

3D virtual reality building inspections developed to aid remote working during the pandemic

A new online platform using 3D and virtual reality technology has been developed to allow remote building inspections to take place. The six-month project at the University of Strathclyde uses state-of-the-art algorithms, virtual reality and image processing techniques to monitor the construction phase of buildings. The platform will create a 3D environment of a building and reduce the number of physical inspections from quantity surveyors and health and safety inspectors required.
9th Aug 2020 - Herald Scotland

Facebook employees to be given £750 for home offices as remote working continues till July 2021

Facebook has announced that it will be giving its employees £750 towards home office needs as it extends remote working to next summer at the earliest. Since March, almost all of the tech giant’s 48,000 members of staff, which are typically based in 70 offices around the world, have been working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Previously, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg stated that the company would allow workers to remain at home until the end of 2020.
8th Aug 2020 - The Independent

‘Zoom is fine, but it can’t match being back in the office’

Temperature checks at reception, spaced-out desks, contactless coffee dispensers and plastic lift-button prodders. Welcome back to work – in an anti-Covid-19 office. These features, which would have been deemed eccentric and invasive in January, are some of the measures being deployed for returning employees by one of the UK’s biggest companies, property firm British Land. And many more businesses will have to take heed if the UK is to reverse its position as one of the slowest European countries to get its feet back under the desk. Only a third (34%) of UK white-collar employees have gone back to work, while in continental Europe almost three-quarters of staff (68%) have done so, according to analysis from US bank Morgan Stanley.
8th Aug 2020 - The Guardian

How safe is it to go back to the office?

It is “impossible” to make the office 100 per cent safe, says Paul Hunter, professor of Medicine at the University of East Anglia. “You could spend millions on preparations and then someone gets the infection from the journey in. You can’t legislate for all these transmissions.” Experts and officials remain divided over the most basic aspects of the virus that causes Covid-19, from the way it spreads to the length of time it lasts on a desk. But all agree there is no single miracle measure that protects the workforce. Instead, there are many that add up to reducing the risk. As companies gingerly prepare to reopen their offices, here is a taste of the uncertainties they face.
3rd Aug 2020 - Financial Times

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 7th Aug 2020

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This is what coronavirus will do to our offices and homes

One day, the virus will subside. It could be eradicated. But even then, life will not simply return to the way it was before Covid-19. Spurred on by the coronavirus crisis, architects have been rethinking the buildings we inhabit. Scroll down to find out how the future might look.
6th Aug 2020 - BBC News

Widespread Whitehall homeworking to continue | PublicTechnology.net

The number of civil servants returning to government premises in the coming weeks will be “low”, the Cabinet Office has said, as it unveils some of the measures departments are taking to protect staff returning to work. The vast majority of civil servants have been working from home since coronavirus lockdown measures were introduced in March. As of 1 August – from which date the prime minister has said employers will have "more discretion" to ask staff to return – civil servants will begin a phased return to the office, with some continuing to work from home for several months. “There will be some staff who will need to return to the workplace, but the number of people in the workplace will initially remain low compared to our normal capacity numbers,” Cabinet Office guidance published this week stated. “The civil service supports the ability of all our staff to work as safely as possible, whether remotely or in the workplace,” the document, which summarises the government’s Covid-19 workplace risk assessment for departments, said.
6th Aug 2020 - PublicTechnology

Report: American workers don't expect things to return to normal, even if a COVID-19 vaccine is produced

As the coronavirus continues to spread across the US, workers are not confident that a return to work is safe or possible, and 81% expect disruptions, even after a vaccine might be available, according to a new survey.
6th Aug 2020 - TechRepublic

Report: Working remotely during the pandemic means longer days, more meetings

"Is it working from home or living at work, or both?" Working from home during the COVID-19 epidemic results in more meetings and longer working hours, according to a new study. According to a Bloomberg report on August 4, the study, conducted by researchers from Harvard Business School and New York University, covered more than 21,000 companies in 16 cities in North America, Europe and the Middle East. The researchers compared the behavior of employees who worked at home for more than eight weeks before and after the COVID-19 outbreak. They found that the workday lasted 48.5 minutes longer, the number of meetings increased by about 13 percent, and people sent an average of 1.4 more emails per day to their colleagues.
6th Aug 2020 - CGTN

Covid-19 forces rethink on partnerships, office life and digitalisation

The pandemic has exposed persistent inefficiencies in law firms’ traditional ways of working, which look increasingly out of place as digitalisation takes hold, and triggered a rethink on expensive overheads, such as offices, now weighing on cash-strapped firms. In some cases, the most important innovations for law firms involve a reworking of available technology. Rajah & Tann launched automated digital invoices within weeks of the onset of the pandemic and established a new platform where clients can confidently sign contracts electronically for the first time.
6th Aug 2020 - Financial Times

More Than Half of Canada’s Workers Fear Returning to the Office

More than half of Canadians are afraid to go back to their workplaces and 77% are worried their colleagues might show up infected with the coronavirus, according to research from consulting firm KPMG. About six in 10 say they’ll will refuse to go back if they believe their place of work is not safe enough and 57% are concerned about sharing meeting rooms and other common areas. The survey polled more than 1,000 Canadians online and was conducted July 22 to 24. Major Canadian employers including Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Nova Scotia and Telus Corp. have told many employees to continue working from home for the rest of the year. One potential issue for workers in Toronto’s financial district is its often-crowded subway system. The city has one of the busiest transit networks in North America, trailing only New York City and Mexico City. In the KPMG survey, 71% said they were worried about using public transportation for their commute. In Ontario, the figure was was 78%.
6th Aug 2020 - Bloomberg

British workers more reluctant to return to office than Europeans, new research reveals

British office workers have returned to their desks at a far slower rate than their European counterparts, new research has revealed. A study, conducted by research unit AlphaWise at US bank Morgan Stanley, found around 34 per cent of British white-collar workers are back in the office, compared to 83 per cent of French office staff. Britain also lagged behind the other major European economies on office returns, with around three-quarters of German, Italian and Spanish workers having returned to the pre-pandemic commuting routine, according to the study.
6th Aug 2020 - Evening Standard

The working from home experiment has been too successful

Boris Johnson wants Britons to get back to the office this week but companies and employees are proving reluctant to turn their backs on the remote working revolution. The Government needs cities to get back up and running to save cafés, pubs and restaurants that rely on office workers to sustain them. The home working experiment has been so successful that the Prime Minister's call for commuters to get back on buses and trains is being ignored. “In the words of The Specials, I’m sitting in a ghost town,” says Nigel Wilson, boss of Legal & General, from the investment firm’s Moorgate headquarters in the City of London.
6th Aug 2020 - Telegraph.co.uk

Digital capabilities offer a lifeline to small businesses during pandemic

Salesforce​ surveyed over 3,600 consumers worldwide to gain a pulse check on how small businesses are navigating during the COVID-19 pandemic and what steps they can take to bring customers back.
6th Aug 2020 - ZDNet

City Colleges faculty and staff threaten to strike if everyone isn’t allowed to work remotely this fall: ‘I ca

Faculty and staff at City Colleges of Chicago are threatening to hold their first strike in more than a decade if administrators don’t allow all employees to work from home when fall classes begin in late August. While most instructors have been approved to teach remotely next semester, about 450 employees, including academic advisers and technological support and clerical staff, were required to return to campuses on Monday, according to unions representing those workers. Employees deemed essential by the community college network have been working in person since May despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Tony Johnston, president of the Cook County College Teachers Union, said his members plan to hold an emergency meeting on Friday to discuss taking a vote of no confidence in the administration, a move that could potentially escalate into a safety-related strike.
6th Aug 2020 - Chicago Tribune

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 6th Aug 2020

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Coronavirus: Finland reintroduces remote working as cases rise

Cases of coronavirus in Finland totalled 7,512, with 331 deaths, as of today The Scandinavian country plans to reinstate working from home as cases rise The recommendation in favour of remote working had ended at the end of July
6th Aug 2020 - Daily Mail

UK office workers slower to return to their desk after Covid

British office workers have returned to their desks at a much slower pace than staff in France, Germany, Italy or Spain, as they continue to work from home following the lockdown. Only one-third (34%) of UK white-collar employees have gone back to work, lagging far behind their European counterparts, where almost three-quarters of staff (68%) have done so, according to analysis from US bank Morgan Stanley’s research unit AlphaWise.
6th Aug 2020 - The Guardian

Global Workforce Revolution - Brand new study reveals the impact of Covid-19 on the future of work, employee pay and benefits

The majority of tech employees (79%) said they would move, either to a different country (71%) or a different region of the UK (8%) if they were able to work remotely and retain the same job and remuneration, with 67% believing people should be entitled to a great career regardless of where they grow up and live. 63% of tech employees believe entrepreneurs need to look beyond London if they want to find the best talent in the world and on average employees expect 33% of tech roles to be remotely located outside of the UK in five years’ time.
5th Aug 2020 - FE News

Keep your COVID schedule: How to work from home indefinitely

The global coronavirus pandemic has made working at home the new normal for millions of Americans. Before the pandemic, only 14% of U.S. employees worked from home full-time. Now, that number has jumped to 60%. And many now working remotely are finding out they like it. A new Gallup poll shows three out of five remote employees said they didn’t want to return to the office. If you enjoy the flexibility, how can you convince your boss to let you work from home indefinitely? Tell your manager why the setup is better for the company and for you. For one, you’ll save time commuting. The average American who drives to work spends 54 hours per year stuck in traffic.
5th Aug 2020 - WJXT News4JAX

As remote learning looms, employers throw working parents a lifeline

For working parents like LaMonica, the pending start of the school year, which brings the anxiety of new teachers, schedules and courses under even the best of circumstances, is looming as a major source of stress. A growing list of companies are pushing office reopenings to 2021 and many school districts, including Chicago Public Schools, are nixing even a part-time return to the classroom, portending an ongoing work-life family mashup that threatens to derail both career and childhood development.
5th Aug 2020 - Chicago Tribune

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 5th Aug 2020

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The most useful tips for working from home during COVID-19

As the remote work experiment drags on, here are five critical things you should be doing every day to maximize productivity.
4th Aug 2020 - Fast Company

Uber employees can work remotely through June 2021

Uber is extending its work-from-home order through June 2021, CNBC confirmed Tuesday. The ride-sharing company now joins Google in extending its remote-work timeline through June.
4th Aug 2020 - CNBC

Nial Borthistle: Employers will have to offer staff better options in their workplace

Remote working works, but companies also need to be able to create a culture for employees to buy in to and the importance of the office environment in that process cannot be overlooked
5th Aug 2020 - Belfast Telegraph

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 4th Aug 2020

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Lloyds Considers Long-Term Remote Working

Lloyds Banking Group has become the latest large employer in the UK to review its use of office space as a result of the move towards homeworking due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Chief executive, António Horta-Osório, said: “We are indeed reviewing our property strategy”. The bank currently has over 75% of its staff working from home. A poll of its staff found that almost 90% felt that they were handling the change well, with a further two-thirds saying they wanted to continue to work from home in the future.
3rd Aug 2020 - Money Expert

Covid-19 Hastens the Work-at-Home Revolution

Because of Covid-19, my patient now happily works from home. Her company may get rid of its expensive Manhattan office and allow all employees to work remotely. She says the cost savings have been immense—and she’s scratching her head about why her bosses couldn’t have had this epiphany sooner, when she and her children might have benefited.
3rd Aug 2020 - The Wall Street Journal

Riverbed study finds 95% UAE and KSA business leaders are comfortable to shift to remote work

Nearly all (97%) of the business leaders surveyed in the UAE and Saudi Arabia reported that technology performance issues impact the experience of their remote workers. The most common issues – all resolvable – include: frequent disconnects from corporate networks (43%), slow file downloads (41%), apps not working properly (40%) and long response times when loading apps (39%). When asked about the impact these issues have on the remote work experience of employees, business leaders report: increased technical disruptions or difficulties (44%), weaker employee performance and lack of productivity (41%), lack of clarity on strategic priorities (37%) and reduced direct services to customers or clients (37%).
4th Aug 2020 - Intelligent CIO ME

Coronavirus US: 260 staff 'excluded' from work in school district

Georgia's largest school district Gwinnett County Schools have reported 260 employees who have tested positive for COVID-19 or were exposed to a case These employees have been 'excluded' from work as a result, days before the school year start on August 12. The district, which employs more than 24,900 people, decided to open schools with remote learning but teachers must still report to their schools to teach However, teachers have reported that in-person trainings have taken place in rooms that aren't properly disinfected and people don't wear masks Gwinnett County has the second highest rate of COIVD-19 cases in the state with 17,781 confirmed infections
3rd Aug 2020 - Daily Mail

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 3rd Aug 2020

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'We don't feel pressure to go back': England's firms in no hurry to resume office life

From this week, companies in England can decide whether it is safe for employees to go back to the office after the coronavirus lockdown prompted more people to work from home. However, few businesses appear to be preparing for a mass return to desks, meeting rooms and cafeterias on Monday. Here are the views of some firms on the notion of resuming office life.
3rd Aug 2020 - The Guardian

Remote Work Isn’t Going Away. So Let’s Deal With the Obstacles.

Six months into the Covid crisis, remote work is no longer looking like a blip in the lives of millions of people, but rather a long-term realignment of how those workers and their organizations operate. It’s time for people working from home to assert more control over how that transformation is reshaping their lives and careers.
2nd Aug 2020 - The Wall Street Journal

Millions won't return to offices as Boris Johnson's 'back to work' plea snubbed

Millions of employees won’t be returning to the office anytime soon after bosses snubbed Boris Johnson’s “back to work” plea. Firms can now ask workers to come into the office, even if it is not absolutely necessary for them to be there. Announcing the change earlier this month, the Prime Minister said: “It’s very important that people should be going back to work if they can now.” The move, from Saturday, comes amid fears for cafes and shops in city centres deserted since the start of the coronavirus lockdown.
2nd Aug 2020 - Mirror Online

Remote Work Is Here to Stay. Bosses Better Adjust.

It was mid-June, three months after the Covid-19 crisis had forced the top executives in a fast-growing tech startup to leave their offices and work from home. Executives had believed this “work from home thing” would last a few weeks, one of the company’s vice presidents told me, so they treated it like a brief emergency that required all hands on deck, all the time. It was only when the vice president sent an email at midnight and got detailed comments from two colleagues within 15 minutes that he realized: This work from home thing wasn’t going away anytime soon, and things needed to change.
2nd Aug 2020 - The Wall Street Journal

Culture is the key to remote working success

How can companies reduce the conduct risks around remote working? While the technological revolution in the workplace has made the idea of remote working a reality for many, the complex governance and control requirements for businesses regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority have meant financial services has traditionally been slow to adopt this growing trend. But cue the Covid-19 crisis and, all of a sudden, this new way of working has been imposed on us all. And with some companies already eyeing up the potential cost savings of a permanent shift from their plush headquarters to smaller satellite bases, this could signal the end of office life as we know it.
31st Jul 2020 - FT Adviser

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 31st Jul 2020

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Want To Live And Work In Paradise? 7 Countries Inviting Americans To Move Abroad

Back in the good-old pre-pandemic days, many people fantasized about becoming a digital nomad and quitting their 9-to-5 office job in order to live and work remotely in a dreamy international destination. Now, for most workers, being a digital nomad is no longer a luxury, but rather, a requirement of the job. Before the coronavirus took hold, only around 7% of US employees regularly worked remotely. These days, at least two-thirds of Americans are working from home, according to Gallup research—and many don’t ever want to go back to the old ways of doing business.
31st Jul 2020 - Forbes

300 council staff still working from home

Just over 300 Fermanagh and Omagh District Council staff are continuing to work remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic. Figures released by the council show that while 308 people are working from home, there are 304 staff members continuing their employment as usual on site. Significantly, the number of staff who have been furloughed has decreased. In May the council announced that 200 staff had been placed under the British Government’s Job Retention Scheme. But that figure has since been reduced and currently stands at around 169. Director of corporate services and governance, Celine McCartan, told a meeting of the council’s policy and resources committee that the numbers had marginally changed.
30th Jul 2020 - The Ulster Herald

Puget Sound government employees to work remotely until 2021 due to virus

Officials say many local government employees around the Puget Sound area will work from home until 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic. The Seattle Times reports leaders of several local cities, counties and ports “are taking a united approach to slow the spread of COVID-19 and maximize physical distancing by extending teleworking for eligible employees until 2021.” Among the jurisdictions allowing employees to work from home are King, Pierce and Snohomish counties, the cities of Everett, Kenmore, Redmond, Seattle, Shoreline and Tacoma, and the ports of Seattle and Everett
30th Jul 2020 - KOMO News

Coronavirus: Why some people want to keep working from home

Bedrooms, kitchen counter-tops and dining tables became the new way of working for millions of people. According to the ONS, 30% of adults in the UK were exclusively working from home at the start of July. From 1 August, employers in England can allow staff back into offices at their own discretion when they feel it's safe to do so. But now it's time to return to those communal workplaces, research from Eskenzi suggests that 91% of the UK's office workers would like to work from home at least part of the time. So why are so many office staff keen to keep working from home?
30th Jul 2020 - BBC News

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 30th Jul 2020

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How to keep remote workers engaged and happy

With lockdown restrictions easing in the UK, many workers will finally be returning to the workplace after months of working from home. For some, working remotely has been a challenge. Few people have a home office and have had to make do with working on the sofa or hunched over the kitchen table. Parents have had to juggle homeschooling with Zoom meetings, and lots of us have had to get used to spending all our time with partners and housemates. For others, though, home-working has been a welcome change from the stress of commuting to the office. And while some people can’t wait to return, many people hope that they will be offered the option of flexible working post-COVID-19. According to research by CIPD, employers expect the proportion of people working from home on a regular basis to increase to 37% after the pandemic, compared to 18% before.
30th Jul 2020 - Yahoo Finance UK

Coronavirus: Office workers in no hurry to get feet under desks

More than half of office workers will continue to work from home for the rest of the summer despite the government’s efforts to get them to return. A survey of 94 of Britain’s biggest employers found half planned to keep all staff working remotely for the next few months, while a fifth planned to bring staff back to the office only on a part-time basis. About a fifth planned to bring staff back full time.
30th Jul 2020 - The Times

Remote working – the new ‘norm’?

Covid-19 imposed remote working on employers and employees with little time to prepare. However, a number of organisations are now actively embracing remote working and the benefits it can bring – with large companies such as Fujitsu, Twitter, Google and Facebook all extending their work from home options. Siemens, is the latest company to announce that employees may work from wherever they want for two or three days a week, stating that ‘COVID-19 gives us a chance to reshape our world and reimagine work’.
29th Jul 2020 - HR News

Government employees to work remotely until 2021 due to virus

Officials say many local government employees around the Puget Sound area will work from home until 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic. The Seattle Times reports leaders of several local cities, counties and ports “are taking a united approach to slow the spread of COVID-19 and maximize physical distancing by extending teleworking for eligible employees until 2021.”
29th Jul 2020 - KOMO News

Study: How Americans Feel About Returning To Work During Covid-19

JDP recently surveyed 2,000 Americans about their feelings on returning to work during the Covid-19 pandemic. Between June 12 – June 16, 2020, JDP polled 2,038 Americans who typically work in an office of some sort, but have been working remote because of the pandemic. Respondents were 49% female, 51% male and ranged in age from 22 to 66 years old. Here's what the JDP 2020 Back to Work Survey found:
29th Jul 2020 - Forbes

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 29th Jul 2020

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Remote work and office life go hand in hand in a flexible future

The experience of remote work during the lockdown has focussed attention on the new role of the office, a new report claims
29th Jul 2020 - Workplace Insight

Siemens is allowing employees to work more from home

Siemens have given their employees the opportunity to work remotely for two or three days a week. The decision was made after the company was forced to work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.The changes have been associated with a different leadership style that focuses on outcomes oppose to time spent at the office.
28th Jul 2020 - World Economic Forum

Scotiabank to allow most head office employees to work remotely until 2021

Bank of Nova Scotia said on Tuesday that it has asked most of its employees in its head office to continue to work remotely until 2021 with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing companies to adopt work from home globally. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce has also said that while it is likely it will have a small number of people returning to office, most of its employees will continue to work remotely for an “extended period of time”. The pandemic has led to strict lockdowns in most countries and changed the way businesses function, with work-from-home emerging as the new norm.
28th Jul 2020 - Reuters UK

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 28th Jul 2020

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Google will keep employees working remotely until July 2021

Google plans to keep 200,000 full-time and contract employees working remotely until at least July 2021, The Wall Street Journal reported. Other tech firms have announced long-term plans to keep employees working from home due to restrictions from the coronavirus pandemic, but Google would be the first to extend remote working into the middle of next year. According to the WSJ, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google parent company Alphabet, made the call last week following a meeting with top company executives. A Google spokesperson told The Verge that Pichai sent an email to employees this morning announcing the plan: “To give employees the ability to plan ahead, we are extending our global voluntary work from home option through June 30, 2021 for roles that don’t need to be in the office.”
27th Jul 2020 - The Verge

Siemens Says That 140,000 Of Its Employees Can Work From Anywhere

German-based Siemens, the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe, announced that its employees may work from wherever they want for two or three days a week. The company’s decision is yet another strong endorsement of the work-from-home and work-remotely-anywhere movement. Siemens has around 385,000 employees in more than 200 countries. The work-anywhere— several days a week—decision was due to a global staff survey, in which employees desired greater flexibility in their approach to work.
27th Jul 2020 - Forbes

Upsides for Some Remote Workers; Lost Pay and Security for Others

Working from home creates economic winners and losers. It can benefit highly skilled employees but depress others’ wages and make it hard to organize.
27th Jul 2020 - The New York Times

Remote work travel: These 4 countries accept Americans for remote-work trips

The pandemic has proved challenging for digital nomads, people who travel the world working remotely. With countries closing their borders and air travel heavily restricted, working abroad has become extremely difficult if not totally impossible for Americans. And as some destinations begin to allow foreign visitors, travelers from the United States may still be banned because of the America’s escalating number of coronavirus cases. But there are exceptions. While the State Department and health officials still recommend Americans avoid all international travel, some countries are welcoming working travelers, including Americans, back again despite the pandemic’s continuing spread.
27th Jul 2020 - Washington Post

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 27th Jul 2020

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Coronavirus turns the City into a ghost town

While the government guidance comes into effect this week, most executives are sticking to their policies of gradually restoring office numbers. Many companies will start bringing back a skeleton-staff in September or October, but others do not plan to return until 2021 at the earliest. Coronavirus is threatening to permanently transform the traditional workplace and with it London’s semi-autonomous financial centre, which traces its roots back to 1376. Many of the executives who spoke to the Financial Times said some staff would not return at all given the success of homeworking during the lockdown.
27th Jul 2020 - Financial Times

The Coronavirus Turns Midtown Into a Ghost Town, Causing an Economic Crisis

Editors and account managers at the Time & Life Building in Midtown Manhattan could once walk out through the modernist lobby and into a thriving ecosystem that existed in support of the offices above. They could shop for designer shirts or shoes, slide into a steakhouse corner booth for lunch and then return to their desks without ever crossing the street. To approach this block today is like visiting a relative in the hospital. The building, rebranded a few years ago and renovated to fit 8,000 workers, now has just 500 a day showing up. The steakhouse dining rooms are dark.
26th Jul 2020 - The New York Times

Risk of ‘unrest’ if civil servants are forced into hasty return to office

Boris Johnson’s hopes of getting people to return to work from 1 August are in serious doubt as the UK’s biggest civil service union warns of “serious industrial unrest” if public servants across the country are pushed to return to their offices too early. The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), which has 200,000 members, has reacted furiously after being told at a private meeting in Downing Street on Thursday that the Cabinet Office’s permanent secretary, Alex Chisholm, has written to all Whitehall departments, asking them to report back on how they could get more people to return as early as next month.
26th Jul 2020 - The Guardian

Coronavirus: What would working from home in Barbados really be like?

That could be a real prospect under a new scheme launched by the government of Barbados. The Barbados Welcome Stamp, which has just started taking applications, gives international visitors the opportunity to work remotely on the island for up to a year. Palm trees, sun, and blue skies sound like a dream to many, but even stunning locations have their pros and cons, especially during a pandemic. So what can remote workers expect if they take up the tempting offer?
26th Jul 2020 - BBC News

With Coronavirus Still Prevalent, How Will People Return To The Office?

The prominent consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) published the results of a recent survey of more than 1000 American workers. According to the results, “Fewer than half (47%) of employees who were forced to stop working or work remotely say safety measures like wearing masks or reconfiguring layouts to promote physical distancing will make them more comfortable returning to the office. Only 45% say requiring customers to follow safety and hygiene practices will make them more comfortable. Even mandatory testing, like temperature checks before allowing people on-site, doesn’t inspire confidence.” These results indicate an already prevalent sentiment across the country (and likely across the world): workers are significantly worried about their safety, especially when exploring the idea of venturing back into the office.
26th Jul 2020 - Forbes

Op-ed: More companies will offer remote work at price of staff position. Take the deal

With the sudden, massive shift to remote work to stop the spread of the pandemic over the past few months, companies have found that working from home actually works: A recent study concluded that up to 40% of all jobs can be performed at home, while before the pandemic, it’s estimated that only 3% actually could be done remotely.
25th Jul 2020 - CNBC

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 24th Jul 2020

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One third of UK workers 'reluctant to return' to offices post-lockdown

Employee research from e-days, the absence management company used by companies like ASOS and Monster Energy, has revealed that one third of employees are ‘reluctant to return’ to offices as lockdown eases in the UK. A survey of UK workers showed that 60% were reluctant or unsure about returning to the office on grounds of safety. Just over a third felt they were ready to go back to their offices.
23rd Jul 2020 - RealWire

Remote university teaching during COVID-19 can work — I can prove it

In the autumn, students across the world will be learning remotely as Coronavirus forces universities to close campuses. Journalist Chris Stokel-Walker has been teaching 80 students, holed up from Beijing to Illinois, since June. Working under pressure, he and his colleagues had to work out how they could deliver their informal, interactive teaching to people on opposite sides of the planet. Here's how they made it work.
23rd Jul 2020 - Business Insider

The Economics of Remote Work

As the pandemic leads more companies to embrace remote workers, new jobs data explores how a farther-flung workforce expands opportunity.
23rd Jul 2020 - Bloomberg

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 23rd Jul 2020

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Coronavirus Scotland: Sturgeon urges Scots to continue to work from home despite UK advice to return to

Nicola Sturgeon has urged Scots to continue to work from home where possible despite the UK government allowing workers back into offices. Westminster has told employees who have been working remotely they CAN start to return to their workplaces. She told today's coronavirus briefing: "I want to underline that we are making changes at a pace and a level that we think is right and safe for our current circumstances here in Scotland. "Announcements made for other parts of the UK do not automatically apply here.
22nd Jul 2020 - The Scottish Sun

Should remote workers' salaries differ based on their location?

Earlier this year, Facebook (FB) made two major announcements. The first was that the social media giant would permanently embrace remote hiring, with around half of its workforce expected to work remotely over the next five to 10 years. Secondly, how much it will pay its remote workers depends on where they are located. “Our policy here has been for years — is already — that [compensation] varies by location,” Mark Zuckerberg said. “We pay a market rate, and that varies by location. We're going to continue that principle here.” Senior employees or those with strong performance reviews will be able to request remote work and relocate away from Facebook’s Silicon Valley base. In other words, they will be able to move from the hyper-expensive Bay Area to the Midwest — but it will come with a pay cut.
22nd Jul 2020 - Yahoo Finance UK

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 22nd Jul 2020

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Taking positive steps towards a remote working future - a third sector exemplar

Remote working may have been forced on companies by the pandemic, but for many may now become a permanent part of their work environment. One third sector organization was beginning to make the shift when COVID-19 struck and accelerated its thinking. Positive Steps is a charity operating in both Rochdale and Oldham in the North of England. It specialises in delivering targeted advice, support and services to young people, adults and families on a wide range of issues they face, from help making the transition from school to further education through careers guidance and on.to giving support to individuals and families with drugs, parenting or housing problems.
21st Jul 2020 - Diginomica

'Zoom-mania' is here to stay as staff embrace remote work

According to the report, seven in ten UK employees believe that, with the right tech, they can be more productive at home. Further, the Covid-19 experience has made the workforce a lot more comfortable with video calls, suggesting the popularity of Zoom and similar platforms will endure.
21st Jul 2020 - IT Pro Portal

Work from home: More companies are letting new hires work anywhere permanently amid COVID-19 pandemic

Rasha Uthman was hunting for a public relations job that let her work from her parents’ South Miami home as they struggled with family health issues, but few, if any, local companies in her field were open to telecommuting. Insivia, a Cleveland-based consulting and marketing firm for the technology industry, was willing to hire a PR and marketing specialist anywhere in the country after shifting to a remote work set-up during the coronavirus pandemic. Since June, Uthman has been working for Insivia full-time from her childhood bedroom, about 1,240 miles from the company’s headquarters. “Insivia has been so understanding of my situation,” says Uthman, 36. “I love the flexibility.”
21st Jul 2020 - USA TODAY

Covid-19: RBS asks majority of workers to work remotely until 2021

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has told its staff that majority of workers can continue to work remotely until 2021. The move comes despite the government withdrawing an official guidance that encouraged people to work from home. RBS has decided to extend the option to work from home for around 50,000 employees to 2021, Reuters reported citing an internal memo.
21st Jul 2020 - Verdict

Georgia is welcoming long-term visitors who are interested in working remotely from the country - Insider

The country of Georgia recently announced a new visa program targeted at self-employed, remote workers. The program is designed for visitors who are interested in staying in Georgia for longer than six months. Those interested will need to fill out an online application and obtain confirmation documents beforehand. Georgia's Ministry of Economy has yet to launch the online application.
21st Jul 2020 - INSIDER

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 21st Jul 2020

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Work-From-Home Culture Will Cut Billions of Miles of Driving

Working from home and online shopping have become the new normal and that will reduce driving in the U.S. by up to 270 billion miles a year, according to new study. The research conducted by consultant KPMG International finds the cocoon culture Covid-19 has created is not going away -- even if a vaccine is made widely available -- and that will have potentially dire consequences for the auto industry. For starters, the decline in commuting will remove 14 million cars from U.S. roads, the KPMG study forecasts.
15th Jul 2020 - Bloomberg

One in three office workers want to continue working from home after coronavirus threat is over

The study showed a demand for more flexible working, up from a tenth in 2019 The survey found 32% of people expecting to at least partially work from home It comes as Boris Johnson on Friday urged Brits back to deserted High Streets
20th Jul 2020 - Daily Mail

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 20th Jul 2020

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95% Saudi, UAE business leaders comfortable — but not fully prepared — for shift to remote work: Study

As organizations address the pressing need to adapt workforce models for the ‘new normal’, almost all (95%) business leaders in Saudi Arabia and the UAE state that they are comfortable with the broad scale shift toward remote work. Whilst there’s been digital investment in the region during the last few years, according to the Riverbed Future of Work Global Survey 2020, over two-thirds (68%) of Saudi and UAE organizations were not completely prepared to support remote working when the COVID-19 pandemic began. “Businesses had already been accommodating more remote workers the past several years, but COVID-19 is accelerating this, and the office of the future will clearly look very different with a more flexible and hybrid workplace,” said Rich McBee, president and CEO of Riverbed. “This new study shows that business leaders are now much more comfortable with their teams working remote, however organizations must have the right technology in place to ensure greater productivity and a better remote experience as employees increasingly work from anywhere.”
20th Jul 2020 - AlKhaleej Today

How the COVID-19 crisis is reshaping remote working | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal

The COVID-19 crisis has necessitated a rise in remote working, but many challenges to its broader adoption remain. This column uses survey data from thousands of small businesses representing a wide set of industries, firm sizes, and regions across the US to understand how businesses are adjusting to the crisis. It finds that transition to remote working is uneven, with businesses in industries with higher income and better educated employees more likely to transition to remote working. Productivity effects are also uneven, with many firms becoming less productive as a result of the transition.
19th Jul 2020 - voxeu.org

COVID-19 and the city: How pandemics could break up our metropolises

From the temporary breakdown of global supply chains to the emptying of once-bustling city streets, COVID-19 hugely changed the way we navigate our urban environments – and not just in the short term. With the coronavirus set to reshape the urban landscape for decades to come, CGTN Europe takes a deep dive into the powerful potential of disease to mold our metropolises – past, present, and future – in a four-part series about the impact of COVID-19 on cities.
19th Jul 2020 - CGTN

Coronavirus means council staff told they will be working from home into 2021

The bulk of staff at Norfolk County Council have been told that they will not be returning to their offices for work this year, because of the coronavirus pandemic. Council bosses said the 7,000-plus non-school staff employed by the authority, the majority of whom have been working from home since lockdown at the end of March, will continue to do so. In the past week, only about 900 staff have worked from a council building, such as the authority’s County Hall headquarters in Norwich, at some point in those seven days.
17th Jul 2020 - EDP 24

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 17th Jul 2020

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Steve Jobs predicted the power of a remote workforce 30 years before COVID-19

Twenty years before he succumbed to pancreatic cancer, and 30 years before the coronavirus pandemic, the Apple magnate predicted the value of telework. In a recently uncovered sit down with journalist Jon Erlichman that took place in 1990, Jobs championed the potential of a digital labor market. In his estimation, an organization that can function in a virtual setting is more flexible in the face of black swan hiccups.
16th Jul 2020 - Ladders

For Wealthy West Coasters, Working Remotely Means Home Can Be Anywhere

No longer tethered to the office, luxury homebuyers from big cities are seeking out roomier, more remote locales
16th Jul 2020 - The Wall Street Journal

Thousands of city employees will work remotely through end of the year — at least

Thousands of municipal employees will continue to work from home at least through Dec. 31 due to the surge in Covid-19 cases in Bexar County, city of San Antonio officials said. The decision effects more than 2,100 positions — nearly 20% of the city’s workforce. The city developed a four-phase return-to-work plan that’s guiding its decisions. City Manager Erik Walsh shared that plan with the mayor and City Council members in late May, and most of the indicators affecting a return to work are trending in the wrong direction.
16th Jul 2020 - San Antonio Business Journal

37% of employees will work from home regularly

The number of employees working from home on a regular basis will increase to 37%, compared to 18% before the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, according to research by Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). Its survey of 1,046 employers also found that respondents expect almost a quarter (22%) of employees to work from home permanently, compared to 9% before the pandemic. More than one-quarter (28%) of respondents believe that working remotely increases their productivity, compared to the same percentage who believe this decreases productivity. Just over one-third (37%) believe that working remotely has not had any effect on productivity levels whatsoever.
16th Jul 2020 - Employee Benefits

The Economic Effects of Working From Home

Buyers are looking for second homes where they can comfortably camp out for months, and in some cases, forever. They are not just driven by fear of an extended pandemic. As many firms—especially tech companies—embrace remote working, people are taking the opportunity to untether from astronomically priced cities and get more space, scenery, and quiet. “I think what you’re seeing in the Bay Area is a lot of people are tied to it because of work,” said Mr. Cooley, 40, who works in software. “You can work from anywhere right now, and I don’t think that’s going to change.”
16th Jul 2020 - Council on Foreign Relations

Why WFH Isn't Necessarily Good for Women

It’s tempting to think that such flexible work options will be a big equalizer for women. Many are daring to hope that by removing the stigma attached to WFH, and by cutting commuting time and the insidious “face time” norms that can add hours to the workday, women can maintain full-time jobs and avoid losing traction in their careers during their caregiving years. There is some evidence on which to base this dream of a better future — studies have shown that flexibility allows mothers to maintain their working hours after childbirth and to stay in relatively stressful yet well-paying occupations through times of high family demand. But before we declare victory, we need to consider three potential trip wires.
16th Jul 2020 - Harvard Business Review

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 16th Jul 2020

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Four Tips for Call Centers to Embrace Long-Term Remote Work Productively

After months of wide-spread lockdowns in response to the novel Coronavirus, many countries and companies are beginning to lift restrictions. As this process begins, it’s clear that many things will look different than before the pandemic. This is especially true for the workplace, where many people are expected to work from home indefinitely. In a call center environment where employees work in tight spaces using shared equipment, the need to facilitate a new normal will be especially noteworthy. Research into the implications for call center employees produced grim results, prompting Paul Stockford, research director for the National Association of Call Centers, to implore call centers to “get your agents home immediately.”
15th Jul 2020 - CustomerThink

COVID-19: How long will working from home last?

COVID-19 has triggered a new age of remote working. A survey by UK startup network Founders Forum looks at the trend and shows what employers and employees think about working from home. A realistic post-pandemic work scenario could involve 3 to 5 days of remote work a week, with a couple dedicated in-office days for the entire team. The majority of respondents had seen their working hours increase during this time, with opinion split on whether it's more or less productive.
15th Jul 2020 - World Economic Forum

82 per cent of Companies to let Employees Work Remotely for the time being: Gartner

The figures are contained in a Gartner survey from early June of 127 company leaders, representing HR, Legal and Compliance, Finance and Real Estate. For many organisations with employees working both onsite and remotely, adapting to a new, more complex hybrid workforce is the challenge to how people work together to get their job done evolves. According to Gartner VP research and advisory for Asia Pacific, Aaron McEwan, “The question now facing Australian organisations is not how to manage a remote workforce, but how to manage a more complex, hybrid workforce.” “Australia led the way with flexible working. More than five years on, Telstra’s All Roles Flex approach still stands as a best practice example that others have followed,” he said.
15th Jul 2020 - Which-50

Barbados wants you to work from its beaches during the pandemic

But even as the pandemic continues to rage, the government of Barbados, a country in the eastern Caribbean, is sending a very different message: Come here, not just for a holiday, but for up to a year. Bring your laptop. Soak up the sun, the sea, the sand — and forget about the coronavirus.
15th Jul 2020 - The Washington Post

IMF: 100 million people unable to do their jobs remotely

COVID-19 has forced tens of millions of workers to lose their jobs and millions more out of the labor force altogether. The IMF has investigated the feasibility of working from home in a large sample of advanced and emerging market economies. It estimates that nearly 100 million workers in 35 advanced and emerging countries could be at high risk because they are unable to do their jobs remotely. Workers in food and accommodation, and wholesale and retail trade, are the hardest hit for having the least “teleworkable” jobs.
15th Jul 2020 - World Economic Forum

Will the remote work craze sparked by COVID-19 sound a death knell for office buildings?

Elliott Holt was always firmly opposed to letting employees work from home. “There’s no control over it,” says the CEO of a Nashville-based medical records company. “We like to be in control.” With MediCopy growing at breakneck speed, its work-in-the office ethos spelled a feverish expansion of its physical presence in Nashville. After adding a second office two years ago, the firm was poised to lease a third last month. But since the coronavirus pandemic has forced nearly all of MediCopy's 200 employees to work from home, Holt has had an abrupt change of heart. He says he’ll let staffers continue to telecommute for the long term, prompting him to relinquish both of the additional offices, convert his headquarters into a training center, and save $350,000 a year in leasing costs.
14th Jul 2020 - The Oklahoman

Banks back to work-from-home as Hong Kong sees third wave of coronavirus

After serving as a test run globally for how to return to the office safely, banks in Hong Kong reinstated work-from-home arrangements for many of their staff this week as a “third wave” of coronavirus cases hit the city. HSBC, the biggest of three banks authorised to issue currency in the city, “strongly encouraged” its staff to work remotely beginning on Wednesday until further notice, particularly those with pre-existing medical conditions. “To support flexible working, employees who must work from HSBC premises should discuss working arrangements, including staggered arrival and lunch times, with their line manager,” HSBC said in a memo late on Tuesday.
15th Jul 2020 - South China Morning Post

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 15th Jul 2020

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Have work, will travel: Why Estonia wants digital nomads

Tiny Estonia is wielding an unlikely weapon in the fight against the economic damage caused by coronavirus: immigration law. On Wednesday, the Baltic state will launch a “Digital Nomad Visa,” which it hopes will help it recover from an expected recession and boost its growing credentials as a bureaucratic innovator.
15th Jul 2020 - POLITICO

Employers to allow staff to continue working remotely - Gartner

The majority of employers plan to allow their staff to continue working remotely some of the time, according to new research from Gartner. A survey from the analyst firm found 82% of respondents intend to permit remote working some of the time as employees return to the workplace. For many organisations with employees working both onsite and remotely, adapting to a new, more complex hybrid workforce is the challenge as how people work together to get their job done evolves, Gartner says. Nearly half (47%) said they intend to allow employees to work remotely full time going forward. For some organisations, flex time will be the new norm as 43% of survey respondents reported they will grant employees flex days, while 42% will provide flex hours, “The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a huge experiment in widespread remote working,” says Elisabeth Joyce, vice president of advisory in the Gartner HR practice.
15th Jul 2020 - IT Brief Australia

Working from home can soon mean working in Barbados for up to a year

Those working remotely in the Covid-19 pandemic may soon be able to move the home office to Barbados, according to the Barbados Government Information Service. Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley announced at the reopening of a bar that the government will soon introduce a 12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp for visitors working remotely, the government information service said earlier this month. Rapid testing is not readily available for the country in the coronavirus pandemic, which has made short-term travel to Barbados more difficult, Mottley said. The year-long invitation is Barbados' answer to the economic difficulties travel companies and tourist destinations are facing as people all over the world are encouraged to stay home and mitigate the virus' spread.
15th Jul 2020 - CNN

Potential for remote working across different places | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal

While working from home represents an opportunity to reduce the economic costs of lockdowns and social distancing measures, not all occupations are suitable for remote working. Even more importantly, the possibility for remote working is not the same across locations within countries. As shown by Dingel and Neiman (2020), the first authors to study how remote working can differ across locations in the US, a much larger share of employment is able to shift to remote mode in some places than in others, reducing the economic costs of lockdown more significantly in those regions. Our study (OECD 2020) assesses the potential of remote working within 27 EU countries, Switzerland, Turkey and the US. Overall, cities – especially capitals – have a higher share of employment that can potentially be done via teleworking than other places within the same countries. This share is, on average, 15 percentage points higher in the region with the highest potential for remote working than in the region with the lowest potential, reaching more than 20 percentage points in certain countries. The concentration of occupations that have a high remote working potential in some regions drives these large within-country differences.
14th Jul 2020 - voxeu.org

What It's Like To Start A New Job Remotely During A Pandemic

James is among a number of Washingtonians who are navigating starting a job remotely, as the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has kept many companies from returning to the office. These new employees are struggling to adapt to virtual work environments—making their first impressions via Zoom, trying to establish working relationships remotely, and dealing with video conferencing fatigue and tech glitches in workplaces they’re unaccustomed to.
14th Jul 2020 - DCist.com

More Canadians will be working from home post-pandemic, StatCan data suggests

New data from Statistics Canada suggests that more Canadians will be working from home once the COVID-19 pandemic is over as more employers report that their staff can effectively do their jobs remotely. The survey results released Tuesday found that nearly one-quarter of Canadian businesses expect that 10 per cent or more of their workforce will continue to telework or work remotely post-pandemic. According to Statistics Canada, businesses that expect their employees to continue working from home include the information and cultural industries sector (47 per cent) and the professional, scientific and technical services sector (44.5 per cent).
14th Jul 2020 - CTV News

Apple asks retail staff to work remotely as it shuts stores down again

Apple also shipping COVID-19 test kits to employees' homes, and told staff a full return to U.S. offices won't occur before the end of the year
14th Jul 2020 - Canada.com

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 14th Jul 2020

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Barbados Wants You to Work Remotely from the Beach—for a Year

The island announced potential plans earlier this month to introduce a 12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp to reignite its economy dependent on tourism. Though travel to the island did not previously require visas for U.S. citizens, travelers were able to stay in Barbados for up to six months without a tourist or work visa. This stamp would grant access to remain on the island for up to a year and give anyone with the stamp the ability to work remotely for their employer, regardless of where that company is based.
13th Jul 2020 - HarpersBAZAAR.com

Will the remote work craze sparked by COVID-19 sound a death knell for office buildings?

Elliott Holt was always firmly opposed to letting employees work from home. “There’s no control over it,” says the CEO of a Nashville-based medical records company. “We like to be in control.” With MediCopy growing at breakneck speed, its work-in-the office ethos spelled a feverish expansion of its physical presence in Nashville. After adding a second office two years ago, the firm was poised to lease a third last month. But since the coronavirus pandemic has forced nearly all of MediCopy's 200 employees to work from home, Holt has had an abrupt change of heart. He says he’ll let staffers continue to telecommute for the long term, prompting him to relinquish both of the additional offices, convert his headquarters into a training center, and save $350,000 a year in leasing costs. “Things are working the way they are,” he says.
13th Jul 2020 - USA TODAY

This works best: Bengalureans are moving out of the city to work remotely in the lap of nature

The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed office culture. Now, with a surge in Covid-19 cases in Bengalaru, many youngsters ar eheading back to their hometowns to work from villages and in the lap of nature.
13th Jul 2020 - Bangalore Mirror

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 13th Jul 2020

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Corporations begin cautious return to UK offices after lockdown

After months of Zoom video calls, a number of major businesses are getting ready for a return to (relative) normality. Last week accountancy firm PwC reopened all of its UK offices, while its competitor Deloitte began to allow staff back to some sites in the capital and other regional cities, and employees of law firm Slaughter and May were once again able to opt to work from its London headquarters.
12th Jul 2020 - The Guardian

University professors fear returning to campus as coronavirus cases surge nationwide

As coronavirus cases start to surge in more than 30 states across the U.S., some professors are pushing back when it comes to returning to campus for in-person teaching. More than 50% of colleges and universities have announced they will be hosting professors or students back on campus in the next few months, per data tracked by the Chronicle of Higher Education. NBC News’ Social Newsgathering team spoke to professors at various colleges who expressed fears of physically returning back to work. “There’s a tremendous amount of insecurity and a tremendous amount of anxiety,” Crary said.
12th Jul 2020 - NBC News

Covid impact: Professionals who can work from home are ditching the uncongenial cities

When the novel coronavirus pandemic began making its presence felt in India and the first lockdown was announced in March, Vinitha (surname withheld on request) thought she and her husband could comfortably ride out the crisis in their Bengaluru apartment. After all, work from home was an option for her, a researcher in a private firm, and her husband, a software engineer. Besides, unlike in other big metros, the situation seemed to be under control in Bengaluru —even at the end of May, there were less than 400 cases in the city of over 1.2 crore.
12th Jul 2020 - Economic Times

With remote working on the rise, people are moving to the coast as sales surge by the seaside

Estate agents are reporting a surge in demand for seaside properties from workers eager to escape city life, with many believing the coronavirus pandemic will lead to a more permanent shift to home working. Britain has more than 11,000 miles of coastline and is home to a wide array of beaches and outstanding beauty spots. As someone who moved from London to the coast last year, I can vouch for the benefits. Daily walks are taken parallel to the sea and on a hot day I can pop out for an ice cream in minutes. The chatter of seagulls is a constant refrain as I work from my desk at home. I have been even more grateful for the space and picturesque views during lockdown, which has meant I haven’t felt claustrophobic
10th Jul 2020 - iNews

Nearly half of employed in UK worked remotely in April 2020

In more evidence of how the coronavirus outbreak has changed the working habits of the nation, with millions adapting to doing their job from home over the past few months, a study for the UK’s Office of National Statistics (ONS) found that in April 2020, 46.6% of people in employment did some work at home, 86% of whom did so as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.
10th Jul 2020 - ComputerWeekly.com

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 10th Jul 2020

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The psychology of remote working

On September 13 2001, Penny Pullan was booked on a flight into New York City. A member of the new change team at Mars-Inc-owned ISI, she was supposed to be launching a global programme of business change. Of course, her plane never took off. Two days before, four hijacked commercial airliners crashed into the World Trade Centre, the Pentagon building in Washington DC and a strip of Pennsylvania farmland. With the 9/11 terror attacks, the world changed in an instant, flights were grounded and Pullan found herself needing to adapt rapidly to an entirely new way of working in order to see her project through.
9th Jul 2020 - Management Today

Coronavirus in Ireland – Leo Varadkar shares snap of home office and says remote working has huge benefits if

Leo Varadkar has called on businesses to make remote working the "new normal" after sharing a snap of his home office. The Fine Gael boss said if working from home was rolled out properly it would have huge benefits and would allow parents to manage their personal and professional lives better.
9th Jul 2020 - The Irish Sun

The office isn’t dead yet, even if remote work keeps rising, says Moody’s

Building owners often also have 10-year fixed-rate mortgages, which over the past decade have been set at historically low rates, giving property owners more wiggle room to sort through the shocks of COVID-19. Those are key takeaways of a new report from credit-rating firm Moody’s Investors Service on the future of U.S. office space as a result of the pandemic, which sparked an abrupt need by many companies to set up their employees for remote work. In short: The modern office isn’t “dead” yet. But Moody’s does see “heightened risks more in major urban markets,” and in the unlikely event of “sea changes” in behavior by companies looking to eventually shed office space, “a meaningful credit impact” could occur, wrote a team led by senior credit officer Kevin Fagan, in a report released late Thursday.
9th Jul 2020 - MarketWatch

Nearly half of German firms to allow working from home after coronavirus crisis

Spurred by the coronavirus crisis, an increasingly large number of German companies are open to - and allowing - working from home, according to a new study. A total of 42 percent of German companies said they will allow employees to work from home following the coronavirus crisis, with an equally large percentage still undecided. Researchers from the Stuttgart-based Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO) and the German Association for Personnel Management surveyed around 500 German companies from May 5th to 22nd to obtain an overview of the situation, which they published on Thursday.
9th Jul 2020 - The Local Germany

As the weather gets hotter, Spain’s remote workers move to the beach

The coronavirus crisis has normalized teleworking in Spain. Now, as the temperature begins to rise, many workers have begun looking for a place to take refuge from the July heat, where they can continue to work remotely. Almost all, regardless of the sector, have become used to virtual meetings, to organizing their work and personal life in the same space, and to reporting over the telephone. When bosses and employees were sent home due to the coronavirus pandemic, many began to look for a new home office with views of the beach or the mountain. “We are seeing a huge demand in portable Wi-Fi devices these last few weeks, coinciding with trips to holiday homes,” says Miguel Moral, the managing director and co-founder of WifiAway, a company that has been providing portable internet services since 2016.
9th Jul 2020 - EL PAÍS in English

Public consultation on guidelines for remote working

The Government will today launch a public consultation process on guidelines for remote working, which has increased significantly due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The guidelines are intended to address issues arising from remote working, including health and safety, employment rights and data protection. Since the pandemic struck earlier this year, the world of work has changed dramatically, with thousands of workers now operating from home.
9th Jul 2020 - RTE.ie

Coronavirus: One in five Brits would take a 7% pay cut to keep working from home

One in five Brits are now willing to take a pay cut to continue working from home as COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are eased, research shows. In a survey of 6,961 UK workers by Totaljobs, 20% said they would agree to take a 7% pay deduction to avoid returning to the workplace — about £2,031 less, based on UK national average salary. Men are more likely to consider this proposal than women, at 27%, compared with 13%. The offer also appeals more to the younger working population, with 28% of 18- to 34-year-olds wanting to continue remote working, compared with 19% of 35 to 54-year-old workers. This drops to just 10% of people over 55.
9th Jul 2020 - YAHOO!

How will our experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic shape the future of remote learning?

Over the next few months, universities and business schools will be consulting with staff about what comes next as individual safely is of paramount concern. However, many have already recognised that the challenges presented during lockdown are similar to those facing educational bodies in the near future: a need for more remote interaction to accommodate both the impact of Covid-19 and the rising number of international students and mid-career professionals pursuing distance learning courses. Teaching organisations are also acknowledging that quickly advancing technologies, with the power to create compelling virtual teaching environments, now have the ability to deliver targeted learning opportunities to far wider audiences around the world where specialist tutors may have ordinarily been inaccessible or in short supply, creating valuable new revenue streams.
9th Jul 2020 - FE News

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 9th Jul 2020

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Should Leaders Allow Their Teams To Work From Home Post Coronavirus Crisis?

Not so fast, according to Mike Goleman, author of ‘Breakthrough Leadership Team’. With over thirty years of experience consulting, he has helped brands like Verizon, Disney, Polo Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Dillard’s, Liz Claiborne, and Levi Strauss. Although views on how productive we can be working from home have dramatically changed for the positive over the last few months, he worries many companies may overreact. While some companies can make it work, many companies are not ready for this shift, so let’s look at both sides of the argument.
8th Jul 2020 - Forbes

Op-ed: Why companies need to stay in 'emergency mode' during Phase two of remote work

Due to COVID-19, many organizations, both large and small, have now had their entire workforce working remotely for months. Now equipped with business continuity plans companies need to maintain this new ‘emergency mode’ for weeks and months to come, says Wendy M. Pfeiffer, CIO, Nutanix. Technologies such as Zoom, Slack, AI and machine learning have helped employees collaborate and remain productive.
8th Jul 2020 - CNBC

‘It’s been quite easy’: Insights from the heart of the remote working revolution

“We have 150,000 employees globally. So when [the lockdown] happened, we effectively switched on 95 per cent of our team members to virtual work from home environments. We had the technology enablers to help us to do that. Our employees have worked from time to time from home and have the technology to do it, so we rapidly switched to it.”
8th Jul 2020 - The Irish Times

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 8th Jul 2020

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A new wave of remote workers could bring lasting change to pricey rental markets

When the coronavirus spread around the world this spring, government-issued stay-at-home orders essentially forced a global social experiment on remote work. Perhaps not surprisingly, people who are able to work from home generally like doing so. A recent survey from iOmetrics and Global Workplace Analytics on the work-from-home experience found that 68% of the 2,865 responses said they were “very successful working from home”, 76% want to continue working from home at least one day a week, and 16% don’t want to return to the office at all.
8th Jul 2020 - CityMetric

COVID-19 pivot: Lessons learned at Bloomberg

Six questions with Stig Sorensen, Head of Telemetry at Bloomberg - Q: Which pre-existing processes were in place to ensure that Bloomberg was prepared for near 100 percent work-from-home requirements?
7th Jul 2020 - The Enterprisers Project

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 7th Jul 2020

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Two Thirds of UK Firms to Retain Remote Working Models Post Covid-19

A survey of 280 CHROs reveals more than two thirds (67%) of organisations plan to encourage employees to work remotely more often after lockdown, with 26% planning to significantly increase remote working. For most, the long-term plan is to introduce some form of dual working, where time is split between working from the office and an alternative location such as home, with 42% envisioning employees spending a minimum of two days per week out of the office. Just 7% of organisations expressed that remote working was not a feasible option.
7th Jul 2020 - Business News Wales

Spain – One in four feel they are unable to work remotely, Randstad finds

A quarter, or 23%, of professionals in Spain say they are unable to work remotely due to not having the technology or the knowledge to do so, according to research from Randstad Spain. Randstad’s data found this number was higher for women (26%) than for men (20%). Working remotely has become essential amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Among sectors, workers in the healthcare sector ranked the highest among those who said they are unable to do teleworking (34.3%), this was followed by the distribution sector (29.6%), food and chemical industries (28.6%), education (27.7%), administration (24.5%) and construction (23.1%). Four out of ten workers in Spain said their company is not providing them with the necessary technological equipment to carry out their work remotely.
6th Jul 2020 - Staffing Industry Analysts

Ferry port implements terminal operation system remotely

The new Tilbury2 freight terminal on the Thames has implemented an operating system from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), with the supplier carrying out all of its work remotely.
6th Jul 2020 - ComputerWeekly.com

The return of housecalls: How Covid-19 will change healthcare forever

Housecalls may not arrive in the form of a horse and buggy, but after experiencing the convenience and value of receiving care on the channel that they prefer and exactly when they need it, consumers will expect this level of care from here on out.
6th Jul 2020 - MedCity News

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Coronavirus: Fujitsu announces permanent work-from-home plan

Technology firm Fujitsu has said it will halve its office space in Japan as it adapts to the "new normal" of the coronavirus pandemic. It says the "Work Life Shift" programme will offer unprecedented flexibility to its 80,000 workers in the country. Staff will be able to work flexible hours, and working from home will be standard wherever possible. The announcement follows a similar move in May by social media platform Twitter. In a statement sent to the BBC, Fujitsu said it "will introduce a new way of working that promises a more empowering, productive, and creative experience for employees that will boost innovation and deliver new value to its customers and society".
6th Jul 2020 - BBC

Remote working is not going away: who wins and loses when workers stay home?

Australians have embraced remote working, and so have big businesses, but work-life balance for some is ‘a prison’ for others
5th Jul 2020 - The Guardian

The case for going all-in on remote work

I want to highlight a different option, one that’s received far less attention: going all-in on remote. InVision, where I’m the chief marketing officer, has been a fully remote company since its founding in 2011. (We call it “fully distributed.”) Our 700 employees are scattered from Seattle to Singapore with no offices anywhere, save for a smattering of coworking spaces, dinghies in a sea of home offices. The lack of a central office and the fact that the entire staff works from anywhere are defining traits of InVision, a digital product design and development software company.
5th Jul 2020 - Fortune

Get ready to say goodbye to 5-day work week; post-Covid future will be split between office and home

Most American office workers are in no hurry to return to the office full time, even after the coronavirus is under control. But that does not mean they want to work from home forever. The future for them, a variety of new data shows, is likely to be workweeks split between office and home. Recent surveys show that both employees and employers support this arrangement. And research suggests that a couple of days a week at each location is the magic number to cancel out the negatives of of each arrangement while reaping the benefits of both. “You should never be thinking about full time or zero time,” said Nicholas Bloom, an economics professor at Stanford University whose research has identified causal links between remote work and employee performance. “I’m a firm believer in post-COVID half time in the office.”
5th Jul 2020 - Economic Times

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New normal of remote working sees more than half of innovation budgets cut

Nearly one-fifth of tech executives have seen significant reductions in their innovation budgets because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the working remotely factor says report
2nd Jul 2020 - Computer Weekly

5 Amazing remote work practices during COVID-19

COVID-19 has pushed every professional into WFH. Try these 5 amazing remote work practices to elevate your work experience and be successful working remotely.
2nd Jul 2020 - Thrive Global

Is the Five-Day Office Week Over?

Most American office workers are in no hurry to return to the office full time, even after the coronavirus is under control. But that doesn’t mean they want to work from home forever. The future for them, a variety of new data shows, is likely to be workweeks split between office and home. Recent surveys show that both employees and employers support this arrangement. And research suggests that a couple of days a week at each location is the magic number to cancel out the negatives of each arrangement while reaping the benefits of both.
2nd Jul 2020 - The New York Times

Remote working gets a big boost, but... - News

It might be a startling figure but the fact that 80 per cent of the respondents in a survey conducted by global staffing firm Robert Half vote for working from home brings that option back to life. Their grounds for such a support is that they save time and money and are more productive. As salaries are pared and liquidity low the saving of money in commuting is a strong driver for not venturing out. It is also arguable that as many as two hours plus are lost waiting for, and in, transportation. That is almost 30 per cent of a work day. Also up for grabs is the productivity angle. The concentration in an office under supervision and with peers, subordinates and bosses should logically be higher. That such a vast majority feels otherwise needs more exploration to ensure it is not the sloth of dressing up, shaving, dong early morning 'before we go' chores so that we eliminate the possibility that this keenness to stay home is not motivated by laziness.
2nd Jul 2020 - Khaleej Times

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 2nd Jul 2020

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Hollywood must adapt to remote work or suffer the consequences

It’s challenging enough to film with traditional methods while social distancing. But for many studios, the virus has also made it difficult to make creative decisions before the shoot, such as casting, set, and costume design. The same goes for postproduction tasks. These are all highly collaborative processes involving hundreds of professionals—from editors to sound engineers, Foley artists, colorists, and more during the marketing and promotion stage right up to distribution. Last-minute editing or approval change in one small scene could impact every version of the trailer and movie poster that follows.
1st Jul 2020 - Fortune

How remote work risks a new digital jobs divide for minorities

Black and Hispanic students entering the workforce feel significantly less comfortable with remote jobs than White students, according to a recent survey. Lack of space and limited access to technology are among the career challenges underrepresented minorities face. Young workers of color may permanently be left behind if digital inequality in the labor market is not addressed by employers.
1st Jul 2020 - CNBC

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 1st Jul 2020

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Teleworking tips for coping during COVID-19

If your office is closed due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, you might be working from home for the first time. While teleworking can offer many benefits, teleworking during the pandemic poses unique challenges. Consider these tips for maintaining work-life balance and avoiding professional isolation while social distancing.
30th Jun 2020 - Tech Xplore

‘Death of the office’ exaggerated despite homeworking boom

The Covid-19 lockdown has forced millions of employees to adapt to working remotely, with the trend expected to continue well after the pandemic subsidies. More than half of US adults want to work from home permanently, according to an IBM survey, while three-quarters would like to at least occasionally swap the office chair for the kitchen stool. Companies such as Facebook and Twitter are moving towards making working from home the norm — a shift enabled by artificial intelligence-driven telecommuting. “The web has given us unprecedented access to information and knowledge that we struggle to process,” says Carl Benedikt Frey of Oxford university’s Future of Work programme. “When we perform a Google search, for example, AI is getting increasingly good at filtering down the best ideas, which was previously a key function of in-person interactions. In the future, it might also serve to match innovators and potential collaborators at distance.”
30th Jun 2020 - Financial Times

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 30th Jun 2020

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A snapshot of a new working-from-home economy | Stanford News

Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom discusses the societal impacts of a new “working-from-home economy” and the challenges posed by the massive transition to widespread remote work.
29th Jun 2020 - Stanford University News

COVID-19 Presents An Opportunity To Redesign Your Job For Good

In May of this year Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, announced that up to half of the company’s employees could be working remotely in five to 10 years, while Jack Dorsey went a step farther, giving Twitter and Square employees the option to work from home indefinitely. While physical workplaces are unlikely to disappear from Silicon Valley all together, these announcements represent a major move to creating a permanent remote workforce.
29th Jun 2020 - Forbes

Huge rise in jobseekers wanting to work remotely following lockdown

Survey of 1,100 professional workers found that women and younger people are most likely to want to work away from an office environment
29th Jun 2020 - Nottinghamshire Live

The Long, Unhappy History of Working From Home

Three months after the coronavirus pandemic shut down offices, corporate America has concluded that working from home is working out. Many employees will be tethered to Zoom and Slack for the rest of their careers, their commute accomplished in seconds.
29th Jun 2020 - The New York Times

Coronavirus: Three surprising jobs you can do from home

Many people have had to switch suddenly to working from home during the coronavirus outbreak because of lockdown conditions. Dougal Shaw has spoken to three people with jobs where face-to-face contact is usually seen as essential, but who have found working remotely to be surprisingly successful.
29th Jun 2020 - BBC News

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 29th Jun 2020

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Remote work forever? 40% of managers considering staff home working 'beyond pandemic'

The study, from Hoxton Mix, indicates that attitude towards permanent remote work varies between industries. For example, more than 3 in 5 (64%) of respondents who work in the Sales, Media and Marketing industries agree that this would be a positive change, but only less than 1 in 5 (16% of workers in the Arts and Culture sector agree). Hoxton Mix surveyed over 1,000 Brits who are currently working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, in order to reveal the perceptions on remote working in the future and how work-life balance has changed.
28th Jun 2020 - NetImperative

How AI can ensure your transition to remote work is equitable

We must move fast in the transition to the future of remote work. But not too fast, otherwise our journey to gender equity – and economic recovery – could take a turn for the worse. In the months leading up to COVID-19, women were driving a strong labour market. They held 50.04% of US jobs (excluding farm workers and the self-employed) and in a historic first, the number of highly-educated women in the workforce surpassed the number of highly-educated men – a milestone reflective of women’s overall rising educational attainment rates. With the onset of COVID-19, however, women’s participation in the paid labour market took a hit.
28th Jun 2020 - World Economic Forum

Coronavirus: Half of Brits say they are more productive working from home

Half of Brits have found themselves to be more productive working from home under lockdown measures. In a survey of 1,481 people by printing company Cartridge People, 50% admitted to getting more done since they made the switch to remote working to combat the spread of COVID-19. Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures released in March 2020, of the 32.6 million in employment, around 1.7 million people reported working mainly from home. As the pandemic swept through the UK, lockdown measures meant almost everyone had to do so. Once these restrictions are fully lifted, a third (32%) of workers will look to work from home on a daily basis, the survey revealed. Only 18% of Brits now prefer the traditional office environment, which could mean a significant change for employers who may become inundated with requests to carry on homeworking.
28th Jun 2020 - Yahoo Finance UK

Why the home-working boom could tumble London's skyscrapers

“We were planning to move offices. We’d given notice just before the lockdown came in,” says Mike Hampson, chief executive of Bishopsgate. “When we started working remotely, we realised we were working very effectively as we were.” So, after a discussion with his 65 staff, he decided to give up the firm’s head office in the capital’s Square Mile financial district. The move will save the company hundreds of thousands of pounds a year, slicing a quarter off its annual costs. Employees will also benefit financially – with some saving thousands of pounds each in annual commuting bills. Hampson himself has been spending more than £5,000 a year commuting from Tonbridge in Kent.
27th Jun 2020 - The Guardian

Teleworking Tips For Coping During COVID-19

If your office is closed due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, you might be working from home for the first time. While teleworking can offer many benefits, teleworking during the pandemic poses unique challenges. Consider these tips for maintaining work-life balance and avoiding professional isolation while social distancing.
26th Jun 2020 - South Florida Reporter

COVID has shown Australian broadband can handle working from home: Dept of Comms

The question waiting to be answered is how many of the habits developed in the past few months would endure. "There's no reason to believe that people will go back, will necessarily stop taking telehealth consultations and ... there will be an increase in people's ability to, and interest in being able to, work remotely." During the early days of the pandemic, departmental officials said NBN saw an increase in uptake rate in regional areas. Currently, the uptake is sitting around 50% on the fixed wireless network, and between 20% and 25% in areas served by satellite. Users in these areas are not forced onto the NBN and maintain the ability to connect via ADSL thanks to their copper lines remaining in place. Speaking on Thursday to the Senate Select Committee on COVID-19, Australian Medical Association president Tony Bartone said the spike in telehealth usage seen during the pandemic was a long time coming. "Telehealth -- it was clearly one of the great revelations of COVID-19. It did show that telehealth does have a place in Australia's modern 21st century health system," he said.
26th Jun 2020 - ZDNet

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 26th Jun 2020

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How the coronavirus pandemic will — and won't — transform work-from-home

After the coronavirus suddenly moved millions of Americans from their commercial office to their homes for work, some major companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and Nationwide are making the arrangement permanent for some or all of their workers even after the pandemic ends. Could this be the future of work? Not necessarily, one expert said. While more people will work remotely going forward — which many employees welcome — the increase probably won’t be as significant once the world returns to normal. “Not everyone will be working from home,” Jed Kolko, chief economist at Indeed Hiring Lab said. “There are likely to be challenges that arise, some of those people have already experienced, and some of which people might not have yet realized.”
26th Jun 2020 - Yahoo Money

‘Virtual training is the way of the future’

Online classrooms will become a permanent fixture in the delivery of pub training according to the head of training at Star Pub & Bars.
25th Jun 2020 - Morning Advertiser

The future of remote working

The outbreak of COVID-19 saw governments around the world ordering employers to let their staff work from home wherever it was possible to do so, but the swiftness of the imperative caught some companies unawares
25th Jun 2020 - The New Economy

The small US manufacturer’s Covid-19 mantra: control what you can

The uncertainty makes it impossible to craft long-term plans. Still, Mr Hoskins tries for patience, even as he acknowledges the situation is unnerving. “Every day I thank God that we aren’t where a lot of other people are,” he said. “All we can do is plan for the future and try not to make any huge pitfalls that you can avoid. But if you can’t control it, you can’t control it.”
25th Jun 2020 - Financial Times

Telecommuting exposes fault lines in COVID-19 economy

The COVID-19 crisis is not hitting all workers and sectors equally, and new research points to one reason for the imbalance. Industries whose workers were likely able to telecommute have been much better able to adapt to the challenges created by the pandemic — experiencing smaller declines in employment, stock market valuation, and projected revenues, according to the study.
25th Jun 2020 - MIT Sloan News

Dystopia or utopia? The future of cities could go either way

Cities are always changing, but rarely as fast as this huge experiment changing how we all live, for better or worse
25th Jun 2020 - The Guardian

An ETF called WFH offers new way to ride remote working trend

Working from home has become part of millions of people’s daily lives. Now it is also an investment strategy. Fund provider Direxion launched an exchange traded fund on Thursday using the ticker WFH, to tap into US-listed companies positioned to benefit from the mass move to remote working. The ETF tracks the Solactive Remote Work Index, which is made up of 40 equally weighted companies across four sectors — cloud technology, cyber security, remote communications and online document management.
25th Jun 2020 - The Financial Times

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 25th Jun 2020

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Eight in 10 UAE residents will work remotely after Covid-19, says report

Seventy-nine per cent of people in the UAE are expecting to work remotely more often even after the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions, and of those 63 per cent feel this will be permanent, according to a new survey that analysed the impact of the pandemic on work culture. Meanwhile, 85 per cent of those surveyed are currently working from home, compared to just 2 per cent before movement restrictions were introduced in March, US-based telecommunications firm Ciena, which commissioned market research company Opinium to conduct the survey last month, said. “The data overwhelmingly shows that the lines between our personal and professional lives are becoming increasingly blurred as we adapt to working from home more often,” Jamie Jefferies, Ciena's general manager and vice president for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said.
25th Jun 2020 - The National Blogs

Two-thirds of UK adults to work remotely more often after Covid-19

Research commissioned by Ciena reveals how coronavirus pandemic will likely change UK internet usage, as increased use of online home working applications is complemented by commemorate rise in online education
25th Jun 2020 - ComputerWeekly.com

80% of organizations did not have a remote work program before COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic completely altered the way of work, changing the landscape for hiring and daily business operations, Mind Edge and Skye Learning found.
24th Jun 2020 - TechRepublic

Covid-19 sparks exodus of middle-class Londoners in search of the good life

The 2-metre rule may be about to be diluted in England, but job-hunters and home buyers are seeking a more profound form of social distancing post-lockdown by restarting their lives in less densely populated areas. A surge in the number of people looking for jobs outside London in the last two weeks has been mirrored by a spike in city dwellers looking for new homes in more isolated locations. The number of jobseekers wanting to get out of the capital has more than doubled in the last fortnight compared with the same period in 2019, according to the Escape the City careers advisory service. Meanwhile, the proportion of London buyers registering with estate agencies outside of the capital almost doubled in April.
24th Jun 2020 - The Guardian

Lost in translation? Supporting emotional wellbeing while remote working

A sudden shift to remote working has seen the workforce adapt to new ways of communicating. However, human interaction is about more than just words. Some of these extra cues, like tone and non-verbal communication, are lost when we cannot speak face-to-face. For employees – especially new or junior team members – establishing meaning through in-person contact is crucial. When they rely on email alone, it can lead to crossed wires and confusion and, as a result, trigger stress and overworking. Plus, face-to-face communication has additional benefits, like allowing responsive conversations. When we’re unable to respond in real-time or ask questions, we feel anxious. Employees may worry about annoying colleagues by double-emailing or worry over unanswered questions.
24th Jun 2020 - theHRDIRECTOR

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 24th Jun 2020

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What the Dutch can teach the world about remote work

For some, remote working is just another day at the office. Thousands of workers in the Netherlands benefit from the country’s astonishingly flexible work culture. While the percentage of employed persons usually working remotely before the coronavirus outbreak lingered at around 4.7% in the UK, and 3.6% in the US, 14.1% of the Netherland’s workforce reports usually working away from the office. The Netherlands has long led the global shift toward remote work, with only Finland catching up in recent years while other countries lag behind.
23rd Jun 2020 - BBC News

Covid-19 has accelerated tech adoption across India, says Microsoft's Maheshwari

The covid-19 pandemic has made work-from-home the new normal for India's IT and technology firms. Microsoft India has transitioned to a virtual workplace for nearly all its operations and currently, only a small number of employees who perform essential services continue to be on-site at its offices. In an interview, Anant Maheshwari, president, Microsoft India spoke about helping build digital capabilities and the role of technology amid the covid-19 crisis
23rd Jun 2020 - Livemint

New Study: Nearly one-third of workers expect to work remotely full-time after the pandemic

Americans who've been working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic expect that remote work will continue to be a big part of their "new normal" after the crisis has passed, according to a national survey from edtech firm MindEdge/Skye Learning. The online survey, The State of Remote Work 2020: The Age of the Pandemic, of 828 remote workers and managers found that almost a third (29%) expect to remain working remotely full-time even after businesses resume "normal" operations. Another 27% expect to work remotely at least part-time – and only 35% expect to return to their old workplaces on a full-time basis.
23rd Jun 2020 - Yahoo Finance UK

How Working Remotely Is Making Us More Creative

According to recent surveys, most workers and most CFOs want to make some measure of remote work a permanent reality. While business drivers like reduced overhead and digital transformation initiatives are certainly at play here, surveys like these and our recent global experiment in remote working also hint at the fact that our creativity actually increases when we work remotely.
23rd Jun 2020 - The HR Director Magazine

Paying Remote Workers to Relocate Gets a Pandemic-Era Boost

As jobs go remote due to coronavirus, several cities are doubling down on incentive programs to lure tech workers to work from home in a new location.
23rd Jun 2020 - Bloomberg

A Quarter Fewer Canadians Will Commute to Work After the COVID-19 Lockdown Lifts: New Survey

A new survey from Rates.ca found that COVID-19 is driving a lasting shift in Canadians’ commuting routines with a decline by 25 per cent of respondents (84 per cent compared to 63 per cent) stating they will travel to work post lockdown, whether in their own vehicle, taking public transit or carpooling. Representing a 13 per cent decline, slightly more than half (53 per cent) of respondents say they plan to drive to work in the future, a notable change from 61 per cent who did pre-COVID-19. When it comes to taking public transit to their jobs, the survey indicates a drop of 58 per cent (17 per cent to seven per cent) while 50 per cent fewer will carpool (six percent to three per cent).
23rd Jun 2020 - GlobeNewswire

Breakingviews - The looming war over working from home

For the hundreds of millions of office workers forced to participate in the world’s biggest telecommuting experiment, whatever enthusiasm they may have had is wearing off. Faster networks and processing speeds smoothed the experience compared to prior efforts, but there are bigger issues for companies and their staffs to consider as they start thinking about a post-pandemic era. More than 80% of employees expect to return to the office in the next 12 to 18 months, according to a Xerox survey of corporate tech decision makers released in June. Over half of the companies polled plan to move to hybrid home and office models and will boost IT spending to support the transition.
23rd Jun 2020 - Reuters

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 23rd Jun 2020

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Canada public servants will still work remotely even as offices reopen - minister

Some of Canada’s nearly 290,000 federal employees will gradually return to their offices as coronavirus restrictions ease, but many will keep working remotely, the president of the Treasury Board said on Monday. Government employees have been mostly working from home since mid-March when public health authorities shut down many businesses and offices to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Now the 13 provinces and territories are slowly restarting as the contagion slows. “We can have a public service that can be working remotely while serving Canadians very efficiently,” Treasury Board President Jean-Yves Duclos said in a news conference.
22nd Jun 2020 - Reuters UK

Has COVID-19 Opened Up A New World Of Remote Work?

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to remote work as the digital world is finally at a stage where it can support technology like virtual meetings. The digital revolution that enabled telework and the upcoming roll out of 5G will also enable telerobotics and augmented/virtual reality which will increase the amount of automation globally. The increase in virtual and telepresence also has the potential to provide alternative development paths for emerging markets, away from a manufacturing-led growth model (like China) more to a service-led growth model (like India). These are just some of the findings of a new report published by Citi, A New World of Remote Work. The report, the fifth edition in the Citi GPS Technology at Work series, looks at how COVID 19 fast-forwarded existing trends and quantifies the possible impact of these trends on the future of work.
22nd Jun 2020 - Facility Executive Magazine

Permanent Work From Home Is Coming. Businesses, Workers See Benefits

Indefinite. Or even permanent. These are words companies are using about their employees working from home. It's three months into a huge, unplanned social experiment that suddenly transported the white-collar workplace from cubicles and offices to kitchens and spare bedrooms. And many employers now say the benefits of remote work outweigh the drawbacks. Nationwide CEO Kirt Walker says it's been a popular decision at the company. "Overwhelming. Hundreds of emails and cards and letters and phone calls. 'Thank you for doing this.' So I think we got it right," he says.
22nd Jun 2020 - NPR

Coronavirus: Most UK workers don't want to go back to offices

Most UK office workers do not want to return to normal workplaces and hours as the reopening of the economy gathers pace, according to a survey. A poll shared exclusively by Yahoo Finance UK suggests many staff who can work remotely are comfortable doing so, and are worried about virus risks on public transport. The survey of 2,000 staff by Theta Financial Reporting, a chartered accountancy and consultancy firm, explored how the pandemic has hit employers hard and overhauled working practices. Almost two-thirds of UK workers in the nationally representative poll agreed with the statement: “I do not feel comfortable commuting to work via public transport anymore, and think it will be one of the most stressful parts of my day.”
22nd Jun 2020 - Yahoo Finance UK

Most workers want 'hybrid' jobs at the office and at home after coronavirus, study finds

Instead of commuting every day, they would be happier to be in the office for only two or three days of a five-day working week. "I think what we're seeing is that people are going to be more thoughtful with when, where and how they choose to spend their time — with good reason: to be most effective in their role," said Chris Mattey, a partner at Boston Consulting Group. For those who can work from home, between 41 and 60 per cent surveyed revealed a preference that sees them doing two or three days a week from home. Respondents aged over 60 most favoured working remotely, pegging their preference at between 81 to 100 per cent of the time.
22nd Jun 2020 - ABC News

New Yorkers Can Now Go Back to Offices, but Many Won’t

Even as offices across New York City were allowed to welcome back employees on Monday for the first time in months, the number of those returning to work was far lower than the swarms that once jostled elbows on public transit and packed into high-rise elevators. With the coronavirus still a threat and businesses required to limit their capacity and ensure distance between workers, sidewalks that would typically be crammed were fairly empty. Subway cars also had relatively few riders for the start of the workweek, and parks in business districts were sparsely populated during the usual lunch rush. “I’m really surprised this is still this empty,” Jason Blankenship, an optometrist, said as he looked around a quiet Bryant Park. “I thought it would be more people than this for sure. I wonder if all these people from these offices will ever come back.”
22nd Jun 2020 - The New York Times

4-day work week with fewer hours, same pay could become a reality in some workplaces post-COVID-19

It's only been days since a small Nova Scotia municipality launched a four-day condensed work week pilot project, but according to the chief administrative officer, so far, so good. The nine-month project, developed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, allows the municipality's core employees to work the same number of hours over a period of four days, known to many as a compressed work week. "Our staff seem to be extra excited about the new work system," said Barry Carroll, Chief Administrative Officer for the Municipality of the District of Guysborough. "We had some minor adjustments to make, obviously, but otherwise it's been pretty seamless."
22nd Jun 2020 - CBC.ca

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 22nd Jun 2020

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How to request to continue working remotely after COVID-19

Our recent work-from-home report showed that two-thirds of folks who were forced to work remotely would prefer to be in the office. But that leaves the remaining one-third, who aren’t looking forward to coworkers who chew loudly and don’t understand the concept of inside voices. If you fall into that group, you might be considering asking your manager if you can continue to work remotely even once everyone else goes back to the office. Some companies, including tech giants such as Twitter, are adjusting their work-from-home policies. But others just won’t. If your company doesn’t plan on letting people continue to work remotely, you’ll have to ask.
21st Jun 2020 - Fast Company

More than one-third in Japan have worked remotely amid coronavirus pandemic: survey

A Japanese government survey has found 34.6 percent of respondents experienced teleworking due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the Cabinet Office said Sunday. The survey also showed that many young residents in the Tokyo metropolitan area are interested in moving to other regions. In the Tokyo area, 55.5 percent of the respondents regularly or sporadically worked remotely. Regarding what should be done to further the spread of teleworking, many mentioned changes to staff meetings and decision making, digitization of documents and accelerated moves to paperless offices, as well as improvements in access to internal systems at companies.
21st Jun 2020 - The Japan Times

Older Americans face another pandemic risk: Most can't work remotely despite COVID-19

Mari Madlem says she has plenty of worries about going back to work during the coronavirus pandemic. But the 69-year-old from Portland, Oregon, doesn’t have the option of telecommuting since she works as a cosmetics saleswoman at an upscale department store. “I really have a lot of contact with people,” she says, adding that she’s anxious about whether co-workers and customers will take precautions like wearing masks. “If I don't go back, I'm out of work.” Despite her fears, Madlem is planning on returning because her monthly Social Security benefit of $1,240 isn’t enough to live on. Although her employer hasn’t given her a return date, she expects to be back at the store this summer.
21st Jun 2020 - USA TODAY

Working from home: The pros, cons and potential pitfalls of it becoming permanent

Employers had to scramble when the pandemic took hold in mid-March, emptying out workplaces and sending workers home to do their jobs for what was expected to be at most two or three months. But the coronavirus outbreak has persisted, productivity hasn’t taken a big hit, and a large percentage of workers actually prefer skipping the commute. More employers are extending remote work assignments, and in some cases, planning to make them permanent. “Some of my clients are thinking about more permanent remote work situations. I have one client who is giving up all leases and letting everyone work remotely,” said Elizabeth Wylie, a partner at Snell & Wilmer in Denver specializing in employment law.
21st Jun 2020 - The Denver Post

Experts say Canadians permanently working from home should expect salary changes

When Mark Zuckerberg hosted a townhall in late May with Facebook‘s 48,000 employees, some were tuning in from new cities they had scrambled to move to as the pandemic hit. Zuckerberg had a clear message for them: if you plan to stay, expect a change to your pay. “That means if you live in a location where the cost of living is dramatically lower, or the cost of labour is lower, then salaries do tend to be somewhat lower in those places,” he said on the video conference, where he announced more employees would be allowed to work remotely permanently. Zuckerberg gave Canadian and American workers until Jan. 1, 2021 to inform the company about their location, so it can properly complete taxes and accounting and use virtual private network checks to confirm staff are where they claim.
21st Jun 2020 - Global News

Zoom sees 900% user growth in UAE as remote working picks up amid Covid-19

“At Zoom, we continue to have conversations with the region’s governments about how [it] is a valuable tool that helps increase productivity and growth, meets the highest standards of security for its users, and can support the development of a digitally-based global economy,” Sam Tayan, managing director for the Middle East and Africa at Zoom, said. The company is “leaning into the Gulf and is very optimistic about the growth potential in the Middle East", he added. In March, UAE authorities eased restrictions on the usage of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) platforms including Microsoft’s Skype, Google Hangouts and Zoom to facilitate remote work and distance learning amid the coronavirus pandemic.
21st Jun 2020 - The National Blogs

The internet is so bad in this community some people drive to Zoom meetings

Working from home during COVID-19 has highlighted the internet woes in the Musquodoboit Valley
21st Jun 2020 - CBC.ca

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Employees working from home during lockdown 'want to continue when crisis ends'

Greater flexibility with working hours, no commuting and being around family are given as some of the most popular advantages
19th Jun 2020 - Wales Online

Sharp learning curve for bosses as WFH goes global

Two weeks into the coronavirus lockdown and Sergei Holmeckis, a boss at Deutsche Telekom’s Czech operations in the city of Brno, was frustrated with staff video calls. His team didn’t like turning on their cameras and the discussion was stilted. “I started to show them my cat,” Holmeckis said. “It showed the human side of me more and really changed the perception. It got people to switch on their cameras and be more engaged.” Such tactics obviously won’t appeal to everyone. But they do show how the world’s biggest experiment in working from home is forcing managers to reassess their methods - especially as surveys predict higher levels of remote working post-pandemic.
18th Jun 2020 - Reuters UK

Younger employees find remote working more difficult

It is highly unlikely that there will ever be a return to work as we knew it following the Covid-19 outbreak, but more research from London-based tech developer Studio Graphene has emerged suggesting that it is younger workers who have struggled most to adopt to the new normal of remote working.
18th Jun 2020 - ComputerWeekly.com

People new to home working want to continue in the future, survey suggests

The majority of employees working from home for the first time due to coronavirus hope to continue doing so in the future despite having concerns about motivation, a survey suggests. According to a study of 4,002 adults, half of people are currently working remotely (49%) all or most of the time during lockdown, with 39% among them who did not tend to work from home prior to the pandemic. Among home working newcomers, seven in 10 (68%) said they would like to carry on working this way when the crisis is over.
18th Jun 2020 - ITV News

More power to remote working ways | Analysis – Gulf News

Tech giants have given their go-ahead to staff, and only time before more follow
18th Jun 2020 - Gulf News

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Managing employees’ feelings of loneliness during the COVID-19 pandemic

Since the COVID-19 crisis began, individuals may have been experiencing their own feelings of loneliness, whether from shielding on their own, being alone in the house whilst others continue to work, or sadly they may have been separated with loved ones through illness and the requirement of medical attention. Similarly, employees may be struggling with the lack of contact with colleagues whilst working remotely or on furlough. When we think about loneliness, we often think about isolation from family and loved ones, but employees often spend more time with their colleagues than anyone else and as such, changes to the working environment can have a significant impact on the wellbeing of individuals.
17th Jun 2020 - theHRDIRECTOR

End of the office: reinventing the workplace for a remote working

The sudden boom in remote working has raised a flurry of questions surrounding a return to “normal” working life and the purpose of the workplace as we know it
18th Jun 2020 - Raconteur

Ford offers 30,000 U.S. employees option to work from home until New Year's

An estimated 30,000 salaried employees at Ford Motor Co. learned at a virtual staff meeting early Wednesday that they may choose whether to work from home full-time, return to the office full-time or create a blended schedule that allows for both. The option to work from home will last until New Year's Eve, at least. Meanwhile, Ford is evaluating whether it needs so much building space in the future.
17th Jun 2020 - Detroit Free Press

Working from Home While Black

Working from home poses unique authenticity challenges for the relatively small segment of Black people in the U.S. in this new work arrangement. Black employees, who are often numerically underrepresented in professional occupations, regularly grapple with how to counteract negative racial stereotypes that undermine their professional images in the office. In response, Black workers often strategically engage in code-switching — adjusting their speech, appearance, and behaviors to optimize the comfort of others with the hopes of receiving fair treatment, quality service, and opportunities. Studies show that Black employees who downplay their racial identities are perceived as more professional and are more likely to be hired than those who do not modify their self-presentation, for example
17th Jun 2020 - Harvard Business Review

In International Physics Collaborations, Working Remotely Is Nothing New

Fabio Cerutti, a Berkeley Lab staff scientist and ATLAS group member, quickly transitioned to working from home after the COVID-19 pandemic led to a stoppage in most activities at the CERN site. Cerutti talks about his continuing work in this video
17th Jun 2020 - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Many workers will never go back to the office post-coronavirus

Like just about every other office employer in Greater Boston, Lola switched into work-from-home mode in March as the COVID-19 pandemic struck......
17th Jun 2020 - The Boston Globe

Remote working: Are you ready for the new normal?

For those yet to jump on board with remote working, the pandemic will have prompted a quick acceleration in digital transformation plans. The crisis has even rewritten the job description for many IT leaders, who may not have been so prominent and visible in their respective businesses before. Now they are becoming integral to their company’s management of the crisis. One thing seems clear: the businesses that fully embrace remote working now will be the ones that benefit as we emerge into a new way of working.
17th Jun 2020 - IT Pro

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Homeworking likely to last long after coronavirus lockdown and could keep air pollution down

Working from home is the way ­forward, according to 87 per cent of ­people who want it to continue after the lockdown ends. A survey by the Business Clean Air Taskforce found that remote working was a popular option and could have enormous environmental benefits.
17th Jun 2020 - iNews

Working From Home Indefinitely? Here's How To Keep Some Work-Life Balance

You’re reading Working It Out, our series exploring the future of work and wellbeing after coronavirus – from office life to working from home. The coronavirus pandemic has flipped everyone’s world upside down, forcing us to adjust to new ways of living and working. For those fortunate enough to be working remotely during this crisis, three months of work, life, pyjamas and Zoom calls have whizzed by.
17th Jun 2020 - Huffington Post UK

How to empower a remote workforce in the long-term

When describing the realities of the ‘new normal‘, remote working has a significant role to play, and how to empower a remote workforce in the long term, will become one of the great challenges for business leaders. In the short term, when coronavirus hit and the resulting lockdown ensued, businesses reacted quickly and put together an amalgamation of different solutions — some that were enterprise ready and some that were not
17th Jun 2020 - Information Age

Almost a third of Australians want to work from home forever after coronavirus

Survey finds less than half who worked from home want to come back full time. Only 14 per cent want to be back every day and 28 want to stay home forever. Three quarters think their boss will be OK with it after the pandemic ends. Coronavirus forced many firms to empty their offices and try to work remotely
17th Jun 2020 - Daily Mail

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Slack introduces permanent remote working policy

Business communications platform Slack will introduce a permanent flexible working policy for the majority of its 1,664 employees, following on from the changes made during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. The organisation has made the decision to not reopen its offices until at least 1 September 2020, and when the offices do open, it their roles permits, employees will have the option to work flexibly, permanently. Additionally, Slack are also looking at recruiting employees who solely work remotely.
15th Jun 2020 - Employee Benefits

Nine in 10 Mena professionals see work-from-home trend growing after Covid-19

Nine in 10 professionals in the Mena region expect remote working to increase over the next few years, according to a new survey that analysed the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on work culture. About three quarters of respondents in Bayt.com’s Remote Work in Mena survey said they would prefer a job that allows them to work from home while 87 per cent said they have all the resources required to carry out their job remotely. Only 5 per cent said they do not believe the trend will not gain further traction. “The recent shift towards remote work has radically changed the way most Mena businesses operate,” Ola Haddad, director of human resources at Bayt.com, said.
15th Jun 2020 - The National

Australia's regional workers likely winners from remote working arrangements

The nature of work will never be the same after coronavirus. The pandemic has shown remote working not only widely possible, but often beneficial for both employers and employees. No longer does a job have to mean sacrificing lifestyle for location - and regional Australia is likely to reap the rewards of the shift in working habits.
15th Jun 2020 - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 15th Jun 2020

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Coronavirus: Asia not yet ready to work from home

Many companies in Asia are slowly sending their employees back to the office as the world reopens. But with the coronavirus infections soaring past seven million and growing, working remotely will continue to be a facet in the region. Most firms are resorting to flexible work schedules so that at least half the staff can continue working from home, while the rest can return to the office. The goal is to avoid densely packed work spaces that facilitate viral spread. Staff will certainly return to the office once the pandemic eases.
15th Jun 2020 - INQUIRER.net

It’s time to reopen – but your employees are scared to return. What should you do?

There’s still a very real and deadly virus going around. You’re complying with all the necessary guidelines. You’ve got masks, sanitizer. It’s not ideal, but it’s what it is. So you tell your employees your company is open for business and you look forward to seeing them at work. And most of them come to work. Unfortunately, a few don’t. Despite all that you’re doing, they still don’t feel safe. They’re afraid of getting sick. They’re afraid of getting their families sick. So what do you do? This is a growing dilemma among many of my clients. Unfortunately, there’s no clear answer.
14th Jun 2020 - The Guardian

6 Reasons Most Want To Work From Home Even After Coronavirus

59% of us who are currently working at home due to COVID-19 are just fine with the arrangement, thank you very much, and plan to continue it as long as possible. Interestingly, at 62%, men are slightly more likely to want to stay working from home, while 57% of women say the same. A bigger problem?
13th Jun 2020 - Forbes

Is the office age over? How work could change after coronavirus

Businesses share their back to work tips to reduce spreading Covid-19. Expert warns resuming work too quickly could create a toxic environment. Navitas shares advice on making the work space Covid compliant. Study shows 82% of businesses are now considering permanent remote working
12th Jun 2020 - This is Money

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 12th Jun 2020

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Coronavirus: Half of Brits are happy to work from home for as long as necessary

Over half of Brits are happy to continue working from home for as long as necessary, according to research. In a survey of 2,000 people who are currently working from home, conducted by communications provider Moneypenny, 52% said they are content to work remotely for as long as the coronavirus pandemic requires. However, some 37% admit that they are starting to feel the pressure and 6% said they are already finding this new way of life a struggle. With the government urging all non-key workers to work from home where possible, the study shows that while many have become accustomed to this new way of working, some employees have had to implement new changes in order to cope with the transition.
11th Jun 2020 - Yahoo Finance UK

AI and Digital Workspaces to Empower Remote Workers in a Post-Covid Era

There’s enough evidence out there to suggest that work from home is here to stay. Collaboration tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams witnessed an explosion of downloads and several people are likely to remain hooked. A Gartner survey revealed that 74% of CFOs intend to shift at least 5% of their employees permanently to remote work. Even worker preferences appear to be changing. In a Gallup poll, 59% of US workers who moved to remote work on account of the pandemic indicated they would like to continue working from home even after the Covid-19 crisis ends. In an increasingly no-touch world, it is very likely that this ‘genie’ is not going back into its bottle any time soon. Yet home workspaces also come with their own set of challenges.
11th Jun 2020 - Data Economy

Here to stay: Remote work, virtual events and online training are likely to be the norm in the post-COVID world

Workplaces will likely never be the same after the COVID-19 crisis ends. While some people have thrived with the independence and flexibility of commute-free remote work, others have struggled to cope — with the impact on mental health being felt by many who are concerned for their wellbeing, families and communites. As we move beyond the pandemic, it’s likely that many organisations will need to continue some level of remote work and collaboration, which will provide them with savings on office space and business travel expenses. In this new world, four key elements will define the workplaces of tomorrow.
11th Jun 2020 - SmartCompany.com.au

How to manage employee loneliness | HRD America

We’re halfway through 2020 and some countries are coming out of lockdowns and cautiously returning to the office. But companies may choose the safer option of extended remote working arrangements. How can you support employees who are struggling while in isolation?
11th Jun 2020 - Human Resources Director

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 11th Jun 2020

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London SMEs could save £75,000 in rent by embracing more remote working after Coronavirus

Small and medium-sized enterprises renting from serviced office providers in London could save a staggering £6,276 per month in rent if half of their staff worked from home – or £75,312 annually.
10th Jun 2020 - HR News

How to negotiate a permanent work-from-home arrangement

Long considered a perk reserved for company all-stars and senior leaders, the ability to work from home has been introduced to millions of office workers, across all levels, in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Now, as professionals across the U.S. have adjusted to a new way of working, major companies including Twitter and Facebook announced plans to allow employees to continue working from home forever, if they so choose. That’s welcome news for the majority of office workers who report they’d like the option to extend their remote-work arrangement beyond the pandemic. A recent Prudential survey of 2,050 U.S. workers finds 68% of those currently working from home would like to continue doing so to some extent in the future.
10th Jun 2020 - CNBC

At end first quarter, 11 pct of Poles worked remotely - stats office

At the end of the first quarter of 2020, 11 percent of Polish workers were working remotely due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Central Statistical Office (GUS) reported on Wednesday. GUS reported that more people in the public sector worked remotely than in the private sector. The statistical office also said the number of remote workers was higher in the Warsaw region than the Polish average, with almost one in six workers there working remotely. In the remaining regions of the country, the figure was every eighth to 14th worker. At the end of March, the number working remotely was the lowest in the northeastern Warmińsko-Mazurskie, central Świętokrzyskie and eastern Podlaskie provinces, where one in 14 people worked at distance.
10th Jun 2020 - The First News

Data Reveals 60% Of People Want to Stay At Home After COVID-19

COVID-19 has forced businesses across the globe to work remotely and new data found by Adzooma, suggests that this could be the new normal, killing the traditional office as we know it. In the UK, more than 60% of the adult population is working from home during the Coronavirus lockdown. But now everyone has had a taste of working from home, the future workplace is likely to never look the same again. Adzooma surveyed 447 workers* and interviewed dozens of businesses about their current plans and opinions. The data identified that 93.3% of people can perform their job as normal, from the comfort of their own home. Over half (60%) of people surveyed said they would like to work from home if they had the choice. What’s more, 52.6% said they don’t want to return to a normal office after COVID-19. For the majority of people, working at home is an enjoyable experience, with 83.5% of respondents admitting that they enjoy working at home, even during a global pandemic.
10th Jun 2020 - HR News

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 10th Jun 2020

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Working from home has lifted productivity and work-life balance

Of all the things UK residents are looking forward to post-Covid-19, heading back to the office does not seem to be high on the list. A recent survey by CIL Management Consultants also found that their attitudes to work and leisure may be permanently changed, meanwhile, as 33% said they expect to work remotely more often than before the coronavirus pandemic, while almost a third expect to save rather than spend wages in preparation for similar situations. One of the persisting worries among many bosses is that working from home means staff become less productive – as it becomes harder to subject their activities to the panopticon of surveillance that is common-place in office life. However, those worried they cannot trust their employees to fulfill their responsibilities from beyond the confines of the company compound might want to reconsider their position in light of new evidence from Eden McCallum.
10th Jun 2020 - Consultancy

What If Working From Home Goes on … Forever?

“But it was win-win,” Bloom says. As far as could be determined, the boost in productivity derived from employees’ being able to work more efficiently, without interruptions from their colleagues. (One employee reported that working from home was a welcome respite from her former cubicle-mate, who had a habit of loudly clipping her toenails.) People also worked more hours: There was no commute to make them late for their shifts, and even their tea breaks were briefer. Working at home can also improve how employees feel about their jobs. Historically, “research has shown a powerful correlation between telecommuting and job satisfaction,” says Timothy Golden, a professor of management at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute who has studied telework for two decades. People tend to prize the greater flexibility in setting their work hours, the additional time with family members, the reduced distractions. Even with the onslaught of online messages confronting teleworkers, “no one’s stopping by your cubicle standing over you saying, ‘Hey, I need this,’ or ‘I need your help right now,’” Golden told me recently.
9th Jun 2020 - The New York Times

Coronavirus: Is home office becoming a new normal in Japan?

Employees have adapted to working at home and companies appear to be happy with the financial benefits, but there are concerns that the shift away from the salaryman model will experience problems. Julian Ryall reports.
9th Jun 2020 - DW (English)

The Tribune is moving out of its office and working remotely through the end of the year

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to reshape how companies do business, The Tribune has made the difficult decision to move out of our office on Tank Farm Road in July. COVID-19 has accelerated our organization’s ability to work remotely. Since mid-March, many of us have been working from home. From pandemic to protests, we haven’t skipped a beat thanks to technology, communication tools that connect us instantaneously and the hard work of our dedicated staff.
9th Jun 2020 - San Luis Obispo Tribune

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 9th Jun 2020

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Working from home: Boundaries, productivity and the future of cities

Over the past 12 weeks, the coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of employees in America to begin working from home. Before the pandemic, 2.5% of U.S. employees teleworked full-time, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Now, almost everyone who can telework is doing so. Some economists expect the share of people teleworking full-time to remain high even after the pandemic ends. We collected a variety of research to address big questions employers, employees and cities face as America’s office workers consider the future of working from home. Research indicates there is no one-size-fits all approach when it comes to telework arrangements. Everyone now teleworking faces challenges, from caring for children to adjusting to virtual collaboration with coworkers. Some people will be more productive working from home, some people less so.
8th Jun 2020 - Journalist's Resource

No turning back from telework's rise

More federal employees are working from home during the coronavirus crisis than ever before. But will individual telework only be seen as a workaround until everyone returns to the office, or will agencies consciously decide to change how work will be done from now on, as distributed teams working from anywhere? A recent Washington Post article cautions that even with a vaccine, the coronavirus likely will remain with us for the long haul and that coping with it will require long-term thinking. It quotes University of Chicago epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Cobey, saying: “The question is, how do we live with it safely?”
8th Jun 2020 - Washington Technology

As offices evolve, will remote work become the new ‘normal’ after COVID-19?

In times of the coronavirus pandemic, a certain desk or corner of the house has turned into our office, catching up with colleagues and official meetings have moved to virtual platforms. Work from home has been a new experience that many of us are gradually adapting ourselves to. Like everything else, the pandemic has left its imprint on work culture, making professionals re-evaluate their functions and working processes. Now, with the recently announced relaxations, some have started heading back to their offices but with a certain awareness about the evolved circumstances, which are most likely here to stay.
8th Jun 2020 - The Indian Express

Zoom is Killing It Financially, Thanks to Remote Work

Arguably no company better exemplifies the change to work life in the ongoing pandemic than Zoom Video Communications, which saw its revenue skyrocket.
8th Jun 2020 - PC Magazine

Developers plan for 'very different' post-Covid workplace as more staff work from home

Office block developers, architects, engineers and builders are all preparing to redesign projects for what could be a ‘very different’ post-crisis workplace in which much higher numbers of staff could work from home.
8th Jun 2020 - Jersey Evening Post

HR pros think remote work will keep growing post-Covid - Bizwomen

It might be time to invest in a better webcam and a more comfortable home office chair. More than three-fourths of human resource professionals believe that the shift to teleworking will continue even a year after the Covid-19 pandemic subsides, and that the trend will shift the way HR departments approach recruiting and hiring, according to a new survey by The Conference Board. The ability to work anywhere will have “major implications” for hiring, enabling HR departments to draw talent from a broader geographic area, said Robin Erickson, a co-author of the report and principal researcher at The Conference Board.
8th Jun 2020 - The Business Journals

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 8th Jun 2020

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The Shift to Remote Work Could Be a Big Swing and a Miss

A permanent shift isn’t appealing to all companies—even to Facebook’s social-media peers. Snap Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel says he is “avoiding making sweeping statements that project far into the future in such a rapidly evolving situation.” Major corporations rushing to turn lockdown lemons into lemonade could get hit with a sour aftertaste.
6th Jun 2020 - The Wall Street Journal

Who Needs Cities When We All Work From Home?

Urban areas will survive a surge in working from home but may have to reinvent themselves
6th Jun 2020 - The Wall Street Journal

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 5th Jun 2020

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Over 20 pct of Latvians work from home amid COVID-19 pandemic | English.news.cn

Like in many other countries across the world, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has led an increasing number of employees in Latvia to work from home, showed a survey released on Thursday by the national statistics office. In April, more than one in five employees in Latvia, or 22 percent, switched to work from home, according to the statistics office's survey. While an estimated 19,000 people had been working from home already before Latvia was hit by the COVID-19 crisis, the number of employees doing their job remotely has increased to 148,400 now. More than one in four employees, or 27.4 percent, had the remote work option in April, while 72.6 percent of the working population had to go to work during the virus emergency. Meanwhile, 5.4 percent of the people who had the option to work from home preferred not to use it.
5th Jun 2020 - Xinhua

GP practices should enable all staff to work remotely 'where possible'

All staff working in GP practices should be enabled to work remotely ‘where possible’, NHS England has said.
4th Jun 2020 - Pulse

Remote work will be a legacy of pandemic; job losses may not be over, survey finds

Companies expect an increased portion of their workforce to remain working remotely even after the pandemic passes, according to a Conference Board survey released Wednesday of 152 human capital executives. The survey revealed that most employers have implemented some form of workforce cost reductions, and many plan to continue to do so this summer. Additional workforce cost reductions are more likely in organizations that employ mostly industry and manual services workers. A majority of companies surveyed expect to return to pre-pandemic revenue levels within the next 12 months.
4th Jun 2020 - CNBC

HR leaders: Expect teleworking to remain long after coronavirus is gone

Widespread teleworking is likely to well outlast the Covid-19 pandemic. At least, that’s the opinion of 77% of human resources leaders from major American companies surveyed by the Conference Board, a member-driven think tank aimed at looking ahead on business issues. The survey gathered responses from 152 HR leaders in late April in the thick of coronavirus business closures and stay-at-home orders.
4th Jun 2020 - Phoenix Business Journal

The office is here to stay - but it's going to evolve, too

The huge shift to home-working caused by COVID-19 has led many to wonder whether offices have a future. But the shift has not been welcomed by - nor is it easy for - many employees. Flexibility and choice will be key as we move forward into the next normal.
4th Jun 2020 - World Economic Forum

Poll: More voters want to keep remote working once coronavirus restrictions lifted

More Americans would prefer to keep working from home full time over going back to the office full time once social distancing restrictions are lifted, a new Hill-HarrisX poll finds. Twenty-eight percent of registered voters said once their area has reopened, including schools and childcare options, they would prefer to remain working from home full time. By contrast, 18 percent said they'd prefer to go back to working in an office full time. Another 18 percent of voters said they would prefer to work from home some days of the week but would still like to go into the office part of the time. Thirty-six percent of voters in the May 27-28 survey said working from home is not an option for them.
4th Jun 2020 - The Hill

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 4th Jun 2020

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3 Ways Covid-19 Will Permanently Change The Future Of Work

Covid-19 has changed the future of work—permanently. In early May, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella reflected, “We have seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months.” Without a doubt, the post-Covid-19 workplace will operate differently than the pre-pandemic workplace. Here are three aspects of the “workplace” that are slated to change.
3rd Jun 2020 - Forbes

Even After COVID-19, Execs Expect Remote Work Trend To Continue

A new survey from The Conference Board reveals that 77% of human resources executives expect the trend toward remote work to continue, even one year after COVID-19 substantially subsides. The survey assessed more than 150 executives primarily at large U.S. companies who weighed in on the various actions they are taking and plan on taking in light of the current pandemic.
3rd Jun 2020 - Business Facilities

Most Educators Want Schools to Stay Closed to Slow Spread of COVID-19

As school district leaders struggle to solve the complex equation of reopening buildings in the fall or maintaining virtual learning, several factors are weighing heavily on their minds. How do you make educators feel comfortable in their work environments when more than half of them prefer school buildings stay shut to slow the spread of COVID-19? What about educators and students with underlying health conditions? And what if remote learning must continue in the fall even though the approach led to declining student engagement this spring?
3rd Jun 2020 - Education Week

Coronavirus: Is working from home working?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly one-third of the U.S. workforce, and half of all “information workers”, are able to work from home. Though the number of people working partially or fully remote has been on the rise for years now, the COVID-19 pandemic may have pressed the fast-forward button on this trend. With millions of people taking part in this work-from-home experiment, it’s worth asking the question – how do people and companies actually feel about working from home?
3rd Jun 2020 - World Economic Forum

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 3rd Jun 2020

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As coronavirus shakes up the future of work, how much is it fast-tracking what was already in motion?

Financial and social considerations deemed impossible by companies are suddenly unquestionable needs. As employees, we are also finally being seen as human beings too, and as a result employers are taking our mental health seriously. With the blurring of our home and work spaces, we too feel a greater need to preserve our health.
3rd Jun 2020 - World Economic Forum

Office culture is fading due to remote work during the coronavirus lockdown

Online events are not enough to keep people connected to their colleagues at work, according to a new small survey. Sixty-three percent of people who took the Clutch survey said they spend less time socializing with colleagues since the COVID-19 shutdown started. On a positive note, 52% of workers said managers are just as available now as they were during regular office operations.
3rd Jun 2020 - TechRepublic

In isolation, coronavirus positive doctor in Aligarh continues to treat patients and train staff virtually

A doctor at the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College who has been quarantined after he tested positive for coronavirus, is using his telemedicine to offer medical advice to his patients who are under his treatment.
2nd Jun 2020 - Business Insider India

Remote Work's Time Has Come

Technological change means that working from home won’t disappear when the virus does.
2nd Jun 2020 - City Journal

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 2nd Jun 2020

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Coping with COVID: Pointers for working remotely

In this trying time, it may be difficult to adjust to the sudden changes in the world. Now abruptly, many people have been directed to gather their essential work resources and set up an office at home. Though many may have thought working remotely would be ideal, it still requires an adjustment to manage being productive and maintaining a positive mental outlook. Though there can be many benefits to working from home, isolation, additional stress about how to accomplish requirements and striking the right balance can cause some anxiety and/or depression. Some key and easy additions to your daily schedule might just make all the difference!
2nd Jun 2020 - WKRC TV Cincinnati

Business Leaders Weigh In On How The Workplace Will Change Post-Covid-19

While Chamberlain suggests that working from home won’t last, Kiran Prasad, vice president of product for the consumer experience on LinkedIn, believes that more people are now looking for remote work. Prasad explains that for some companies who have navigated the Covid-19 situation well and trust their employees, the idea of working remotely might just stay, particularly as for a number of job seekers, it is actually going very well.
2nd Jun 2020 - GQ Australia

81% Of SMEs In Business Service Sector Plan Remote Working Post Covid-19

Just over a third (34%) of SME companies in business services already had a remote working policy in place and nearly half (48%) had to create one to react to the pandemic. On average 74 per cent of staff working in this industry are operating from home. Over recent years, remote working has become increasingly popular, as technology has reduced the need for a physical office space for some industries. Many employers and HR professionals also advocate this way of working as an approach to enhance the work-life balance of employees.
1st Jun 2020 - TechRound

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 1st Jun 2020

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Work of the future is all about collaboration

Commissioned by leading Australian architecture and interiors firm Bates Smart to understand the impact of the disruption of COVID-19 on workplace, work life and work operations, the survey indicates that the sudden transition to remote working has not affected productivity with 74% of respondents feeling as productive working remotely as they did in the office.
1st Jun 2020 - theHRDIRECTOR

'Shark Tank' investor Kevin O'Leary says companies will 'save a ton of money' from remote working

Kevin O’Leary told CNBC that the coronavirus crisis has shown that remote working is good for employees and a business’s bottom line. “Productivity is significantly higher when you give people what they want,” the “Shark Tank” investor said. “We’re going to save a ton of money,” he added. “I’m really excited about the new America we’re going to have.”
1st Jun 2020 - CNBC

'I feel so much better': Employees ready to work from home more often

A survey by Swinburne University researchers John Hopkins and Anne Bardoel found nearly four in 10 respondents had never worked from home before the crisis. But only 10 per cent said they will not do any work from home in future. Housing manager Lola Treadwell’s work routine was radically altered by the pandemic.
1st Jun 2020 - Sydney Morning Herald

Remote working: How cities might change if we worked from home more

Major tech companies say they are open to their staff working from home permanently. Employees are coming to realise remote working is not only possible but, in some cases, preferable. A shift to a new way of working might already be under way. Such a shift could have profound implications on our home life, and by extension on the life of our towns and cities: almost a quarter of all office space in England and Wales is in central London alone. To understand those implications, we brought together four experts on city life, all of whom were working from home.
1st Jun 2020 - BBC News

Home work: Coronavirus propels telework trend

"Our distributed workforce has proven to make us more resilient, and we do expect to have a larger number of telecommuters going forward," BlueCross spokesman John Hawbaker says. The teleworking shift, or at least parts of it, seem likely to outlast the COVID-19 crisis. "Remote work has gone from an HR-level discussion to a C-suite-level discussion," says Prithwiraj Choudhury, a professor at Harvard Business School. Before the pandemic, less than 4% of American employees worked from home full time. A study by the Brookings Institution estimates that share jumped to more than half of all workers soon after governments adopted stay-at-home orders. Among the top 20% of earners — who are more likely to have desk jobs that can be done from anywhere — that share rose to an estimated 70% of workers.
1st Jun 2020 - Chattanooga Times Free Press

Coronavirus pandemic exposes risks and rewards of working from home

A number of the world’s biggest companies have begun canvassing their staff about how they would like their working day to look once employees are able to start returning safely to the office in large numbers, with some firms already announcing that they do not expect workers to return this year.
1st Jun 2020 - iNews

Will working from home become permanent?

Mark Zuckerberg is moving Facebook toward a substantially remote workforce over the next decade, making changes permanent that began in the past few months. Within 10 years, Zuckerberg told The Wall Street Journal he expects as much as half of Facebook’s employees — who currently number more than 45,000 — to work from home. There are also many other examples of working from home becoming the norm: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently told employees they could work from home permanently. Other smaller tech companies have announced similar proposals.
29th May 2020 - The San Diego Union-Tribune

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Forty per cent of PR chiefs to continue remote working as coronavirus caution grips industry

Two-fifths of agency leaders plan to maintain remote working policies for the foreseeable future as concerns about the coronavirus pandemic linger, a new survey of PR chiefs has found.
28th May 2020 - PRWeek

Walmart says its thousands of tech employees will continue remote work — even when pandemic subsides

Walmart is the latest company to announce that tech workers, who have been working remotely during the coronavirus pandemic, don’t have to return to the office anytime soon — or potentially, ever. In an internal memo sent Thursday, Walmart’s global chief technology officer, Suresh Kumar, told the tech team that office space “will be used primarily for collaboration, to sync up and strengthen camaraderie.” The big-box retailer has about 10,000 tech employees, including many who are based in the Silicon Valley.
28th May 2020 - CNBC

NHS seeking to 'lock in' better use of tech necessitated by coronavirus

Minister says health service is seeking to ensure it continues to benefit from initiatives such as remote working. The NHS will look at how best it can “lock in” some of the “beneficial changes” occasioned by the coronavirus crisis, including increased use of remote working and the ability to rapidly roll out new technology in patient care. The coronavirus crisis “has affected every part of local health and care systems”, said Lord Bethell, a minister at the Department of Health and Social Care responsible for innovation. He added that, in responding to the challenges presented by the pandemic, “NHS organisations, local councils and others are working across traditional organisational and team boundaries”. The health service will seek to ensure that some of the new ways of working – including increased use of technology to deliver care remotely – will persist beyond the current crisis, Lord Bethell said.
28th May 2020 - PublicTechnology

Vast majority of New Zealanders don't want to return to office after Covid-19

A study of New Zealanders working from home during coronavirus lockdown has found many were just as productive as when they were in the office, and a majority were reluctant to return to traditional workplaces. New Zealand went into lockdown for seven weeks from 25 March, and has become a global success story in containing the coronavirus, with fewer than 1,500 people infected and 21 deaths. During lockdown, many workers experimented with working from home for the first time, and a University of Otago study of more than 2,500 people found the arrangement suited many.
28th May 2020 - The Guardian

Employees are working remotely in their pyjamas

A quarter of home-workers — more than four million employees — are doing their job from bed or in their nightwear, and 40 per cent have toiled from the sofa, a report has found.
28th May 2020 - The Scotsman

Lockdown Fuels Interest in Learning Among Remote Workers

Employers should reignite learning and development programs for home workers Questionmark, the online assessment provider, is encouraging employers to reignite investment in learning and development programs. The call comes as research reveals a wave of enthusiasm among remote workers for online learning to improve their professional and personal skills.
28th May 2020 - Yahoo!

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Facebook is promoting remote working - here's what it means

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has offered his staff the opportunity to work from home on a permanent basis. The move gives employees the chance to relocate, but their salaries would be adjusted according to living costs. Zuckerberg expects half of Facebook’s workforce to take up the offer of working from home permanently over the next 5-10 years.
27th May 2020 - World Economic Forum

As Coronavirus Lockdown Rules Ease, Some Want to Keep Working From Home

As states begin to lift the stay-at-home restrictions put in place to combat the coronavirus pandemic, some workers now say they are just fine working from home and would like to do so permanently.
27th May 2020 - The Wall Street Journal

Coronavirus has shown us the future of work and it could mean more Australians living in regional areas

More Australians working from home during the coronavirus pandemic could pave the way for people to move out of the cities and take their jobs with them.
27th May 2020 - ABC News

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'Business unusual:' How COVID-19 could change the future of work

What are the longer-term effects of the pandemic on the workplace in developed countries, once the immediate crisis is over? Before the pandemic, there was already a lot of discussion on the implications of technology for the future of work. The message was clear: the future of work is not pre-determined, it is up to us to shape it.
26th May 2020 - UN News

Best Practices for Supporting Successful Remote Collaboration

How can teams doing generative collaboration stay on the same page when they’re working remotely? According to Kammer, the first thing they should do is find digital ways to replicate the analog processes (such as whiteboards and sticky notes) they use when they’re working side-by-side. “When it comes to generative work, teams need a digital platform where they can co-create content,” explains Kammer. “By leveraging tools like Mural, Google Drive and Microsoft Teams, teams are able to orchestrate their work across the platform and develop a shared mind, a shared historical reference of where they are and where they’re going.”
26th May 2020 - Channel Futures

Making Remote Work Work

Dery urges us to take a fresh look at remote work and how it can become not just something we suffer through, but something that actually helps us excel. This means working with your employees to iterate designs for physical spaces and operational processes that work; it means adopting new management techniques; and it may mean being willing to revisit how you communicate and how you lead. Listen to the full episode to learn more.
26th May 2020 - MIT Sloan

How social distancing and remote working will impact Irish life

We have released a new paper - Covid-19, Occupational Social Distancing and Remote Working Potential in Ireland - that examines these questions. We generate two indices which capture the potential impact of Covid-19 through identifying firstly, the occupations which may be most able to implement social distancing procedures and secondly the occupations which have the greatest potential scope for remote working. This is accomplished using occupational level data from O*NET which provides very detailed information of the tasks performed by individuals within their occupations.
25th May 2020 - RTE.ie

Remote working doesn’t need to affect innovation, new research reveals

EMPLOYEES THAT work from home are unlikely to be less innovative, according to new research by the University of Cologne and the Leibniz University Hannover. The study, conducted by professors Marina Schröder and Bernd Irlenbusch, found that video conferencing among team members can compensate possibly negative effects on innovation when employees work remote from each other
25th May 2020 - Voice Newspaper

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 26th May 2020

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Productive remote workers do these 5 simple things every day

As certain workers are beginning to return to the office, some are thrilled to have regained an environment more conducive to their personal productivity. For some, the office has fewer distractions and just makes it easier to get work done, particularly if their projects are highly collaborative. But for others, working from home has actually provided a large productivity boost. And working remotely could potentially provide even more effectiveness as they continue to work from home but have fewer restrictions and less uncertainty in their overall lives in coming months.
26th May 2020 - Fast Company

Remote working realisations: Strengthening teams and bringing people together during a global pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is changing every aspect of our lives. We are having to adapt to the new norms of self-isolation, remote working, and staying as productive as we were before the pandemic began. However, it is important to understand that the situation we’re all in is far from normal – it is a crisis situation and we have to adapt quickly and make decisions that will significantly influence our lives and businesses.
25th May 2020 - Human Resources Online

Remote working can result in higher cost savings and productivity for businesses - experts

Remote working is a growing trend and can result in significant cost savings for businesses, experts say. Thanks to COVID-19, remote working arrangements have become the norm, as social distancing measures required people to stay at home. Allowing staff to work remotely can reduce business overheads and perhaps also increase productivity. Newshub asked experts at HR Toolkit, Turner Hopkins and 4-day week to share their top tips for working from home.
25th May 2020 - Newshub

More people working remotely, seeking escape from the city

Whenever the economy undergoes a shock like we’re seeing now from the coronavirus pandemic, new trends often appear in the real estate market. It appears we may be in the middle of one of those unexpected paradigm shifts, when our world jumps from one track going in a predictable direction to another track heading in an unexpected direction.
25th May 2020 - Aspen Daily News

Coronavirus: What's the future for the office?

Before the coronavirus pandemic, the office was where millions of us spent about a third of our time. However, since the lockdown, almost half the UK's workforce say they have been working from home - and some companies have hinted it could become the future. "The notion of putting 7,000 people in a building may be a thing of the past," said the boss of Barclays, while Morgan Stanley's chief said the bank will have "much less real estate". Businessman Sir Martin Sorrell said he'd rather invest the £35m he spends on expensive offices in people instead.
25th May 2020 - BBC News

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 25th May 2020

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The coronavirus remote working boom has made many modern offices obsolete and the impact on the economy will be profound

The coronavirus outbreak has seen a massive increase in the number of people working from home. In 2019, only 5% of the UK workforce worked exclusively from home. In April 2020, 39% of workers worked only at home, and whilst this has fallen to 33% over the last couple of weeks the high rate of home working can be expected to remain high for some time. The pivot to remote working amongst technology companies is likely to have a significant impact on Ireland, and Dublin in particular. Dublin has approximately 3.7 million m2 of office space, up from around 1 million m2 in 1990.
23rd May 2020 - Slugger O'Toole

The future of work will be more remote, digital, healthier and safer: Dan Schawbel, Workplace Intelligence

Dan Schawbel is an expert on the future of work and virtual workplaces and author of Back to Human. As the managing partner at Workplace Intelligence, an HR research and consulting firm, he has done research studies with MNCs like Oracle, American Express and Randstad. At a time when work from home is the new norm, what are the best practices to lead and manage virtual teams? He discusses the new workplace in an email interview with Malini Goyal.
23rd May 2020 - Economic Times

Remote possibilities: Can every home in Japan become an office?

Tokyo-based Overflow Inc.’s commercial lease was set to expire in July and founder Yuto Suzuki had made plans to move to a larger property. But as cases of the new coronavirus began to rise in March, the 34-year-old made a drastic decision: He took the startup and its 270 workers completely — and permanently — remote.
23rd May 2020 - The Japan Times

Covid-19 will change business forever, says Deloitte chief

The economic and cultural impact of the coronavirus crisis is so severe that it will change business forever, a top Deloitte executive has said. David Sproul, Deloitte’s global deputy chief executive, told City A.M. that rapid changes in working habits and use of technology since the pandemic outbreak would likely never be reversed.
22nd May 2020 - City A.M.

Young people are joining the rich in leaving NYC for cheaper, less dense cities after coronavirus

The coronavirus lockdown has left young New Yorkers reconsidering the city's high cost of living. People who can work remotely are eyeing the suburbs or contemplating moving back home with their parents. A recent survey found 69% of people in tech and finance said they would leave New York if they were given the option to work from home permanently. Twitter, Facebook and Spotify recently announced they will allow employees to work from home long-term. Pat Stedman, 31, a dating and relationship coach, said the pandemic has only sped up his and his wife's exodus from the city and now plans to work remotely from overseas
24th May 2020 - Daily Mail

Coronavirus: Why more people could abandon city lifestyle for remote working after lockdown

My prediction? More people are going to abandon cities if they have the means to do so. This is of course a privilege of those who can either shift their job elsewhere or take it with them on their laptop, but it could fundamentally shift the property market. Estate agents are already predicting a drop in London sales and rental prices as well as the crumbling of the traditional commuter belt.
22nd May 2020 - iNews

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 22nd May 2020

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Facebook embraces remote working beyond COVID-19, but may cut pay

Facebook plans to hire more remote workers in areas where the company doesn't have an office, and let some current employees work from home permanently if they'd like to. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company plans to "aggressively open up remote hiring" starting immediately with the US, particularly for engineering talent. Based on internal employee surveys, he believes remote workers could make up as much as 50 per cent of Facebook's workforce in the next five to 10 years.
22nd May 2020 - Sydney Morning Herald

For Many, Remote Work Is Becoming Permanent in Wake of Coronavirus

Before the coronavirus hit, marketing and advertising mogul Martin Sorrell thought that the leased office spaces and WeWork footprint at his London-based media company S4 Capital PLC were necessary. But he reassessed that about a month into the wide-ranging lockdowns that have thrust everyday business online. ”We are breaking our leases and thinking about having people spend more time at home,” he said. More than 80% of enterprise-technology providers said corporate customers last month were shopping for communications, collaboration and other remote-work tools, up from 76% in March, according to a survey of more than 200 U.S. tech firms by IT industry trade group CompTIA.
21st May 2020 - The Wall Street Journal

Coronavirus: Flexible working will be a new normal after virus

Facebook and New Zealand's Prime Minister are the latest supporters of flexible working as companies mull back-to-office strategies. On Thursday, Facebook said it plans to shift towards a more remote workforce as a long-term trend. New Zealand's PM Jacinda Ardern this week suggested a four-day working week, partly to boost tourism in the country. As offices gradually re-open after coronavirus lockdown, more employers are looking at news ways of working.
22nd May 2020 - BBC News

Coronavirus will change office work for the foreseeable future

Of the 34 percent of workers who are estimated to be working from home, many will not go back. A survey of senior finance leaders by research firm Gartner found that 74 percent of organizations plan to shift some employees to remote work permanently. Consulting company Global Workplace Analytics estimates that when the pandemic is over, 30 percent of the entire workforce will work from home at least a couple times a week. Before the pandemic, that number was in the low single digits.
22nd May 2020 - Vox.com

Most Shopify employees won’t return to office after coronavirus pandemic, CEO says

Employees at Shopify will continue to work from home even after the novel coronavirus pandemic ends, the booming Canadian tech giant announced Thursday. The e-commerce platform developer, headquartered in Ottawa with more than 5,000 employees in Toronto, Waterloo, Montreal, Vancouver and around the world, will keep its offices closed until the end of 2021 to prepare for the company’s permanent work-for-home reality, CEO Tobi Lutke tweeted Thursday morning.
21st May 2020 - Globalnews.ca

Facebook teases a vision of remote work using augmented and virtual reality

Facebook has long believed in the promise of virtual and augmented reality extending well beyond entertainment, and we’re now getting a clearer glimpse at what that future might look like now that the current pandemic is reshaping how companies everywhere think about remote work. According to Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, Facebook’s head of of AR and VR, the company is already investing in “supercharging remote work and productivity” using those technologies. He even shared a video of what that might look like, featuring real footage of an experimental test using prototype Facebook hardware and software.
21st May 2020 - The Verge

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 21st May 2020

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Let the coronavirus break up the ‘Super Zips’

Twitter’s recent announcement that its employees have the option of working remotely even after the lockdown ends is a beautifully hopeful sign. If it heralds the beginning of a trend, perhaps it will allow us to begin resettling those parts of the United States that have been cut off from the past few decades of economic growth — one of the ugliest wounds on our socioeconomic landscape.
21st May 2020 - The Washington Post

How remote work can be a win-win for employers and employees

Recent research suggests that the amount of people who work remotely at least once per week has grown by 400% since 2010. What’s more, 42% of employees with a remote work option plan to work remotely more often in the next five years. Today, nearly everything can be done effectively over the internet with the help of modern digital tools and tech, so it’s a small wonder that remote work is rising at such a rapid rate. And due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies big and small have been forced to embrace remote work all of a sudden, so you can even take inspiration from some of the largest remote working companies on the planet on how to implement a company-wide remote work environment.
20th May 2020 - Business Matters

Surge in requests to continue working from home after coronavirus crisis ends, study shows

There will be a surge in requests from employees for permanent flexible working arrangements after coronavirus restrictions are lifted completely, research shows. A new survey of 2,000 adults indicated that many people will want to continue working from home when the crisis ends. More than two in five people are set to ask their employer for permanent flexible working arrangements after coronavirus restrictions are lifted completely, insurer Direct Line said.
20th May 2020 - Evening Standard

How do you think New Zealand should change after Covid-19?

Jacinda Ardern has suggested employers consider flexible working options as the nation emerges from the pandemic lockdown. Are there any other things you think should change?
20th May 2020 - The Guardian

Coinbase Will Allow Employees to Work Remotely After Lockdown

U.S. crypto exchange Coinbase has announced it will transition to a “remote-first” workplace after the pandemic lockdown is over in an effort to guard against location-centric risks and to improve decentralization. In an open letter to all employees, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said........
20th May 2020 - CoinTelegraph

Coronavirus: ‘Millions’ in Britain want permanent flexible working after lockdown, survey suggests

Research has previously suggested that employees logging on remotely take less time off and are more productive
20th May 2020 - Independent

Surge in requests to continue working from home after crisis ends

A survey of 2,000 adults by Direct Line indicated that many people will want to continue working from home when the crisis ends. Working from home two days a week is the most popular option, but one in 12 people are planning to ask their employer if they can work from home permanently,
20th May 2020 - Bristol Live

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 20th May 2020

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Will home working become the new norm post Covid-19?

A Jersey employment lawyer has told ITV News he thinks it will be difficult for employers to refuse applications from their staff wishing to work from home beyond Covid-19. For many people, working from home over the last few weeks has been a positive experience. Employers too have seen that this could form part of a new norm. Legally, we can ask to work from home. Jersey's employment law states that employees can apply for a change in their working conditions, including their place of work. The reasons for refusing such a request are fairly limited, and employers would have to show that working from home would either create additional cost or have a detrimental impact on their business.
19th May 2020 - ITV News

Can Working Remotely Lead Us to a Cleaner World?

“This is the first time I have seen such a dramatic dropoff over such a wide area for a specific event,” Fei Liu, an air quality researcher at NASA, told reporters for CNN of the recent environmental changes in China. "I am not surprised because many cities nationwide have taken measures to minimize the spread of the virus." Not surprising maybe -- but the implications of what these changes teach us about a world gone remote are incredibly significant.
19th May 2020 - Triple Pundit

Survey: 55 percent of employees say they work 1-10 extra hours remotely amid COVID-19

A recent survey done by Fishbowl, a employee social networking platform, found that the majority of its respondents said they were are working up to 10 more hours at home than they normally would if they were still working from their offices. The survey ran from May 14 to May 17 and asked 16,585 participants if they were working more or less hours per week since many companies transitioned to having their employees work remotely because of the coronavirus pandemic.
19th May 2020 - KTVU

Happier working from home? You're not alone

Among employees working from home and even those who are not, there was an uptick in employee happiness and the survey's Workforce Happiness Index was up by two points to 73 out of 100 when compared to 71 points during the same period last year.
19th May 2020 - TechRadar

Signs are communication have improved colleague relations as more work remotely

New research reveals that 64 per cent of professionals feel connected to their colleagues, despite working remotely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although stringent social-distancing rules have prohibited staff from working alongside one another in the office since 23rd March, TopCV’s data revealed that just 13 per cent of those surveyed have reported feeling ‘disconnected’ from colleagues. Instead, a surprising 64 per cent reported feeling either ‘connected’ or ‘very connected’ to their co-workers since the shift to homeworking.
19th May 2020 - theHRDIRECTOR

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 19th May 2020

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MPs At Higher Risk Of Covid-19 Could Keep Working From Home

MPs who are vulnerable to Covid-19 are expected to be given special permission to continue to work remotely from parliament once MPs return from their late May break, HuffPost UK has learned. The compromise plan being considered by Commons leader Jacob Rees-Mogg follows strong concerns from Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle that no member of parliament should feel disenfranchised by a return to more traditional working next month. Rees-Mogg is due to update MPs on Wednesday on his intention to end the ‘hybrid’ practice of allowing any member to use Zoom calls and other technology to take part in question times, debates, select committees and even remote voting.
19th May 2020 - Huffington Post UK

Big Tech was first to send workers home. Now it’s in no rush to bring them back.

Tech giants aren’t looking to politicians to set timetables to reopen their offices, telling most staff to work from home at least until next year.
18th May 2020 - The Washington Post

Square announces permanent work-from-home policy

Square employees will be able to work from home even after the COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders end, Jack Dorsey told workers. The indefinite extension of the company’s remote work policy echoes a similar announcement from Twitter last week. Dorsey is CEO of both companies.
18th May 2020 - The Verge

A 4-step guide to thriving in the post-COVID-19 workplace

Even before COVID-19, many workers around the globe lacked key skills - including digital capabilities. Upskilling in preparation for the changes to come post-COVID-19 should be a critical part of response and recovery. There are four steps workers and businesses can take today to prepare for tomorrow: Accelerate the move to platform, transition to digital/virtual work, assess your skillset and expand it as needed, and plan for the future.
18th May 2020 - World Economic Forum

Workers who still have their jobs are happier but working harder: CNBC survey

In the latest Q2 CNBC|SurveyMonkey Workplace Happiness Survey, released Monday, 38% of Americans say they are happier with their job now than they were before the Covid-19 outbreak. The survey findings indicate a correlation between being able to work remotely and a higher employee sentiment. 19% of all workers say they would prefer to work from home forever, but the survey finds more than half of workers say it’s become harder to do their jobs, especially for those in managerial roles.
18th May 2020 - CNBC

How coronavirus is forcing companies to rethink their culture

Fostering a sense of community at work has become more essential than ever before, as companies have shifted to remote work and are responding to the stresses and challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. “We can’t ignore how many people are suffering during this crisis. While we’re in this together, it leaves a little bit of trauma,” says Henry Albrecht, CEO of Limeade, an employee experience software company. “Transparency has to get better, and it's not just transparency of the numbers and the strategy, but transparency about our humanness.”
18th May 2020 - Employee Benefit Adviser

Amex CEO says most employees will work remotely for the year

American Express Co. Chief Executive Steve Squeri said a majority of the company’s employees will work remotely through the end of this year as it seeks to slow the spread of the coronavirus. While the New York-based credit card issuer wants to be prepared to have half of normal staffing at most locations by the end of the year, Squeri doesn’t expect it “to get anywhere near the 50% mark by the end of 2020,” he told employees in a video message Monday. “We’ll be limiting the number of people in elevators and scheduling times for arrivals and departures,” Squeri said in the video. “And facial coverings will be required when you’re entering and moving about the building.”
18th May 2020 - Payments Source

How To Avoid Burnout In The Age Of Remote Work

LinkedIn Career Expert Blair Heitmann offered some advice via email, on how employees can reconcile the demands of this new reality and minimize the chances of burnout.
18th May 2020 - Forbes

Remote working set to stay post coronavirus pandemic

Businesses allowing staff to work from home on a permanent basis, even as lockdowns ease worldwide, calls into question the future of skyscrapers used by multinationals which are seen as symbols of modern capitalism. Major financial districts, such as London's Canary Wharf and La Defense in Paris, remain extremely quiet, even as governments lift restrictions on social distancing and travel by public transport.
18th May 2020 - The Jordan Times

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 18th May 2020

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Remote possibilities: how green spaces and home-working are tempting city dwellers

Will more post-Covid-19 home-buyers look outwards, beyond the world’s cities, to more rural locations? In Britain, estate agents and property website Rightmove have reported a rise in the number of inquiries for out-of-city locations. Roseanne De Vere Hunt, of Sherry FitzGerald Country Homes, says there have been a rise in enquiries
17th May 2020 - The Times

What it’s like to interpret for coronavirus patients remotely

Health care interpreter Helen Sweeney is used to acting as a phone-based go-between for doctors and patients, translating intense discussions about people’s medical care into and out of Russian. Now, many of those conversations are about the novel coronavirus, which has also brought novel challenges to her profession. Sweeney, who works for the remote interpreting service Certified Languages International, says one recent Covid-19 patient was so burdened by a breathing device that he couldn’t speak back in a conversation about the possibility of intubation
16th May 2020 - Vox.com

Brave new work of the covid-19 era

There are profound changes afoot at the workplace, not just in the way it will be redesigned and restructured in the post-covid world but also in the role it will play in our lives. This is a watershed moment—as fundamental to the evolution of the workplace as the invention of the telephone or the dependance on the internet.
16th May 2020 - LiveMint

Coronavirus: Remote working set to stay post Covid-19 pandemic

Jes Staley, chief executive of British bank Barclays, has said the notion of putting 7,000 people in a building may well be a thing of the past. Businesses allowing staff to work from home on a permanent basis, even as lockdowns ease worldwide, calls into question the future of skyscrapers used by multinationals which are seen as symbols of modern capitalism.Financial districts, such as London's Canary Wharf and La Defense in Paris, remain extremely quiet, even as governments lift restrictions on social distancing and travel by public transport. Jes Staley, chief executive of British bank Barclays, said "We will find ways to operate with more distancing over a much longer period of time," he added. French car giant PSA, which makes Peugeot and Citroen vehicles, now sees remote working as a benchmark for tens of thousands of its office-based staff. people in a building may be a thing of the past.
16th May 2020 - Khaleej Times

Even the Pandemic Can't Kill the Open-Plan Office

Even before coronavirus, many workers hated the open-plan office. Now that shared work spaces are a public health risk, employers are rethinking office design.
14th May 2020 - CityLab

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 15th May 2020

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Pass the remote: Tips and tricks for successful home working

Before the UK went into lockdown, charities generally had most staff working in central head office. But in a few short weeks, full-time home working for office staff has become the norm. In fact, plenty of people are already suggesting that the new enforced working-from-home arrangements could usher in a permanent change to workplace environments, as people grow accustomed to their new ways of operating and organisations realise opportunities to cut property costs and boost staff retention.
15th May 2020 - Civil Society Media

How CIOs are promoting well-being of employees working remotely

After helping their IT teams and employees navigate the initial transition to working from home, CIOs are now shifting their roles to focus on employee mental health and well-being initiatives to stay connected and support its distant workforce, according to The Wall Street Journal.
14th May 2020 - Becker's Hospital Review

Regulated industries: it's time to embrace remote working

Regulated industries, such as insurance or wealth management, have been reluctant to embrace flexible working, but now the coronavirus has left them no choice
14th May 2020 - Raconteur

Remote workers clocking up an extra 38 hours a month

People who are working from home due to the coronavirus are clocking up an extra 38 hours per month - the equivalent of an additional working week - new research shows today. The research, commissioned by LinkedIn, also revealed that 56% of respondents said they felt more anxious or stressed about work than before the Covid-19 lockdown was introduced. LinkedIn's research also found that men were more likely to feel anxious and stressed than women, with 61% of men saying they were experiencing these feelings while working from home, compared to 54% of women. The lockdown is also having a greater impact on the stress levels of younger workers, with over 70% of respondents under the age of 24 saying that they feel stressed or anxious as a result of working from home.
14th May 2020 - RTE.ie

Like everyone else, the Supreme Court of Canada will be working remotely — on Zoom

The foreseeable future for the Supreme Court of Canada is virtual, as Chief Justice Richard Wagner told the court’s annual meeting Tuesday with the media. He did so by teleconference. The majestic Supreme Court building is currently closed and hasn’t heard any cases since the pandemic started, but four are scheduled for June — on Zoom.
14th May 2020 - iPolitics.ca

Remote working to become a permanent fixture, says Dell founder

Remote working will become a permanent feature at Dell Technologies, according to CEO Michael Dell. Speaking during a webinar on Tuesday, Dell said he believes remote working sceptics have “probably” been silenced, CRN reported. “I think if you were sceptical about working from home, you probably aren’t now,” said Dell. “And I think we’ve all learned a lot in the last few months here. I think that will flow through and create opportunities.” Besides the well-documented benefits of remote working, such as better work-life balance, Dell also touched on another important “silver lining”: a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions. He suggested long-term adoption of remote working practices could go some way to addressing environmental concerns, due to a decrease in commuter vehicles on the roads.
14th May 2020 - IT Pro Portal

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Twitter Announcement Heralds 'New Normal' of Permanent Remote Work

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic that has caused a huge work-from-home surge, Twitter this week announced it will let some employees work from home "forever" if they choose. Speaking of its early embrace of remote work after the pandemic hit, the company yesterday said: "The past few months have proven we can make that work. So if our employees are in a role and situation that enables them to work from home and they want to continue to do so forever, we will make that happen."
13th May 2020 - Virtualization Review

America's hospitals have embraced remote technology amid COVID-19: Tech

: A doctor controls a robot with a mobile as she talks from distance to a coronavirus patient at the Abderrahmen Mami hospital, the robot was manufactured by a Tunisian company and was donated to the hospital to limit contact between medic staff and infected coronavirus
13th May 2020 - YAHOO!

CIOs Spearhead Well-Being Initiatives to Make Remote Work Less Remote

After deploying the tools to support remote work, IT leaders now see their job as helping manage its impact on a now distant workforce
13th May 2020 - Wall Street Journal

Rise In Remote Work Could Spark A New Suburban Boom

A new survey from Zillow, conducted last week by The Harris Poll, finds 75% of Americans working from home due to COVID-19 say they would prefer to continue that routine at least half the time, if given the option, after the pandemic eases. The rise in sophisticated technology has enabled them to create an environment at home, or practically anywhere for that matter, to be productive.
13th May 2020 - Forbes

66% of Employees Now Working from Home Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

The research shows that out of the 66% working from home, 44% are working remotely five days or more a week. This is a 17% rise compared to before the pandemic. 39% would prefer to work in an office. 40% prefer to work remotely, the survey found. For small businesses, the newfound commitment to remote work and enthusiasm for it among employees, presents opportunities and challenges. With 40% of employees preferring to work from home, businesses may want to offer the option to work from home on a permanent basis.
13th May 2020 - Small Business Trends

Coronavirus Dried Up This Production Company’s Business. Then It Created Remote Shooting Kits

To shoot its music-video cover of Lil Nas X’s hit “Panini” in April, the children’s entertainment brand Kidz Bop Entertainment LLC needed to direct and choreograph young performers in four cities—while navigating the stay-at-home orders of the pandemic. It turned in part to drop-offs of sterilized production equipment organized by Hayden5, a New York-based production company that has turned the idea into a lifeline for its business during lockdown. Revenue on the service, called Drop Kits, and accompanying remote production work has topped $1 million, Hayden5 co-founder Todd Wiseman said. “Virtually none of these new jobs would have come to us without Drop Kits,” Mr. Wiseman said.
13th May 2020 - The Wall Street Journal

How to stay productive and creative while working remotely amid coronavirus lockdown

A new survey from LinkedIn found 54% of Americans say working at home has made them more productive, while 51% also said it increased feelings of loneliness. While trading an office desk for a kitchen table has been a drastic shift for millions under coronavirus lockdowns, LinkedIn editor-in-chief Dan Roth said there are ways to take advantage of tools at home to keep the productivity up and creativity flowing. "The amount of time that we lose trying to get to work and trying to get home from work, that is all time that you can now use answering emails or trying to get through your to-do list, or even dealing with standing around at home," Roth told "CBS This Morning" co-host Tony Dokoupil.
13th May 2020 - CBS News

Coronavirus has lifted the work-from-home stigma. How will that shape the future?

On Tuesday, Twitter told its employees that many of them will be allowed to work from home in perpetuity, even after the pandemic ends. The move signaled a growing shift in attitudes in certain industries toward remote working — a change that could have lasting implications. Gallup data from the end of April showed that 63 percent of U.S. employees said they had worked from home in the past seven days because of coronavirus concerns, a number that had doubled from 31 percent three weeks before.
13th May 2020 - NBCNews.com

Remote work is good for business, and the world

The success of remote work is no coincidence. Studies have shown that when it is done right, remote work can improve employee productivity, creativity and morale. It has also been established that remote work leads workers to take fewer sick days and less vacation time, resulting in more workdays overall. Moreover, it can save businesses thousands of dollars a month per employee in office and other expenses.
13th May 2020 - Al Jazeera English

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The New Normal Isn’t Remote Work. It’s Better.

Based on a recent report from Gartner, it looks like many workers will continue to have the option to work from home permanently. Even amidst a global crisis, employees are reporting greater productivity and higher job satisfaction, which is translating into enormous profitability for their employers. By permitting offsite work, the businesses then get to access even more overhead savings, like lower real estate, equipment, and supply expenses. Global Workplace Analytics reports an average savings of $11,000 per part-time role that is converted from physical to virtual. With such incredible corporate and interpersonal rewards at stake, it’s easy to see why remote work may be the foundation of the future of work.
12th May 2020 - Forbes

Twitter says it will allow employees to work from home 'forever'

Social media giant Twitter announced Tuesday that it plans to let all employees who wish to work from home do so for the foreseeable future, even after its offices reopen in a post-pandemic world. "Twitter was one of the first companies to go to a WFH [work from home] model in the face of COVID-19, but we don’t anticipate being one of the first to return to offices," the company said in a statement.
12th May 2020 - ABC News

Manhattan Faces a Reckoning if Working From Home Becomes the Norm

Even after the crisis eases, companies may let workers stay home. That would affect an entire ecosystem, from transit to restaurants to shops. Not to mention the tax base.
12th May 2020 - The New York Times

Nine out of ten people want the option of working from home

Nine out of ten people want the option of working from home at least once a week after Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. In the UK, those who can work from home are currently being encouraged to do so as part of lockdown measures. According to CloudPro, Google and Facebook have extended their work from home for the rest of the year, with their workforces having the option to continue working remotely despite lockdown restrictions being lifted in parts of the US. This is according to a survey by OnePoll, commissioned by cybersecurity PR agency Eskenzi PR, examining the general sentiment towards remote working. The survey found that a third of workers would like to continue working from home every day or four days a week. 35% said that an ideal scenario would be to work from home for hald the week.
12th May 2020 - Verdict

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Coronavirus in Ireland: Four in five want to keep working from home

More than four out of five workers want to continue to do their jobs from home after the lockdown but only one in eight want to avoid the office entirely, according to a survey. Eighty-three per cent want to continue to work remotely after the Covid-19 crisis but just 12 per cent said they wanted to do so every day, the Whitaker Institute at NUI Galway and the Western Development Commission found. Their online survey was completed by 7,241 workers this month and last. The most frequently cited difficulties of working from home included: not being able to switch off from work; that it was harder to communicate and collaborate with colleagues; and poor physical workspace. Juggling childcare and work was also a problem.
12th May 2020 - The Times

Companies are dropping big hints about the 'new normal' once coronavirus lockdowns end

From cashless transactions, to smaller office footprints with fewer on-site workers, to cleaner hotels and less crowded casinos (alas, with no buffets), the post-lockdown era will be characterized by changes to public life that will be both subtle and dramatic. “To be honest I think we’re going to be seeing structural changes within the U.S. economy, and other economies around the world as well, because this has opened up new opportunities too,” ING Chief International Economist James Knightly told Yahoo Finance in a recent interview.
12th May 2020 - YAHOO!

Working from home is here to stay, even when the economy reopens

Companies in technology, financial services and insurance have invested in remote work tools, and there’s no indication they’ll be returning to the old way of doing business. The first batch of employees to return to the office will be the ones who are itching to get back, but even that won’t start happening for weeks or months. “We’re going to see this come back more slowly than you might have expected,” said Liz Fealy, who runs the global workforce advisory group at EY.
11th May 2020 - CNBC

Coronavirus: What should my employer do to keep me safe?

The government has issued new guidance on how different workplaces should be made safe for staff during the coronavirus pandemic. This follows the prime minister's announcement that those who could not work from home should be "actively encouraged to go to work" in England. Several key points must be followed, such as maintaining a 2m (6ft) distance wherever possible, cleaning more frequently and carrying out a risk assessment. But many employees are still worried about what will change in the workplace.
11th May 2020 - BBC News

Workplaces will not be the same again when employees return from coronavirus lockdowns

As authorities around the world begin to cautiously ease lockdowns that were put in place to stem the spread of the coronavirus, expect the office to look like a very different place, according to multiple experts that spoke to CNBC. “The office will not go away, but the need of the office space may reduce,” said Carol Wong, director and head of workplace delivery for Asia Pacific at global commercial real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield.
11th May 2020 - CNBC

Survey Shows Employees Want To Keep Working From Home

A survey by a Carlsbad-based consulting company says more than three-quarters of respondents want to keep working from home at least some of the time after the pandemic quarantine is over. Only six percent said they would not want to work from home in the future. Kate Lister, president of Global Workplace Analytics, said a key to operating a successful work-from-home program is trust. She said managers who have worked from home are more likely to trust that employees are being productive when working remotely.
11th May 2020 - KPBS

'We cannot afford another lockdown': Italy's cautious return to work

KPMG Italy has completely reviewed the layout of its offices to allow social distancing. And Latorre says the capacity of its Milan base is down to 35-40 per cent on pre-crisis levels. Staff are required to undergo a temperature scan when they enter the building. Masks and gloves are also mandatory – apart from when workers are sitting at their desks. Common areas are shut, with staff asked to bring food from home. And lifts are limited to two occupants with workers encouraged to use the stairs. Non-partners need permission from a partner to come into the office to ensure there is enough space for effective social distancing.
11th May 2020 - City A.M.

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Coronavirus: How to set yourself a routine when working from home

Setting yourself a routine doesn’t mean starting work at 9am and finishing at 5pm. Everyone works differently and there’s no ‘right’ way of doing it – unless you have set hours, of course. Depending on your working arrangement, your hours might already be set by your employer or client. If it’s not, however, make it a priority to do this yourself. If you’re a morning person, set your alarm early and get started when you are at your most productive. Another idea is to split your working hours into two blocks, which can work well for parents who are working and caring for small children. This might mean you work for four hours in the morning, before taking a longer break and then putting in an additional few hours in the afternoon or evening.
10th May 2020 - Yahoo Finance UK

Work after coronavirus: how will it change when the lockdown is over?

This is the first in our series on Life after lockdown, which looks at how the Covid-19 pandemic could change Australia for good
7th May 2020 - The Guardian

Coronavirus: Facebook and Google extend working from home to 2021

Tech giants Facebook (FB) and Google (GOOG) have told employees they do not have to return to work in the office until 2021. The moves mean employees can continue working from home for the rest of the year amid worries from staff over safety about returning to the office during the coronavirus pandemic. A spokesman for Facebook said: “Facebook has taken the next step in its return to work philosophy. Today, we announced anyone who can do their work remotely can choose to do so through the end of the year. “As you can imagine this is an evolving situation as employees and their families make important decisions about returning to work.”
9th May 2020 - YAHOO!

Working from home DOES increase productivity, according to a survey

Millions of Americans are working from home amid the coronavirus pandemic. A survey found that many have reported being more productive since the shift. Those who feel isolated or rely on others to do their work are less productive
8th May 2020 - Daily Mail

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Facebook and Google extend work from home to year end

Facebook and Google have said they will let employees continue working from home for the rest of the year. The tech giants have announced plans to reopen their offices soon but are allowing more home working flexibility. Google originally said it would keep its work from home policy until 1 June, but is extending it for more remote working. Facebook said it would reopen its offices on 6 July as coronavirus lockdowns are gradually lifted.
8th May 2020 - BBC News

Coronavirus: Working from home is here to stay - and it might do us all good

For many people the chance to work from home has allowed them to skip the commute, have more family time and be more productive. Jo Wimble-Groves, award-winning entrepreneur, writer and Guilty Mother blogger, says we should all embrace a bit more flexibility.
8th May 2020 - Sky News

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How businesses can effectively empower remote working

Compelling benefits but watch for traps...A study by the Harvard Business Review compared two groups over a nine-month period - one group worked in the office, meanwhile, another group worked from home. The group working from home completed an average of 13.5% more calls, recorded significantly fewer sick leave and helped their companies save on office space setup, furniture and equipment.
7th May 2020 - EJ Insight

What Working From Home Is Really Like: Research on Remote Work and Telecommuting

In this project, we set out to explore what working from home is really like. To do so, we contrasted the experiences of over 1,000 workers in three categories: full-time remote employees, those who split work time between their home and the office, and professionals who work in the office exclusively. Our survey data reveal the perks and problems remote workers encounter and compare their experiences to that of their office counterparts. Whether you already work remotely or simply envy those who do, you won’t want to miss this true view of working from home.
6th May 2020 - Work at Home

Best Employers share advice for how to make working from home under the coronavirus lockdown really pay off

Before Covid-19 forced business to move to remote working, one of the big issues with working from home centred on trust and productivity: would staff really put in the hours? Could the work really be up to standard? “It’s proved to be a non-issue,” says Lynn Walters of recruitment specialists Pure. “Most people are giving more than is expected. The companies we work with are seeing productivity and efficiency rising.”
6th May 2020 - Eastern Daily Press

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'There is no one size fits all approach to remote working'

For many organisations, remote and distributed working is a new muscle that they’re just starting to develop. And building a new muscle isn’t easy, especially in times of crisis, according to Julien Codorniou, VP, Workplace from Facebook. “A key part of managing a distributed workforce is understanding there is no one size fits all approach to remote working,” said Codorniou. As individuals, we have different working preferences, habits and personal demands. However, often trying to enforce mandatory ways of working just won’t work in the long-term. One of the best things a manager can do right now is to check in with their direct reports to understand their communication preferences and the support they need as they transition to remote work.
6th May 2020 - Human Resources Director

The New Normal: Remote Work Reshapes Technology

The new work-from-home environment sparked by shelter in place requirements to contain COVID-19 is impacting information technology and the related communication services sector in three primary areas: consumer, enterprise etc Consumers are shifting from less data intensive and mobile experiences to more data intensive and residential experiences, which should drive growth in gaming and a push by service providers to better services. Enterprises are seeing a larger move toward public cloud services and embracing software that optimizes productivity in remote work environments.
5th May 2020 - Seeking Alpha

'We're helping customers with the new reality of remote working'

Jason Ward of Dell Technologies discusses leading a remote team, helping customers adapt to working from home, and underestimating the impact of a pandemic.
5th May 2020 - Siliconrepublic.com

Accelerating Remote-Working Adoption - tips

A complete overhaul of your workforce, especially when unplanned, can feel like an overwhelming task. From tech logistics, to morale, to day-to-day activities, there are a myriad of things to navigate that will make or break productivity in these trying times. To help organisations hasten and smoothen their transition to remote-working, the following steps to accelerate their timeline can be considered.
5th May 2020 - The Fast Mode

Lessons Managers Can Learn While Teams Are Working Remotely

The COVID-19 outbreak has risen, among others, one very important and interesting question: Can remote work be effective? Thousands, if not millions, of companies had to send all or almost all of their employees home and start adjusting to this new way of working. But for many, the current situation looks like a perfect opportunity to learn. Managers can carry very important lessons out of this unusual experience. What can managers and CEOs learn while the teams are working remotely
5th May 2020 - Forbes

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 5th May 2020

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How Remote Working Is Reshaping A Future New World Of Work

Under these conditions, business leaders had to consider more personal issues than ever to accommodate parents who are homeschooling and providing the tech equipment for teleworking. As a result of these accommodations, attitudes and habits have changed, and things will never be the same. Experts predict we won’t go back to “normal.” We will go back to “a new normal,” and that’s not all bad, according to many sources who cite the unexpected benefits of WFH. But what will that look like?
4th May 2020 - Forbes

Work From Home Is Here to Stay

Are you still working, doo-doo?” This is the interruption that the Stanford University economist Nick Bloom hears several times a day as his 4-year-old daughter runs into his office and summons him to play by using his nickname. It’s just one of the myriad challenges that Bloom says makes working from home less than ideal at the moment. (Another challenge is his two oldest kids’ in-house bagpipe lessons, spurred by Bloom’s Scottish wife.)
4th May 2020 - The Atlantic

Coronavirus Will Incentivise Companies To Adopt Remote Working

During these times of transition, companies need to offer things that people can use and take firm grasp of immediately. For us, that meant focusing on webinars and how to help customers connect to colleagues and their clients – all at once, if need be – and put a human touch to their communications. Also, it meant reconfiguring messaging and education so people can effectively use the tools at their disposal. And informing people at all levels on how to create an automated workflow and tie together a landing page, a marketing email, a Facebook ad and a webinar – whether for the first time or as someone just going about it a different way.
4th May 2020 - Gigabit Magazine

Career Services guiding students through world of remote work

Career Services has also created a new COVID-19-specific website to provide links to information, services, and strategies to support students who are looking for remote work or who are currently working remotely. The website also provides tips about how to stay connected with colleagues, how to develop useful skills, how to stay healthy while working remotely, and links to Queen’s Human Resources and IT guidance.
4th May 2020 - Queen's Journal

Even the Supreme Court is working remotely

The first U.S. Supreme Court arguments conducted by teleconference played out smoothly on Monday, with even the typically silent Justice Clarence Thomas joining the fray.
4th May 2020 - Reuters

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 4th May 2020

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Does Remote Work Mix with Organizational Culture?

The pros and cons of working remotely have been hashed over repeatedly. Consulting organizations have found that policies permitting consultants to live anywhere have been effective ways of recruiting talent. However, while these people may live anywhere, they carry out most of their work in teams on the road. My concern is the impact on an organization's culture that a significant increase in work from home may have, particularly where the culture is thought by management to be one of the organization's strengths.
1st May 2020 - Harvard Business School Working Knowledge

How to make remote working run smoothly for employers and employees

Just over a week ago, Bill Michael, chairman of KPMG in the UK who is recovering from Covid-19, wrote to the firm’s employees telling them they faced “a huge paradigm shift in the way we live and work”. In the absence of a vaccine Mitchell says, “there is no ‘exit’ or a return to normal”, and this “will necessarily be a time of trial and error on an unprecedented scale”. Many managers are now experiencing the “trial and error” of trying to run dispersed teams without the normal structures that keep employees anchored, managers focused and workplaces running smoothly.
1st May 2020 - The Irish Times

Majority of business owners say remote working is the future

Office workers appear to have handled the transition to remote working remarkably well - with many not even remotely thrown off-balance. In fact, more than half are reportedly more productive than before lockdown measures were introduced. This is according to a new report from virtual agency and consultant firm Hoxby, which states the results represent “welcome news”, with lockdown measures likely to be extended. More than two thirds of office workers expect some form of remote work to continue for at least three months longer, and 59 percent wouldn’t be surprised if measures remained in place for another six months. Almost two thirds (58 percent) reported enjoying the experience, mainly due to increased autonomy, and less than a fifth (19 percent) said they preferred the office
1st May 2020 - IT Pro Portal

Managing FOMO While Working Remotely

So many professionals across the US has adopted WFH -- work from home -- as a response to the pandemic. But working remotely has opened the potential for social media trend Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) to take place in a business environment. IT teams can play a vital role to manage FOMO and keep organizations moving while adapting to this isolating way of working.
1st May 2020 - Information Week

Keeping your company culture whilst working remotely and the impact on the future

One way to break the feeling of isolation is simply to increase engagement with employees. Making employees feel like they are still involved via company-wide updates that aren’t just business focused is crucial to keeping your workplace culture. Ask colleagues about their WFH set up and meet people’s pets virtually. To this point, fully embrace video calls where possible – it’s always nice to see someone’s face. It’s also really important to have one-on-one check ins too, reach out to your colleagues, check in with them, find out how their day is going. Just knowing someone is there makes it easier for people to stay positive.
1st May 2020 - HR News

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 1st May 2020

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Workforce Management What COVID-19 Has Revealed About Working Remotely Use these three insights to improve

Deloitte made the pivot as well. For the roughly 11,000 professionals in our audit and assurance business, remote work suddenly became a consistent reality. The COVID-19 crisis in the United States broke just as year-end audits were wrapping up and first-quarter filers were about to begin. But we did it largely due to more than a decade of investments in our organization’s digital transformation. Through the current crisis, we realized three important insights that may help other businesses navigate the brave new world of scaled digital working.
30th Apr 2020 - CFO

Will working remotely change how we communicate?

Whether you’re conducting an internal meeting with fellow remote employees or with clients in multiple locations, we have all been answering this for the past month as the shape of the workplace has continued to evolve and previously existing social and business norms have been replaced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
30th Apr 2020 - Retail Wire

Telework: an opportunity to reduce inequality with regard to those with disabilities

The forced pattern of remote working is an opportunity to plan for a more egalitarian and more inclusive working network for people with disabilities and able-bodied people.
30th Apr 2020 - Liberation

Why Higher Remote Working Rates Should Be One Of The Things We Keep After The COVID-19 Crisis [Infographic]

One key trend has emerged in the background and it has been largely overlooked - namely the swift and efficient transition most office workers made in order to do their jobs from home. That has to be one of the key changes society keeps and indeed embraces in the post-COVID-19 world and these are the reasons why.
30th Apr 2020 - Forbes

60% of People Have Better Mental Health Working Remote

Aside from advantages to their mental health, many respondents also shared improvements in physical health now that they’re working remote. 40% said that their diet had improved, and 44% claimed to be engaging in more exercise. The impact that remote working has on an employee’s life is often closely linked to the size of the business they work for. Aside from freelancers, the study found that people in large companies had the best outcomes (55%), followed by those in mid-sized (46%) and then small companies (43%).
30th Apr 2020 - UC Today

Businesses advised to train employees to spot signs of poor mental health whilst working remotely

Companies across the UK are being urged to train employees to spot the warning signs of pooCompanies across the UK are being urged to train employees to spot the warning signs of poor mental health and risk whilst working remotely.
30th Apr 2020 - UK Human Resources News

'The Voice' Goes Remote — and Live — for Final Rounds

NBC has mapped out how to finish the current season of The Voice with all participants filming remotely during the coronavirus pandemic — including live results shows. Similar to ABC's American Idol, the final rounds of the NBC singing competition will feature the remaining contestants doing pretaped performances from their homes and judges Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, John Legend and Blake Shelton conferencing in from theirs. Carson Daly will host from The Voice's empty studio, in front of the red swivel chairs, working with a skeleton crew that will abide by social distancing protocols — a relative handful of crewmembers will be spread across two large soundstages.
30th Apr 2020 - The Hollywood Reporter

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 30th Apr 2020

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The Keys to Making Agile Work in the New “Remote Office”

One of Arce’s clients, a Colombian company that did not have any work-at-home schemes before the pandemic, has improved its processes in this context. “In one week, they developed the tools and the processes to work from home. Also, since this is a company new to agile, they have actually become more organized with digital tools in a remote environment than with the physical ones. Particularly because in their office environments, they had many distractions, and very distracting bosses, so concentration was hard there,” Arce said.
29th Apr 2020 - Nearshore Americas

View from India: Pandemic boosts remote-working tools

Government of India (GoI) has extended the work from home option for the IT-BPO sector until 31 July 2020, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Union Minister for Communications, Electronics and Information Technology, told state governments in a video conference.
29th Apr 2020 - IET

13 ways the coronavirus pandemic could forever change the way we work

Amid stay-at-home orders across the country, office workers have ditched their daily commutes to work from dining room tables, couches and beds in their own homes. Many may find themselves in this situation for the long haul, as businesses struggle to find a path forward while restrictions slowly lift. But what other changes will we see in the coming months and years? CNBC Make It spoke to futurists, employment experts, CEOs, designers and more to find out how the pandemic could forever transform the way we work.
29th Apr 2020 - CNBC

Our entire workforce in India is working remotely: Dell India MD

In an interview with Mint, Alok Ohrie, president and managing director, Dell Technologies India talks about key customer challenges and concerns, the increased demand for remote work solutions, and how they have enabled Working From Home for all employees
29th Apr 2020 - LiveMint

How to Make the Most of the Move to Remote Working

The coronavirus pandemic has meant businesses across the UK have had to rapidly embrace remote working. The scale and speed that businesses have had to adapt to employees working from home has meant a steep learning curve for many small business owners. So what has the process taught us, and how can business owners make the most of the shift to remote working? Hugo Tilmouth, CEO of ChargedUp, shares his experiences and the lessons he has learned.
29th Apr 2020 - Bytestart

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 29th Apr 2020

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Remote working: How to keep your team happy in lockdown

With new technologies and adjustments to a more virtual workplace, they can also look at how they can flex their communication style to accommodate different people, balancing email, phone and video to include as many options and preferences as possible. More broadly, as businesses review priorities, leaders must make sure they don’t lose sight of the diversity and inclusion agenda. Not only is creating a culture of belonging embedded in D&I policies, seeing tangible action and movement towards diversity goals is critical to showing your people that you have a genuine commitment to inclusion and equal opportunity in the workplace.
28th Apr 2020 - City A.M.

5 Tips to Maintain Great Team Communication While Working Remotely

Many employees find it hard to adjust to a work-from-home setting when they’ve spent years working in an office. Fortunately, there are VoIP phone handsets and other systems in the UK and everywhere else in the world to maintain communication between employees even while working remotely. However, having the technology is not enough. How can you, as a manager, help maintain effective communication within your team while working remotely?
28th Apr 2020 - Student Assembly of the State University of New York

Remote teams: How to build a culture of accountability

As remote work becomes the new normal, some leaders are struggling to manage their teams. It boils down to trust and accountability: Consider this advice on communication, tools, and success metrics
28th Apr 2020 - The Enterprisers Project

Almost 40% of Russians believe that working remotely is more effective, study says

"More than half (58%) said that office work was more efficient. Over a third (38%) of those polled said they could work productively from home," the study said. According to a survey conducted in April among almost 6,000 Russians over 16 years of age, the vast majority of office workers (80%) are sure of the need to work remotely. More than half of the respondents (55%) after the outbreak of a pandemic received advice from management to work from home. Many did so: 84% of respondents confirmed that they switched to working from home.
28th Apr 2020 - TASS

How to Adjust to Working Remotely

According to a study from Global Workplace Analytics, 95% of employers found that allowing telecommuting increased employee retention rates. Many employers argue that the work from home structure is effective, streamlined and supportive. It allows for more flexibility with how they juggle their personal lives and professional careers. If you’re new to the remote life, you may have a few questions on tips and tools you could use to help make your remote work environment more efficient. To help you adjust to working from your couch, we’re here to help. Here are some important things to consider.
28th Apr 2020 - The Future of Things

Remote Working: How Do You Continue Bringing Your A-Game?

Working from home can be a big change if you haven't extensively done it before. But if you're mindful about your approach, you can be happy, productive and very successful.
28th Apr 2020 - Entrepreneur

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 28th Apr 2020

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How To Keep Staff Motivated Long Term While Remote Working

How do you continue to drive engagement and motivation throughout your remote working staff during this time of crisis? Luckily, there are companies out there, such as Amazon and VIPKID that have been at it for years, mastering employee motivation in remote working. So, if you’re wondering how you can do that on your own, we’ve compiled a list of great ideas for you to try out.
27th Apr 2020 - The Global Recruiter Magazine

COVID-19: top three tech tips to navigate remote working | Technology

With remote working becoming the new norm for companies of all sizes due to the spread of COVID-19 impacting organisations all over the world, Nick Offin, Head of Sales, Marketing and Operations, dynabook Northern Europe has seen a significant rise in remote workers, with many companies having to make transitions in order to support an almost entirely remote workforce. However, Offin highlights that the rise in remote working doesn’t come without obstacles, particularly for startups with limited budgets and team members.
27th Apr 2020 - Business Chief Europe

Darlington College gets £150k in Government funding to help teachers work remotely

A north-east college has been given £150,000 as part of a programme to train teachers to make the most of technology to help them teach children at home. Darlington College is one of 20 providers in England to get the Government funding to train teachers how to access and use Google and Microsoft’s education platforms so students can be taught effectively at home.
27th Apr 2020 - The Northern Echo

A TV studio CEO who works with Netflix and Disney describes how she's adapted her 1,000-person company to remote work and doubled down on animation to avoid layoffs

Twiner McCarron said Thunderbird's IT team began urging the company, around February 15, to prepare for the possibility that its 1,000-person workforce might have to work remotely, rather than out of its offices in Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, Los Angeles, and London. The IT team had been watching the trends in Asia and knew much of Thunderbird's animation work could be done remotely, as long as its employees were properly set up to work from home. Twiner McCarron told the team to put together a business case for what would need to done. By late February, the plan was in motion.
27th Apr 2020 - Business Insider on MSN.com

Remote control: how to make a success of home-working – Government & civil service news

Calling on experts in psychology, technology and organisational dynamics, we present advice on how civil servants at every level can develop the skills, networks and working methods to find success and satisfaction in this new world of work.
27th Apr 2020 - Global Government Forum

How COVID-19 Will Change our Perspective on Working Remotely

Adjusting to remote working is different for everybody, and it’s important that leaders work to ensure that physical remoteness doesn’t lead to emotional distance. Managers should encourage employees to be open with their struggles and challenges. Employees need to know that it’s okay to feel upset by a rapidly changed situation. Similarly, managers should be prepared to give a higher level of reassurance, guidance and support to team members, since working remotely suits some personalities better than others. By losing much of the social element of working in the same space, teams should continue to connect personally as well as professionally. With some tweaks, the usual quizzes, team lunches and Friday drinks can be transferred to the digital world to maintain morale and the sense of connection.
27th Apr 2020 - The HR Director Magazine

Picking the right route to working from home

A corporate policy that allows the use of split tunnelling can conserve data centre bandwidth and enable continued use of bandwidth-intensive applications. Explicitly selecting corporate traffic to route through a company’s data centre leaves internet traffic on the internet and bandwidth bottlenecks are alleviated. This approach also improves the user experience for employees who may not have high-speed broadband at home, by sending traffic along the most direct path possible.
27th Apr 2020 - E&T Magazine

The New Rules For Remote Work: Pandemic Edition

We asked Harvard Business School professors to provide practical advice for managing large-scale, long-term remote work at a time when many employees are not only distracted by the commotion in their homes, but are shaken by the crisis unfolding outside their doors.
27th Apr 2020 - Forbes

How to Support Your Remote Employees

Transparency and communication have evolved to include frequent check-ins from leaders to get a pulse on how employees and their families are doing, and what they might need. Team members are given greater flexibility to work on a schedule that suits them best. Company-wide meetings are regularly scheduled to give business updates. Team members are urged to exercise via digital workouts and yoga sessions that break up long meetings. Some companies had a semi-remote infrastructure place for some time, so adjusting operations wasn’t a major concern for them; instead, they invested their energy into perfecting remote culture.
27th Apr 2020 - Built In Chicago

More than 40% of employees working longer hours from home, survey finds

Over four in ten employees working from home are working longer hours than they would in a standard working day, a survey has found. Some 90% of workers are now based at their homes since the coronavirus restrictions came into place to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. According to the research carried out by recruitment platform, IrishJobs.ie, of those working longer hours, 21% say they cannot switch off from work, 12% feel that they are working less efficiently and 11% claim to have a heavier workload than usual.
28th Apr 2020 - ITV

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 27th Apr 2020

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Tell us: what does your work-from-home setup really look like?

By now, those of us who are working remotely have become used to seeing snippets of our coworkers’ homes. But the conference call “you” might not show the whole picture, as a widely shared tweet from diplomat Ohad Zemet demonstrates.
27th Apr 2020 - The Guardian

How to help your employees feel successful while remote working

One of the most important changes in how we define success has to do with interpersonal skills. The loudest person in the room, the one who speaks up the most at the corporate office and who makes the most noise is no longer perceived as successful. Zoom and Skype have leveled the playing field for all of us because talking more than anyone else can get you muted. Dominating a conversation in a video chat now looks far worse than it has before.
14th Apr 2020 - TechRadar

A remote working world

As remote working continues to become the norm, this means that businesses have more and more employees working from different cities, and sometimes also different countries – this could result in certain tax implications which need to be looked into.
18th Apr 2020 - Times of Malta

6 Proven Business Benefits of Remote Work

If you are considering extending telework options into the future, these six proven business benefits of remote work could positively influence your decision and inspire a modern retooling of your current practices:
24th Apr 2020 - CMSWire

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 24th Apr 2020

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How to replace small talk when working remotely

When we’re all working from home, however, it’s not possible to bump into someone and engage in a quick chat. But this sort of small talk is still essential. You can re-create the rapport-building conversation with colleagues in a few different ways:
23rd Apr 2020 - Fast Company

Brazilian public sector workers positive about remote working

Brazilian public sector workers see remote working positively despite it being a novelty for most of them, according to research. Most departments are adopting the home office approach during the COVID-19 outbreak, and 66% had never worked remotely before the pandemic, according to the survey carried out by Brazilian govtech WeGov and software development firm Softplan. Of the government workers surveyed, 72% said they are happy about the new working arrangements. According to the survey, the results demonstrate decision-makers should consider the upsides of operating remotely.
23rd Apr 2020 - ZDNet

Coronavirus: Remote workers air long-term productivity concerns over home-working tech

More than a third (38%) of the UK’s remote workers claim their home-working tech setups need to be urgently revamped to ensure they can remain productive throughout the duration of the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak.
23rd Apr 2020 - Computer Weekly

Three Warning Signs That Your Remote Employees Are Starting To Crack Under The Stress Of Working From Home

As people have settled into a routine, as the panic over remote working logistics have decreased, we can now see troubling signs of the emotional pressures facing employees working from home. How can you tell if your team is cracking under the stress of working from home? Here are three warning signs:
23rd Apr 2020 - Forbes

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 23rd Apr 2020

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How different generations approach remote work during COVID-19

TechRepublic writers discuss the challenges surrounding remote work and how to make remote work easier during the coronavirus quarantine.
22nd Apr 2020 - TechRepublic

Coronavirus: Can working remotely be sustained after lockdown?

When President Muhammadu Buhari on March 29, ordered lockdown of activities in the Federal Capital Territory, Lagos and Ogun states, to check the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), it was imperative that workers of many organisations, public and private would work remotely. Even before the lockdown ordered by Buhari, many states had done the same in order to check the spread of the COVID-19. Mr Jide Awe, the Managing Director, Jidaw Systems and an Information Communication Technology expert, said that remote working is universally embraced because of its flexibility.
22nd Apr 2020 - Pulse Nigeria

Survey says people are happy working remotely, but worried about finances

A new survey from the National Recruitment Federation looked at how people in Ireland are experiencing working from home. As physical distancing measures continue in Ireland, a new survey from the National Recruitment Federation (NRF) found that, out of 512 respondents, many are feeling happier while working from home but are also concerned about their finances.
22nd Apr 2020 - Silicon Republic

Legal's Biggest Challenge With Remote Work Isn't Tech. It's Mental Health | Legaltech News

A new survey conducted by Loeb Leadership found that from an IT stance, the sudden move to working remotely has gone relatively smoothly for many lawyers. But it's also created new stresses and demands for soft skills crucial to operating virtually.
22nd Apr 2020 - Law.com

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 22nd Apr 2020

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Working remotely, Russian-style: Ballet practice at home

Russians from many walks of life, including Bolshoi Ballet dancers, musicians and a mixed martial arts trainer, are struggling to adapt to self-isolation because of the coronavirus outbreak. Principal dancers Maria Alexandrova and Vladislav Lantratov are rehearsing their parts online. Regular training is essential for the profession that that requires daily practice. Bolshoi orchestra concert master Boris Lifanovsky also spends hours rehearsing his cello parts at home.
21st Apr 2020 - WGME

Coronavirus: MPs approve new working arrangements as Commons returns

The House of Commons has returned in "exceptional and unprecedented" circumstances, the Speaker says. Sir Lindsay Hoyle opened the first day back since the Easter recess amid the coronavirus crisis. A "hybrid" Parliament - with some MPs in the chamber and others connected via video link - will begin on Wednesday after MPs approved the plan. Leader of the House, Jacob Rees-Mogg, said the Commons could not let "perfect be the enemy of the good". Under the motion agreed by MPs, up to 50 MPs will be allowed inside the chamber, sitting apart from each other in line with social distancing guidelines.
21st Apr 2020 - BBC News

House leader Hoyer recommends remote work, amid coronavirus

A top U.S. House of Representatives Democrat recommended measures on Tuesday to allow members to vote and do committee work remotely, even when they are back in Washington, to comply with social distancing guidelines to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. House Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer wrote to the leaders of the House Rules and Administration committees urging them to update congressional rules to allow votes using videoconferencing technology.
21st Apr 2020 - Reuters

Staying home: Job analysts expect remote work opportunities to increase after coronavirus subsides

"Remote work has been a growing trend in the workforce in recent years. However, until now, it has not been widely adopted. The COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent social isolation measures have caused companies to explore remote work options and implement collaborative tools in an attempt to sustain business through the crisis," says Rick Gibbs, a performance specialist with Insperity, a human-resource solutions firm based in Houston, Texas. "As the number of remote workers increases and teams prove they can maintain productivity outside the office, some employers may consider remote work as a permanent solution."
21st Apr 2020 - Chicago Tribune

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 21st Apr 2020

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Top working from home tips from around the world

With challenges like sharing workspaces and managing mental health, working from home during a pandemic is uncharted territory. Here are your best tips for maintaining productivity – and sanity.
20th Apr 2020 - BBC News

US farm rents out miniature donkey to crash video calls

A miniature donkey named Mambo is getting some online love in North Carolina, where a farm is getting in on the idea of having animals spice up tedious virtual meetings during the coronavirus pandemic. Peace N Peas Farm will rent Mambo, the eight-year-old miniature donkey, and his friends to crash company conference calls, The Charlotte Observer reported. This camera crowding donkey is “like a pesky little brother” that “doesn’t let anyone relax too long,” Francie Dunlap, Mambo’s owner, said. Companies can choose other farm animals they want to invite as guests on their video calls.
20th Apr 2020 - The Irish News

Why working remotely feels so jarring – according to philosophy

Perhaps the lessons of COVID-19 may lead us to preserve some forms of work against the tide of technological progress. The internet allows us a great degree of connectivity, but it simply cannot satisfy all of the complex and diverse ways in which we express our social nature through working with others. Even if we replace productivity with robots, or compensation with a basic income, work is still valuable as a shared activity through which we exercise our most basic human needs for connection
21st Apr 2020 - The Conversation UK

Rwandan bankers adopt virtual classes to avoid course interruption

Rwandan Bankers’ Association has turned to virtual classes to ensure the continuance of ongoing basic training course for bankers under the Rwanda Academy of Finance, an initiative involved in training different staff levels in the financial sector to acquaint them with international competencies
21st Apr 2020 - The New Times

9 Secrets to Stay Visible When You Work Remotely

How do I stay top of mind and provide value when I’m working remotely? It’s a great question. Not being physically present with your team and senior leaders has its consequences. It means you have to be more intentional about putting yourself out there, promoting your achievements, and sharing what your team is doing with the rest of the company.
20th Apr 2020 - Forbes

It is critical to overcome the challenges of remote working to push a virtual Parliament over the line

Whilst MPs may be subject to the same social distancing measures as the rest of the UK, Parliament has a vital role to play in the coronavirus pandemic. During a time of major social and economic pressure, passing emergency laws, scrutinising the Government and representing constituents is absolutely essential to both the nation’s response and to safeguarding democracy. Facilitating these key roles whilst minimising risk to health has presented a unique challenge for House authorities.
20th Apr 2020 - Politics Home

Blog: The remote work phenomenon: How virtual employment is shaping a new future for parents

Remote work makes it very possible to achieve the perfect balance between career and quality time with the kids. It’s also a tremendous benefit to employers as well. As mentioned, the economy is driven by small business. Often, small businesses experience the growing pains of needing to hire, but lack the funds to create the space needed for that growth to happen. This is right where remote work comes in handy. Statistics provided through Global Workplace Analytics (GWA) have shown cost savings to businesses of up to $11,000 per employee each year by simply allowing remote work. There’s also a cost-savings due to fewer sick days with remote employees versus in-office ones as well.
20th Apr 2020 - People Matters

Can remote working rejuvenate rural Ireland?

The building of digital hubs in community centres and the future prospect of working from home could help rejuvenate rural communities. That’s according to a UCC technology expert and a county councillor, who has been campaigning for several years to regenerate rural Ireland. Bernard Moynihan has consistently argued more has to be done by the Government to help some communities, especially in western Duhallow which has seen villages like Knocknagree hanging on by its fingernails due to depopulation.
20th Apr 2020 - Irish Examiner

Top tips on how to remain motivated in the new normal of working remotely

The global pandemic has meant many companies are implementing mandatory work from home policies. Karla Pearce, Senior Marketing Manager Europe, Cvent Hospitality Cloud gives her top tips on how to remain motivated in the new normal of working remotely.
20th Apr 2020 - ITCM

How Cancer Research UK’s workforce became fully remote

While many of our researchers have volunteered to return to the front line and support the COVID-19 response, we hear from our Chief Information Officer, Tiffany Hall, about how new technology and shifting to more adaptive, collaborative and flexible ways of working last year have allowed our office-based staff to continue their important work during lockdown
20th Apr 2020 - Cancer Research UK

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 20th Apr 2020

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15 Best Practices for Working Remotely From Home

We’ve got decades of experience in working in the same place where we live – here are the time-tested practices we at ITPro Today rely on to establish, maintain and grow business as usual.
17th Apr 2020 - ITPro Today

It’s Not Just Working Remotely; Hiring and Onboarding Go Virtual, Too

For her first day on the job at Accenture last month, Danielle Mizrachi planned to walk to the consulting firm’s offices near New York’s Grand Central Terminal wearing the work clothes she bought after accepting their offer back in November. Instead, Ms. Mizrachi, a 26-year-old software engineer, found herself at her grandmother’s house in Stamford, Conn., awaiting delivery of her company laptop and attending weeks of virtual orientation.
15th Apr 2020 - The Wall Street Journal

Sudden Rise in Remote Work Self-Isolation and Health-Related Anxiety

Following a surge in anxiety caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, managing and supporting mental health at work has never been more crucial. With the whole world facing unprecedented challenges around COVID-19, John Williams, Head of Marketing at Instant Offices explains why it’s an ideal time for businesses to place a sharper focus on talking about employee mental health, whether teams are working onsite or remotely.
19th Apr 2020 - BusinessNewsWales.com

Presenter Polly Bartlett plays violin version of STV News theme tune while working from home

Reporter by day and violin supremo in lockdown; super-talented Polly wants to lift spirits across Scotland and was inspired by BBC weatherman Owain Wyn Evans
16th Apr 2020 - Daily Record

Work will transform after this crisis

Now is the time to retool businesses for a remote economy, improve the quality of life for parents, and retrain the workers who lack digital skills. In fact, the response to coronavirus may reveal that some workers and employers prefer remote work after all.
19th Apr 2020 - The Hill

Holyrood committees to be held remotely

Holyrood committees are to be held remotely, Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh has announced, as MSPs will be asked to approve rule changes. Changes to Scottish Parliament standing orders are to be proposed on Tuesday, when MSPs return to Holyrood after the Easter recess, which will formalise virtual meetings. Previously, only committee hearings held in person within the Scottish Parliament were considered formal meetings.
19th Apr 2020 - Evening Express

It's not too early to plan for the future of work in a post-pandemic Ireland

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on all our lives. Employers and employees across all sectors found themselves adapting overnight to an entirely new way of working. Remote Working- With much of the workforce now working remotely, a good step for employers is to look at their remote working policy. They should check it is fit for purpose and communicate with staff to ensure they understand the content.
20th Apr 2020 - Independent.ie

Rapid Remote Work: 10 Tips For Success

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing a multitude of workers to face the challenge of working from home. So how can you work productively and successfully from home? How can you continue to be heard and hear others? What tools do you need? Here are my top 10 tips for successful rapid (sometimes emergency) remote work.
19th Apr 2020 - Forbes

Even Banksy is working from home during the lockdown

Coronavirus lockdown measures mean people around the world are making adjustments to their daily lives, and sometimes their homes. Famed street artist Banksy has joined those who have had to adapt their working life, bringing his outdoor work inside. "My wife hates it when I work from home," Banksy posted on Instagram Wednesday, alongside a set of images showing illustrated rats larking around in his bathroom.
20th Apr 2020 - CNN

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 17th Apr 2020

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Coronavirus: Parliament agrees 'historic' plan for virtual House of Commons

Decision-makers agree plan to allow 120 MPs to take part in virtual proceedings. Number of MPs physically present in House of Commons will be capped at 50. Digital Commons will initially apply to questioning ministers and statements. But if it works it could be extended to allow debate on new laws and motions
16th Apr 2020 - Daily Mail

Staying on task while working from home amid the coronavirus pandemic

I've been working from home for the last six weeks since the coronavirus began to spread in New York. In that time, I've shifted workspaces from my kitchen to my tiny bedroom in my New York apartment to my mom's house in Austin, Texas. I've been reading up on the best ways to stay on task and be productive, especially while working from home, and putting the tips into action. After six weeks of working from home amid the coronavirus pandemic, here are my seven tips for how to stay on task while working from home.
16th Apr 2020 - Business Insider

How will coronavirus change offices? Think new seating, more cleaning and hands-free tech

When people start coming back to the office, what will the post-pandemic workspace look like? Think new seating arrangements and stronger cleaning protocols, architects and designers say.
15th Apr 2020 - San Antonio Express-News

66% of U.S. Employees Are Working Remotely at Least Part-Time During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Two-thirds of employees are currently working remotely at least part of the work week as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new survey from Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform. Clutch found that 44% of all workers are currently working from home 5 or more days per week, up from 17% before the pandemic. Just 34% of workers aren't working remotely at all during the pandemic, likely a direct result of most states only allowing essential out-of-home work or a reflection of workers who have been laid off.
16th Apr 2020 - Yahoo Finance UK

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 16th Apr 2020

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How coronavirus could change your office space and remote work from home

If and when you return to your office after the novel coronavirus pandemic, you’ll probably notice some differences. Upon entering your building, the doors may open automatically so you don’t have to touch the handles. Before you board your elevator, you might tell the elevator where you’d like to go, rather than pressing the many buttons within the elevator. When you reach your floor, you could walk into a room full of dividers and well-spaced desks instead of the crowded open floor plan you’re used to. In common areas like meeting rooms and kitchens, expect to see fewer chairs and posted documentation of the last time they were cleaned.
15th Apr 2020 - Vox.com

How coronavirus exposed Japan’s low-tech blind spot

Japan, for various reasons, took its time reaching this conclusion but, even in the twilight weeks before emergency was officially declared and telework became a necessity, it was clear that the country’s low-tech leanings were about to be harshly exposed.
15th Apr 2020 - Financial Times

Almost half of the workforce to work remotely after coronavirus

New research suggests the coronavirus will have a lasting impact on the way we work, with almost half of the workforce expected to work remotely after the virus is contained. Large swathes of the global workforce are working from home for the first time after social distancing measures forced many businesses to temporarily shut down offices. And new data from global research and advisory firm Gartner suggests the move could be a permanent one.
15th Apr 2020 - The New Daily

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 15th Apr 2020

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13 tips for working at home from business owners and consultants

Working from home is the new reality for so many right now. We use Zoom, we chat on Slack, and we manage our projects — all from the comfort of a home office. Most of us already know the basics as far as how to stay productivity — keep regular hours, communicate with family members about your projects, and find a distraction for the kids. These tips from consultants and business owners are different. They are a bit more surprising and unique.
14th Apr 2020 - Ladders

Three tips from Asian businesses on making remote working 'work'

Businesses in Asian countries felt the most immediate blow following the COVID-19 pandemic due to their proximity to China. With almost three months’ worth of lessons learned, and ahead of several others in terms of impact experience, Asian businesses are likely better equipped to survive with more resilience and knowledge on what to do.
14th Apr 2020 - Tech Wire Asia

Working Remotely Is Harder than Expected

Mental health may be suffering for those of us who have recently transitioned from working on-site to working remotely at home, according to a new study from Japan, conducted by Professor Isamu Yamamoto of the department of Business and Commerce at Keio University. In fact, around 35% of respondents felt that telecommuting was taking a toll on their mental health – not enhancing it. For those who cited remote work as a threat to their mental health, there were three leading factors noted by the participants: work life boundaries, physical activity, and communication.
14th Apr 2020 - Psychology Today

How to keep telecommuting teams effective by overcoming four challenges

The author, a mother of children aged four and two who has to work with colleagues across four time zones, shares some tips on how leaders and employees can keep themselves and their teams healthy and effective while working remotely.
14th Apr 2020 - TODAY Online

Sorbonne University’s remote work goes on

Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi provided the electronic channels and platforms to ensure efficiency and the work continuity. The Digital Transformation & Innovation Department established many training simulations for the employees and departments’ training sessions. The university also held a test on Thursday 19th of March, to ensure that it is fully prepared to begin the remote work process. Following the test, the employees filled in a survey that aims to collect their feedback and understand the challenges and difficulties they might have faced during the test.
14th Apr 2020 - Gulf Today

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 14th Apr 2020

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Got 'Office'? Working Remotely May Be Your Best Bet -- In Good Times And Bad

It's where we're headed. It could be a permanent solution for some. Are you ready? Some companies are better prepared than others. According to "The future of remote work" by Zara Greenbaum for the American Psychological Association (APA), research suggests that "when it's done right, telework can improve employee productivity, creativity and morale."
13th Apr 2020 - Forbes

Remote working: the need for leadership

At very short notice, recent events have forced businesses across the globe to change how they work. Sure, many organisations have offered some degree of remote working for a number of years now, but to be in a position where the entire workforce has to suddenly work from home is challenging even for the most prepared. Remote working has moved from being a “nice to have” to a “must-have,” and at least for the foreseeable is now the new normal, so business leaders must ask themselves – how can our organization stay productive, connected and happy?
10th Apr 2020 - Tech Radar

Is Working From Home The Future Of Work?

An early-April 2020 MIT survey of 25,000 American workers found that 34% of those who’d been employed four weeks earlier said they’re currently working from home. Combined with the roughly 15% who said they’d been working from home pre-COVID-19, that means nearly half the U.S. workforce might now be remote workers. And that’s also true, the researchers say, for workers 55 and older.
10th Apr 2020 - Forbes

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 13th Apr 2020

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Working remotely means we can’t be remote

While working from home is something many of the team does at some time or another, the fact that everyone is now operating from their place of residence is obviously out of the ordinary. It’s extremely impressive that there has been no drop in productivity whatsoever – everyone is giving 100% to ensure the business runs as normally as possible…even if some may be doing so in pyjamas from a coffee table in their living room!
9th Apr 2020 - Money Marketing

How to Keep Your Team Motivated, Remotely

Many leaders have crossed the first hurdles of moving their teams remote: ensuring colleagues have set up their tech tools, defined their processes, and permanently logged into their video conference accounts. But this is just the first step towards creating an effective work environment for remote employees. The next critical question we must ask is: How do you motivate people who work from home?
9th Apr 2020 - Harvard Business Review

CNN International launches new show about the ups and downs of WFH

For the first time, we are trying to keep the economy going by having such a large number of people working from their living rooms. CNN anchors - broadcasting from their homes - are exploring this uncharted territory
9th Apr 2020 - Journalism.co.uk

9 Productivity Tips for Working at Home Under Quarantine

How to boost concentration and curb procrastination and social isolation.
11th Apr 2020 - Psychology Today

Working from home proving to be viable

The pandemic has put the spotlight on working from home, and while it is not possible for many jobs, the experience may prompt an examination of more flexible work arrangements in the future
11th Apr 2020 - South China Morning Post

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 10th Apr 2020

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Top 7 Digital Tools for Working Remotely During COVID-19

Some of the challenges of working remotely at home are a lack of team collaboration, in-office culture, family distractions, and so much. So, how can you work from home effectively and collaborate with others during the coronavirus outbreak? I rounded up some of the best business tools you need to work remotely at home, collaborate with others, and be productive.
9th Apr 2020 - Business 2 Community

The importance of routine when working remotely

One of the most difficult transitions people often mention is not being able to ‘switch off’ after they have finished when working from home due. It’s easier to switch off from work when you leave your office and travel back to your house as this provides a change of scenery and some time to ‘decompress’. However, when you are working and living in your house, the lines can blur. So it’s important you find something to do to signify the end of your working day and the start of your evening. This could be a workout, shutting down your laptop and making dinner, going for a walk or simply picking up a book to read. Keeping to a routine will help you feel more productive and, hopefully, feel more mentally positive in this worrying time.
9th Apr 2020 - Dealer Support Magazine

The best apps to learn a language during the Covid 19 lockdown

Linguist experts and educators say the best way to learn a new language is to converse directly with the instructor or native speaker, ideally in the same physical space. However, with schools and foreign language centers closed, we have to take our lessons indoors, online and in isolation. In response, a few organisations, such as the International Center for Language Studies and the Global Language Network, both in the District, have shifted their in-person classes to virtual "synchronous classrooms." For this arrangement, students and teachers confer via Skype, Zoom or another similar computer interface platform.
9th Apr 2020 - The New Zealand Herald

Coronavirus: self-employed working from home checklist

What does working remotely mean for the self-employed? Whether you run your business on your own or manage a small team, you might now be working from home and holding more remote meetings during the coronavirus outbreak. With that in mind, we’re sharing some tips our Head of Wellbeing, Kelly O’Neill, put together to help our employees adjust to working from home.
9th Apr 2020 - Simply Business knowledge

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 9th Apr 2020

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Coronavirus became the catalyst for remote working. Here's what to do now

Employers can encourage certain behaviors, switch to specific apps and services, and help employees stay productive during these dark times. These tips are divided into three sections related to health and safety, tools and services, and staying productive. They apply to most business functions, although they are geared for the typical home office worker.
3rd Apr 2020 - TechRadar UK

Disabled Students Already Faced Learning Barriers. Then Coronavirus Forced an Abrupt Shift to Online Classes.

Organization is key in classroom teaching, and for students with learning disabilities or brain injuries, that significance is amplified in a virtual setting. According to the National Center for College Students With Disabilities, about one-fifth of undergraduates and 12 percent of graduate students have some kind of disability. For many of those students, the nationwide shift to online learning brings additional accessibility problems.
7th Apr 2020 - The Chronicle of Higher Education

NHS England to ensure all GPs can work from home if isolating

NHS England has committed to providing GPs with IT solutions to enable them to work remotely during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. NHS England said it was making ‘a commitment’ to support every practice ‘where possible’ with the ‘solutions’ they need for any of their staff to work remotely, including providing them with laptops. However, GP leaders said that provision was 'not consistent enough' and that practice teams need access to testing so that they can return to the frontline.
8th Apr 2020 - Pulse

What lies ahead after the coronavirus? A view from Japan

In a survey of more than 10,000 Japanese business, more than 63% projected that COVID-19 would have a "negative impact on their business performance"; But going online and remote working is creating opportunities for some business and forcing reflection on Japan's long-hours working culture; More time spent at home is also prompting families to reconsider traditional domestic roles.
8th Apr 2020 - World Economic Forum

All the comforts of the office, at home: Remote workers snapping up desks, webcams and lamps

Workers nationwide are snapping up electronics, furniture and lighting to transform their spare rooms and kitchen tables into centers of productivity while they wait for the all-clear message on the coronavirus, the global pandemic that sent most of the country into lockdown in March.
8th Apr 2020 - The Washington Post

'How Do I Set Boundaries With My Boss During a Pandemic?'

I want to start by saying that I know I'm in a very privileged position right now: I have a stable job, which I've been doing remotely from the comfort of my apartment for the past month. The issue I'm having is with setting boundaries.
8th Apr 2020 - VICE

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 8th Apr 2020

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11 Editor-Approved Home Office Essentials To Make Remote Working Healthier and Happier

So the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is forcing your company's hand and stipulating you work from home for the next few weeks to keep the wheels turning. For some of you, that might sound like a dream. Easy access to a snack cupboard and kettle, little-to-no commute time between the bed and the laptop, and the opportunity to stretch that lunch-time walk just a little longer because you’ve basically become the manager of your own time. However, you might quickly discover you’re not particularly well equipped to deal with a long-term working-from-home system, whether that be a lack of the vital tech to keep you up and running, or some creature comforts that make working in your living room – the new home office – a little bit easier.
7th Apr 2020 - YAHOO!

Challenges And Solutions For The Hard Of Hearing In The World Of Remote Work

“I’ve always found a way to make sure being hard of hearing didn’t get in my way. I’ve even managed teams remotely. But in that scenario, I have the ability to get to know each person’s speech patterns. It helps decipher what they’re saying when trying to read lips on a video screen.” But now, like the many others in her similar situation, she has been flung into operating 100% through remote platforms.
7th Apr 2020 - Forbes

How can organisations create a culture of equality while working remotely?

Dr Michelle Cullen, head of inclusion and diversity at Accenture Ireland, writes that we should still focus on company culture when teams are apart.
7th Apr 2020 - Siliconrepublic.com

Working from home: What the new normal looks like, plus remote management tips

ZDNet Editor-in-Chief Larry Dignan, ZDNet UK Editor-in-Chief Steve Ranger, and TechRepublic Editor-in-Chief Bill Detwiler sat down to discuss their best management hacks for getting the most from their teams while working remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic. The following is an edited transcript of their conversation.
6th Apr 2020 - TechRepublic

Tips on Working Remotely

Over the past few years, more and more companies around the world have discovered the benefits of allowing their employees to work from home. Not only does remote work allow companies to save money on their overhead, but employees enjoy spending more time with their families and simply having a more flexible work schedule. However, remote work does also hold its challenges. Thus, the following list includes a few tips on working remotely.
7th Apr 2020 - Thrive Global

The best apps that boost productivity while working remotely

With the current wave of coronavirus, many businesses will allow a portion of their employees to work from home. For some businesses, this is the first time they will allow their workers to do this. Many business owners will dread allowing their staff to work remotely as they may feel it reduces productivity. These statistics show that working remotely can reduce operational costs and boost productivity.
7th Apr 2020 - HR News

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 7th Apr 2020

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10 Tips For Working Remotely During Coronavirus

If you enjoyed having daily social interaction with co-workers, feelings of isolation and loneliness could set in. Given that this is the new normal, here are ten tips for working remotely that will make your experience less stressful and more productive.
6th Apr 2020 - Forbes

3 ways to manage conflict when you work remotely

A 2017 United Nations report found that 41% of telecommuters were stressed since working remotely can lead to longer office hours and an increased overlap of one’s work and personal life. Add new concerns over COVID-19, a struggling economy, homeschooling children, and shaky job security, and remote workers may find themselves mired in fear and anxiety, creating fertile ground for conflict.
6th Apr 2020 - Fortune

Effective Time Management While Working Remotely During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Time management is one of the most common issues in the way of productivity under normal circumstances. But we are operating in strange times. Working from home automatically comes with its own additional time management challenges under regular circumstances. But we are all dealing with time management on top of the undeniably chaotic events that are unfolding due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
6th Apr 2020 - Forbes

Popular Time-Blocking or Time-Management Techniques You Can Use While Working Remotely

Adapting to remote work can be difficult, especially for those of us who have spent years commuting to the office week after week. Managing time is extremely valuable for working remotely, where distractions abound. Let’s look at some new ways you can manage your time to make the most out of your new workday:
6th Apr 2020 - Entrepreneur

Office Obsolescence - Why Working Remotely is the Future of Business

With technological advancements in recent years, more people than ever are choosing to work from home. What was once but fantasy is now a reality, and people all around the world are able to get their work done on the run. Remote working has completely changed the way businesses operate, allowing employees the freedom and autonomy to work from wherever they choose. In today’s article, we have a look at why working remotely is the future of business
6th Apr 2020 - CEOWORLD magazine

8 Steps to Have a Good Day When Working Remotely

Whether you are a member of senior management or a few months into your startup, these strategies can help you look forward to your workday.
6th Apr 2020 - Inc.com

Covid-19 pushes traditional airfreight training into the virtual classroom

Strategic Aviation Solutions International (SASI), which offers air cargo training programmes, including the Air Cargo Development Programme, under the aegis of Tiaca, is also speeding up its migration to an online format. “We were in the process of converting,” confirmed SASI president & CEO Stan Wraight. According to Mr Careen, the switch to an online framework is not very challenging and around 90% of IATA’s training programmes could be converted.
4th Apr 2020 - TheLoadStar.com

Remote working could put an end to the office as we know it

The ongoing pandemic has brought about the world’s largest remote working experiment, with tens of millions forced to participate worldwide – and its outcome will likely have repercussions that will reverberate long after the last quarantine restrictions are lifted.
4th Apr 2020 - TechRadar India

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 6th Apr 2020

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People are sharing their work stations as they adjust to working remotely

Creating and organizing home office spaces can be a great way to find balance in places that once signified rest and privacy, but have more recently been split between peoples’ professional and personal lives. For some workers, this has meant bringing pieces from their workplace offices to their home work stations, while others seek ways to make their work stations feel cozy and inviting.
3rd Apr 2020 - CNBC

CFOs Plan To Permanently Shift Significant Numbers Of Employees To Work Remotely — Survey

Finance leaders, scouring balance sheets for costs to cut, are considering reducing the need for office space by permanently shifting a portion of employees to working remotely, according to a survey released Friday. Allowing employees to work from home, which was once considered a perk for senior employees or hotly sought after hires, is now a lifeline for countless companies hoping to keep operations running amid social-distancing measures aimed at slowing the COVID-19 outbreak.
3rd Apr 2020 - Forbes

Goldman Sachs CEO: Remote work policies could 'attract' new employees after the coronavirus pandemic is over

Even after the coronavirus pandemic calms down, Solomon believes the company will continue to see an increase in the use of video conferencing and become more comfortable with that type of technology. “It will make us more comfortable in providing more flexibility to employees, which, by the way, makes this a more attractive place for people to work,” said Solomon.
3rd Apr 2020 - CNBC

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 3rd Apr 2020

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Coronavirus: Seven essential tips if you have to work from home

Not going into the office is an effective way of preventing the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, because it minimises the risk of you coming into contact with someone carrying the disease. Many companies are suggesting workers who can get the job done from home do just that. Some technology companies which produce software used by remote workers, including Zoom and Slack, have subsequently received a bump in share prices in recent days.
17th Mar 2020 - Sky News

David Ainsworth: How to work remotely in a time of coronavirus

This article is intended to take a look at the technological solutions which enable effective distributed working, and the adaptations to culture and ways of working that are involved. It’s based on learning from our own organisation. Catalyst is a charitable initiative incubated at CAST, a charity set up for remote working. We’re distributed by default. For most people that means four days based at home, and only one in the office
12th Mar 2020 - Civil Society Media

There is no workplace like home

As the coronavirus spreads across the globe, forcing more people to work from home, has the outbreak kickstarted the world’s largest workplace experiment?
30th Mar 2020 - Raconteur.net

How to work from home during the coronavirus outbreak

As the coronavirus outbreak grows, more people are working from home. Tech giants including Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Twitter announced earlier this week, that most of their staff are mandated to work remotely due to the coronavirus. Business Insider has highlighted some tips that will help your staff remain productive while working from home.
3rd Apr 2020 - Business Insider

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 2nd Apr 2020

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27+ Tools That Make Working Remotely a Breeze

Are you working remotely because of COVID-19? Take a look at these great tools for collaboration, safety, and task management.
1st Apr 2020 - Interesting Engineering

The brave new world of remote work | The Hill

Laboring off-site has been a trend for the last several decades, enabled by a host of varied and ever more powerful technologies. A variant of remote work (also known as telecommuting) is distributed work in which virtual teams – many scattered across the globe – collaborate on projects under the direction of their employer.
1st Apr 2020 - The Hill

How Managers Can Support Remote Employees

In a poll of my coaching clients last week about their biggest challenges, their key themes were about how to stay connected with each team member, help manage their own and others’ stress, maintain team morale and motivation, run engaged meetings, track and communicate progress, and help their team shed nonessential work.
1st Apr 2020 - Harvard Business Review

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 1st Apr 2020

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The Coronavirus Is Creating a Huge, Stressful Experiment in Working From Home

Even before the pandemic struck, remote work was accelerating in the U.S. But the next few months will be a very strange test of our white-collar future.
13th Mar 2020 - The Atlantic

What if we just carried on teleworking?

In this article we discuss a possible knock on effect from the coronavirus pandemic and compulsory containment, with millions of employees working from home. Could we see a future working from home revolution just around the corner?
27th Mar 2020 - Le Point

Vague remote work policies won’t cut it during the coronavirus pandemic

As a result of the coronavirus, organizations should and likely will move away from arbitrary discretion and toward companywide, objective policies on which jobs can be done remotely and under what circumstances.
17th Mar 2020 - Fortune

Coronavirus: five tips on running a remote working drill

Firms have been running work from home tests in preparation for enforcing such arrangements as the crisis worsens. Here’s how to get this right
16th Mar 2020 - People Management Magazine

How to set up remote teams during coronavirus

The CEO of HackerOne, which features a community of over 600,000 people working remotely, offers tips for the best ways to set up remote workers to succeed.
11th Mar 2020 - Fast Company

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 31st Mar 2020

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Radio Corona: managing remote work in the era of Covid-19

In this episode of Radio Corona, we'll be helping you learn how to better connect in this time of remote work and isolation. Tanya Basu, a senior reporter at MIT Technology Review covering the intersection of humans and technology, will host a Q&A with Rajesh Amandan, the CEO of Ultranaut, and Ali Rayl, the VP of customer experience at Slack.
30th Mar 2020 - MIT Technology Review

What do I need to work from home due to coronavirus?

If you are paying for your own kit, you may want to take an economical approach. But if the company is insisting that you work from home, ask for ergonomic equipment. This often costs more, but is worth it in the long run.
19th Mar 2020 - The Guardian

Big tech firms ramp up remote working orders to prevent coronavirus spread

Facebook (FB), Google (GOOG), Twitter (TWTR) and Amazon (AMZN) have implemented remote working policies for many or all of their employees around the globe. Google parent company Alphabet is recommending that all employees in North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East work remotely. Twitter has made working from home mandatory for all workers globally. The company is also in communication with its San Francisco staffers after an employee from that office developed symptoms consistent with coronavirus, though no official diagnosis has been made, according to a company spokesperson.
12th Mar 2020 - CNN

What are you wearing while working from home?

For some it will make sense to dress even more smartly than you might to the office, via pinstripe shirts and proper shoes. For others it will mean dressing for work with your top half, the sofa with your bottom half; otherwise known by a multitude of other names: “conference call dressing”, “dressing from the top up”, “telecommutercore” and “news anchor dressing”.
30th Mar 2020 - The Guardian

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 30th Mar 2020

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How to set yourself up for remote working

Bigger businesses with lots of employees are seeing that sending everyone home to work remotely can, and does work effectively. While you might expect it to be counterproductive, many businesses that have adopted this way of working have claimed to see productivity go up, rather than down.
18th Mar 2020 - TechRadar

What are the real challenges tech workers face with working remotely?

Fear of the coronavirus is prompting more companies to have their employees work remotely. But what are the real challenges workers face when working from home and trying to communicate with colleagues?
18th Mar 2020 - ZDNet

A guide to working remotely by locals who do it daily

After 11 years of living locally while operating remotely in a virtual world, the 83 Degrees team and many of our friends, especially those working in tech and online media, are experienced at making it successful. Here are our top tips for first-time remote workers to consider while we all keep our distance and await the outcome of #COVID19.
17th Mar 2020 - 83degreesmedia

Coronavirus: Remote working software crashes on first day of mass working from home

Users of the popular Microsoft Teams remote-working software struggled to access the program on Monday as thousands switched to working from home in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Microsoft admitted that it was investigating “messaging-related functionality problems” with the software. A spokesman said: “We’ve taken steps to address an issue that a subset of our customers may have experienced. Our engineering teams continue to actively monitor performance and usage trends.”
16th Mar 2020 - Yahoo Philippines News

First Time Working Remotely? Here’s How To Ease Into It

The good news is that most workplaces are establishing guidelines and plans for how employees may adjust to working remotely. Ready to ease into working from home, whether it’s on a temporary or slightly more long-term basis? Here’s what you need to do to transition into becoming a telecommuter:
21st Mar 2020 - Forbes

How coronavirus COVID-19 is accelerating the future of work

The coronavirus is forcing enterprises to rethink the way they do business and dust off policies for security, business continuity, and remote workers. Chances are that some of these efforts will stick
24th Mar 2020 - ZDNet

Italy Working Remotely During Lockdown Get A Preview Of The Future Of Energy

“Saying that working from home is not sustainable because houses will have to be heated during the day is a bit unwise, as offices would have been heated instead. For sure, smart working has a positive energy impact, mainly driven by a drop in transports.” Indeed, the climate think tank Ember reported a dramatic fall in electricity demand everywhere in Europe - with Italy on top. They saw Italy's electricity demand drop by 25% in three weeks, followed by Spain 10-15% and Germany, UK and Poland 8% so far.
27th Mar 2020 - Forbes

Finding Your Motivation When Working Remotely For the First Time

Both new and veteran remote workers are finding it challenging to work from home these days. So we’ve gathered a few tips to help you find and sustain your motivation to keep you going. You can read about what tools to use elsewhere; here, we’re going to talk about some different things you can do to get your mojo back.
27th Mar 2020 - Thrive Global

'Is the dog about to bark?' The perils of home broadcasting in the Covid-19 crisis

Although news media is considered an “essential service” – meaning reporters can still go to the office to do their jobs if necessary – many are opting to work from home. Ferguson – who had a rarely used direct line to Radio New Zealand’s studios installed in her office years ago, when she became co-host of the Morning Report programme – is among them.
28th Mar 2020 - The Guardian

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 27th Mar 2020

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Working Remotely for the First Time? These Seasoned Experts Have Advice for You to Follow

You need to stay productive, maintain communication and connection, and take care of yourself. We explain how
20th Mar 2020 - Inc.com

More than 30,000 USAA employees are working remotely during COVID-19 pandemic

More than 80 percent of employees and contractors with possibly the largest employer in the city are working from home. According to USAA, more than 30,000 employees are working remotely across the country and the number is increasing daily. In San Antonio, a majority of the 17,000 are also working from home.
26th Mar 2020 - WOAI

6 Tips for Staying Successful While Working Remotely

We know a thing or two about working remotely. In fact, it’s one of the foundational cornerstones of our company. Over the years, we’ve found the secret recipe that enables us to spend ample time with those we love, while still having fulfilling careers. When working from home is done right, we know that remote workers can be more productive than those in an office.
21st Mar 2020 - Business 2 Community

Keep calm and carry on working (remotely)

Buffer, a company specializing in social media content, surveyed 2,500 remote workers on the benefits and challenges associated with teleworking. The number one challenge, at 22%, was the ability to unplug after work. While appreciating this statistic, I suspect many office-bound workers who regularly take laptops home probably suffer from this issue as well. Number two on the list, at 19%, was loneliness, closely followed by collaboration and/or communication at 17%.
20th Mar 2020 - We Live Security

The Art Of Working Remotely: How To Ensure Productivity

Most of us have been conditioned to work and focus because of outside constraints. Meetings force us to adhere to certain schedules, office hours dictate our start and end time and a manager’s watchful eye keeps our internet surfing to a minimum, for the most part. Once on your own, you may find yourself floundering a bit to stay productive. Here are some tips to set yourself up for success.
12th Mar 2020 - Forbes

While working remotely, chaplains aim to give COVID-19 patients rare human touch

With a ‘new normal’ causing most clerical duties to be conducted via phone or video chat, spiritual caregivers try to adapt without changing what works most
27th Mar 2020 - The Times of Israel

The secret to landing a remote job — and who is hiring right now

To help those who want to shift away from working in the office to working from home, CNBC spoke to FlexJobs to find out the best way to search for a remote job, sell your skills and prepare for the interview — and which companies are hiring remote workers right now.
26th Mar 2020 - CNBC

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 26th Mar 2020

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How Covid-19 led to a nationwide work-from-home experiment

Millions of Chinese employees are working from home for the first time, as the nation tackles Covid-19. Will it change conservative corporate culture?
9th Mar 2020 - BBC News

Covid-19 could cause permanent shift towards home working

Covid-19 could permanently shift working patterns as companies forced to embrace remote working by the pandemic find that their employees do not want to return to the office once the closures are lifted.
13th Mar 2020 - The Guardian

Tips for working remotely amid COVID-19 | Stanford News

Stanford employees are being asked to work remotely whenever possible amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Here are some tips to help you do so effectively.
16th Mar 2020 - Stanford University News

5 Tips for Working From Home Amid COVID-19

We’ve heard all the advice from experts on social distancing and making sure we wash our hands. What we discuss less is the psychological disruption working from home has on millions around the world.
17th Mar 2020 - Psychology Today

Covid-19: Tips for successful remote working | HRD America

Leaders will need to adopt flexible work options and self-care for themselves – not just their employees
17th Mar 2020 - Human Resources Director

Covid-19: NCSC issues secure remote working guidance

With hundreds of thousands likely to be working remotely for some time, the UK’s NCSC has issued best practice guidance to enable security teams to support them
17th Mar 2020 - ComputerWeekly.com

Video lessons to indoor rugby - how Edinburgh is coping with working from home

People from all over Edinburgh have found themselves spending more time at home than ever before in the wake of government lockdown to avoid the spread of coronavirus. We asked Evening News readers about how they were keeping themselves entertained during this unprecedented period of isolation and working from home
25th Mar 2020 - Edinburgh Evening News

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 25th Mar 2020

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The internet’s resilience to mass homeworking

This week, as people who could work from home did, the Underground emptied out and the internet filled up. By March 15th, a day before the prime minister asked people to telecommute, British internet traffic was already up 12% compared with the beginning of February, according to data from Cloudflare, a big network-infrastructure provider. Ridership on the Tube, meanwhile, slumped.
21st Mar 2020 - The Economist

Adjusting to Remote Work During the Coronavirus Crisis

The right technology tools and clear and constant communication are more important than ever. She recommends that managers do an official remote-work launch, carefully plan and facilitate virtual meetings, and pay extra attention to workers’ behavior. For individual contributors, it’s critical to maintain a routine but also embrace flexibility, especially if you’re in the house with family.
24th Mar 2020 - Harvard Business Review

A Swiss hotel is offering a luxury quarantine package — including a $500 coronavirus test

Le Bijou, a high-end Swiss hospitality company that’s part luxury hotel, part serviced apartment, that has meant launching the Covid-19 Service — a customizable stay with add-ons such as in-room coronavirus testing, doctor visits and 24/7 nurse care.
24th Mar 2020 - Washington Post

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 24th Mar 2020

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As coronavirus forces millions to work remotely, the US economy may have reached a 'tipping point' in favor of working from home

Companies are enabling remote work to keep business running while helping employees follow social distancing guidelines. A typical company saves about $11,000 per half-time telecommuter per year, according to Global Workplace Analytics. As companies adapt to their remote work structures, the coronavirus pandemic is having a lasting impact on how work is conducted.
23rd Mar 2020 - CNBC

Could remote working be the future of work?

As all the normal rules for business and social interactions are shredded daily by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, working remotely has become a lifeline for UK businesses. Many organisations that have previously ignored remote working are making an overnight u-turn, or those that only allowed hybrid working when team workloads overflowed, now need a framework, some rules and fast ideas for keeping morale up.
23rd Mar 2020 - Tech Radar

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 23rd Mar 2020

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Coronavirus: tidy up your books, we’re all watching remotely

We know that adventurer Ben Fogle colour-co-ordinates his bookshelves. Like remote-working Kevin McClouds, we will snoop during these isolated times. How much more will the boundaries between life and work break down? Next week, the children are home, so we will find out.
22nd Mar 2020 - The Times

An online ambience that recreates the sound of your local cafe to help you work better

Coffitivity recreates the ambient sounds of a cafe to boost your creativity and help you work better. Proven and peer reviewed, see the research to learn more.
21st Mar 2020 - Coffitivity

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 19th Mar 2020

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Italy COVID-19 lockdown does not halt work of UN agriculture agency

Italy has been hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak, with nearly 28,000 confirmed cases of the disease and 2,503 deaths, according to the latest statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO). While a national quarantine has the country in lockdown, it has not halted the work of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), based in the capital, Rome. Most staff have been working remotely since last Tuesday, although a skeleton team remains at the building to ensure critical business continuity. It too will be reduced this week as FAO moves to complete telecommuting. The new arrangements mean new ways of working. Teams are using technology not only to get the job done but also to keep in touch. FAO has provided staff with licenses for Zoom, the remote conferencing service, thus facilitating virtual meetings and collaboration. Colleagues are calling each other, instead of emailing, to discuss work matters but also to maintain human contact. Daily check-ins, weekly meetings, and WhatsApp groups are also helping to foster team spirit.
19th Mar 2020 - DeviDiscourse

The ins and outs of working from home in the age of COVID-19

As the marketing director for Ignite Northwest, a company that supports entrepreneurs, Cyndi Donahue said most if not all of the people she works with regularly work from home, with one glaring exception: Donahue herself. But with officials advising to “hunker down” to curtail the spread of COVID-19, Donahue is doing just that. Luckily for her, her husband is an old pro and helped her get situated in their home’s guest room. He’s helped her set up the technology, and they’re putting their children on a schedule for structure, but the thing Donahue is struggling with is missing people.
18th Mar 2020 - The Spokesman-Review

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 18th Mar 2020

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Chinese students flock home as coronavirus shuts Western campuses

Packed onto a plane full of fellow Chinese students heading home from the United States, 20-year-old Harvard University undergraduate Roger Zhang wore goggles to ward off the coronavirus for hours until they became just too uncomfortable. Zhang is among tens of thousands of overseas Chinese students making the journey back to China, where the coronavirus emerged late last year, as fears of it grip Western countries and schools and campuses shut their gates. "I can't predict the future, but it has seemed relatively more under control in China," the Shenzhen native told Reuters.
18th Mar 2020 - DevDiscourse

T-Mobile has a plan to temporarily hike the speed of its 4G LTE and 5G networks during the crisis

With the coronavirus forcing adults to work from home and students to stream virtual lessons, T-Mobile expects demand for its network capacity to rise sharply causing traffic bottlenecks and slower data speeds. To prevent excess traffic from slowing its 4G LTE data speeds, T-Mobile is borrowing 600MHz spectrum to increase capacity. By renting the additional 600MHz spectrum, T-Mobile will increase its 4G LTE capacity allowing those working or studying from home to experience faster data speeds than they might have otherwise had to deal with. And with T-Mobile possibly using the borrowed 600MHz holdings for both 4G LTE and 5G, the additional airwaves are very much welcome especially in markets where it can be quickly put to use. The companies loaning the spectrum to T-Mobile include Bluewater; Channel 51; Comcast; Dish; Grain Management affiliate NewLevel, LLC; LB Holdings and Omega Wireless, LLC. This list includes half of the 10 largest holders of 600MHz spectrum in the U.S. The spectrum will be borrowed by T-Mobile for a period of 60 days.
17th Mar 2020 - PhoneArena

Coronavirus, what are the necessary protocols to follow for work? What are the best recommendations for businesses, what rules must employees follow

Il Fatto Quotidiano lists and explains the 13-point worker protocol backed by the government, unions and business - which details safety best practices for employees during the current coronacrisis
15th Mar 2020 - Il Fatto Quotidiano

Working Remotely - Connecting Communities for COVID19 News - 17th Mar 2020

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Hit the precaution button not the panic button

1) Restrict handshakes and practice ‘hello’ from a great distance. 2) Ask your employees to practice sneezing and coughing etiquette 3) Clean your workplace desk or workstation often 4) Promote hygienic washroom practice 6) Disseminating tissues, dustbin and pocket sanitizers to the employees 7) Hygienic office canteen 8) Basics First - Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
16th Mar 2020 - Tribune India

Coronavirus: Stuck At Home? Here’s The Tech To Get You Through It

If you find you suddenly have some unexpected time at home, there are technological solutions to help you make the most of it. This applies for keeping in touch, video-conferencing that meeting with your colleagues, or FaceTime calls to friends and family, especially if they’re overseas. But the right gadgets can make your sudden enforced solitude more pleasant, too, from using your iPad to watch Netflix if the TV in your bedroom isn’t up to snuff to installing a video doorbell so you don’t need direct contact with the guy at the door.
15th Mar 2020 - Forbes

Coronavirus: 8 ways to look after your mental health

1 - Seek accurate info from legitimate sources 2 - Set limits on news about COVID-19 3 - Look after yourselves 4 - Reach out to others and support those around you 5 - Maintain a sense of hope and positive thinking 6 - Acknowledge your feelings 7 - Take time to talk to the children about COID-19 8 - Ask for professional support if and whenever you need it
13th Mar 2020 - Mental Health Europe

What Can Be Learned From 'Virtual' Firms as Coronavirus Necessitates Remote Work? | The American Lawyer

Brick-and-mortar firms weren't built with remote work in mind, say the leaders of distributed firms, so they face obstacles both physical and cultural as more attorneys log in from home to limit the spread of COVID-19.
12th Mar 2020 - The American Lawyer