"Connecting Communities for COVID19 News" 25th Mar 2020

Isolation Tips
Chris Hadfield and other astronauts share self-isolation tips during coronavirus
On Saturday, Hadfield posted a video called Astronaut's Guide to Self Isolation to help those struggling with working from home or just feeling stir-crazy during the pandemic.
How to self‑isolate: coronavirus advice and tips for over‑70s
The Times offers basic steps for people self-isolating to reduce risk, protect their immune system and stay healthy throughout the coronavirus crisis
Tips for handling work and kids during COVID-19 isolation
The combination of working and supervising children during a pandemic has the potential to create stress and family conflict. Experts say that the best route forward is to maintain some semblance of structure, while allowing that this is an unprecedented situation.
In coronavirus self-isolation? 8 top health tips to keep you sane and strong
As the covid-19 pandemic forces people out of their daily routines and into quarantine, stress and anxiety is rife here are some ideas to help you get through it
Coronavirus lockdown: An introvert's guide to self-isolation
Firstly, this is the biggest of big ones: You need a to-do list. You need a structure to your day, a plan and a goal. This is not only good for getting things done, but it’s also great for your mental health and feeling you’ve achieved something – feeling there is a point to your day. If you are actively working from home many of these things may be defined by your job. If you’re simply stuck at home with nothing to do, remember: There is never nothing to do!
Hygiene Helpers
Have I already had coronavirus? How would I know and what should I do?
Covid-19 symptoms vary widely, and undertesting in many countries means that many people may have already had the coronavirus without having received a positive diagnosis. Is it possible to find out, and how should you behave if you think you may have been infected?
Coronavirus Ireland: Foods and vitamins to boost your immune system amid crisis
Support your body through the stress of the situation with these ingredients We have entered a new world order and as the uncertainty of the coronavirus ... from our health to our business’. So what foods should we be fuelling our bodies with at this tough time? As we become accustomed to self isolation, here are the top foods to boost ...
Community Activities
Very inspiring. Rotterdam's Philharmonic Orchestra plays 'Ode to Joy' together, whilst in isolation.
Very inspiring. Rotterdam's Philharmonic Orchestra plays 'Ode to Joy' together, whilst in isolation. We do love our EU, don't we?
Lancaster Royal Grammar School and city hotels offer free beds for NHS and other key workers
Hotels and the grammar school in Lancaster are offering beds for hospital key workers to reduce the risk of them infecting their families with coronavirus.
Working Remotely
The internet’s resilience to mass homeworking
This week, as people who could work from home did, the Underground emptied out and the internet filled up. By March 15th, a day before the prime minister asked people to telecommute, British internet traffic was already up 12% compared with the beginning of February, according to data from Cloudflare, a big network-infrastructure provider. Ridership on the Tube, meanwhile, slumped.
Adjusting to Remote Work During the Coronavirus Crisis
The right technology tools and clear and constant communication are more important than ever. She recommends that managers do an official remote-work launch, carefully plan and facilitate virtual meetings, and pay extra attention to workers’ behavior. For individual contributors, it’s critical to maintain a routine but also embrace flexibility, especially if you’re in the house with family.
A Swiss hotel is offering a luxury quarantine package — including a $500 coronavirus test
Le Bijou, a high-end Swiss hospitality company that’s part luxury hotel, part serviced apartment, that has meant launching the Covid-19 Service — a customizable stay with add-ons such as in-room coronavirus testing, doctor visits and 24/7 nurse care.
Virtual Classrooms
Philly students will receive laptops during coronavirus shutdown
“We are looking into acquisition and distribution over the next couple of weeks,” Hite said. While the task may seem impossible, the New York City Department of Education distributed 175,000 laptops, Chromebooks, and iPads over the last few weeks and began online learning Monday.
Online classes and activities children can take part in during the coronavirus outbreak
From cries of ‘I’m bored’ to knowing ‘do you want to draw another picture?’ is just not going to cut it, the reality of having so many hours to fill is certainly hitting home. Thankfully though, celebrities and other digital influencers have been stepping in to fill the boredom void, offering a wealth of online classes and activities to keep kids busy in these trying times. From Joe Wicks keeping children fit to Professor Brian Cox making physics fun, here’s our run-down of all the online resources your kids can access today and onwards.
No Classroom, No Problem: Students Adjust to Virtual High School
A charter school in Kearny Mesa is showing its flexibility and innovation in dealing with the school closures due to the coronavirus by turning its regular school classrooms into virtual classrooms over the weekend. "I’m at home inside my bedroom,” said Ms. Erica Gibson who teaches 12th grade English at School for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SET) High School in Kearny Mesa. “We have class online. We’re learning about The Crucibles."
Coronavirus: Academic City Adopts Virtual Classroom For Students
Academic City University College, a premium STEAM and Entrepreneurial tertiary education has resumed active teaching and learning sessions online to enable students continue their education. This is as a result of the shut-down of the physical university due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Prof. Fred McBagonluri, President of Academic City explained that the university has adopted a virtual classrooms mechanism to create an environment where faculty and students can engage, interact and discuss presentations and assignments in the comfort of their homes.
STEMROBO Technologies Announces Launch Of Online Virtual Classrooms Amid Coronavirus
To bring the solutions for k-12 students, India’s Ed-tech startup STEMROBO Technologies working in the field of STEM education for K-12 students has announced that they have started providing online virtual cloud-based Learning Management Model through its Tinker learning platform for students without any cost. Through this initiative, students in class 4-12 can learn, program and experiment in the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) at home. The objective to start the online classes is to provide all the STEM learning facilities which students were getting in schools from Atal Tinkering Labs and also to maintain stability in their studies so that their flow won’t get a break by this amidst a crisis.
Public Policies
Coronavirus: Wuhan's recovery offers UK some reasons to be cheerful
As the UK goes into lockdown, the Chinese city where the pandemic started is to lift its restrictions.
Why Estonia Was Poised to Handle How a Pandemic Would Change Everything
Estonia declared a state of emergency on March 12th. The next night, two companies, in coöperation with the government, launched a forty-eight-hour idea-collection session, called Hack the Crisis. Five of the ideas would receive startup funds of up to five thousand euros, for immediate execution. “Do not stop at anything,” the organizers wrote.
Mass Testing is the Vaccine Until there is a Vaccine' and Could Prevent 70% of Deaths' say NHS Consultants
Stephen Colegrave reports on why two NHS doctors have written to Boris Johnson with their recommendation that only mass testing can now prevent a significant number of COVID-19 deaths in the UK.
'Kiwis – go home': New Zealand to go into month-long lockdown to fight coronavirus
New Zealand is preparing to enter a month-long nationwide lockdown from Wednesday night, with the entire country ordered to stay home apart from those in essential services. On Monday the nation was given two days to prepare for schools, businesses and community services to turn off the lights in a desperate bid to stem the spread of the coronavirus. The move came after the number of cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand rose past 100.
500 British Transport Police officers deployed to remind Tube and rail passengers of non-essential travel ban
Five hundred British Transport Police officers have been deployed to remind passengers that only those making essential journeys for work should be using the rail and Tube networks. In London, there has been growing concern about rush hour Tube carriages remaining packed, despite requests for only key workers to use public transport to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
Moscow's mayor warns Putin that regional officials don't understand coronavirus risks and says low levels of testing could explain Russia's small number of confirmed cases
At a meeting with the president on Tuesday, Sobyanin warned that “not all regions understand” the necessity of tough measures because of the low number of detected infections. Moscow’s mayor pointed out that the small number of confirmed cases could actually be due to a low level of testing. “The testing volume is very low and nobody knows the real picture,” Sobyanin explained.
Maintaining Services
There are 20,000 Black cab drivers kicking their heels. @BorisJohnson why don't you use them to collect & drive #keyworkers to & from work rather than make them risk getting #COVID19 on public transport?
There are 20,000 Black cab drivers kicking their heels. @BorisJohnson why don't you use them to collect & drive #keyworkers to & from work rather than make them risk getting #COVID19 on public transport?Man shruggingThe drivers can be paid & key workers stay safe to help us. #SaveOurNHS
The new supermarket rules - here's what you need to know about the social distancing restrictions
Supermarkets are asking customers to stay 2m from each other and installing screens
Coronavirus: Supermarkets limit shoppers as rules tighten
Visit a supermarket today and you're likely to be greeted outside by a member of staff. They'll be ensuring you stick to the new strict social-distancing rules that have applied since Monday evening. At Waitrose you'll be met by a marshal, while at M&S they're called greeters. Asda will also station more staff at its shop doors to "greet" customers. Their jobs are exactly the same: to ensure only a limited number of shoppers enter stores at any one time. They also check people are queuing responsibly and that shoppers wait patiently and stand two metres away from each other.
Coronavirus: Waitrose and Lidl deploy 'two-metre marshals' and checkout screens as contactless limit to be raised
Waitrose and Lidl are among chains to enforce distancing measures as supermarkets remain open for spending on lockdown essentials.
Please keep donating': NHS urges people to keep giving blood and says it is an 'essential form of helping the vulnerable'
The NHS has urged people to keep donating blood during the UK-wide coronavirus lockdown as it is essential to patients and a form of helping the vulnerable. NHS figures reveal a 15 per cent drop in whole blood donations since the draconian measures limiting movement came into force across Britain. Following the tightening of restrictions announced last night there are fears the number of blood donations may continue to plummet.
Coronavirus: Pharmacies urge public to only buy medicines they need amid panic buying
Pharmacies have urged the public to only buy medicines they need to avoid "creating difficulties" for others following panic buying across the UK. There is no overall shortage of prescription medicines, but there has been an increase in demand for all types of products - particularly hand sanitisers, paracetamol and thermometers.
Ford joins GE, 3M in speeding up ventilator, respirator production
Ford and GE Healthcare will expand the production of GE’s ventilator design to support patients with respiratory failure or difficulty breathing caused by the pathogen. In addition, they are developing a simplified design that Ford could begin making at one of its plants. The plan is to get the new design approved quickly by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Tom Westrick, vice president and chief quality officer at GE Healthcare, said on a conference call. Ford also is evaluating a separate effort not involving GE with the British government to make additional ventilators.
Healthcare Innovations
Welsh doctor uses military experience to design ventilator that will help coronavirus patients
Ventilators that could save the lives of thousands of people suffering from coronavirus across the UK are being made in Carmarthenshire. The device has been designed by a senior consultant at Glangwili Hospital in Carmarthen and an engineering company in Ammanford. The implement, called a Covid Emergency Ventilator, has been given the go-ahead by the Welsh Government and it is hoped that a hundred of them can be manufactured in just one day, something that could potentially save a huge number of lives. The machine helps patients to breathe and also cleans a room of viral particles, ensuring that patients are only supplied with purified air.
OxVent: could this prototype ventilator save thousands of lives?
Meet the mega-brain engineers, clinicians, students and manufacturers from Oxford University and King’s College who have built a machine that could be key to the battle against COVID-19.
The coronavirus isn’t mutating quickly, suggesting a vaccine would offer lasting protection
The coronavirus is not mutating significantly as it circulates through the human population, according to scientists who are closely studying the novel pathogen’s genetic code. That relative stability suggests the virus is less likely to become more or less dangerous as it spreads, and represents encouraging news for researchers hoping to create a long-lasting vaccine.
Why Germany’s coronavirus death rate is so much lower than other countries’ rates
“At the beginning, when we had relatively few cases, when it came to finding them and isolating them, we did quite well in Germany,” said Reinhard Busse, head of the department of health care management at the Berlin University of Technology. “That’s the major reason.” Other factors, such as the age of those infected and the timing of Germany’s outbreak, also play a role in the differing death rates. But testing widely has been key.
Pharma firm Anges and Osaka University to begin testing coronavirus vaccine on animals
Japanese biopharmaceutical firm Anges Inc said on Tuesday that it and Osaka University had completed development of a DNA vaccine against the new coronavirus and that it would begin testing it in animals soon.
PhRMA, BIO campaign champions members' determination to beat COVID-19
BIO has launched a co-sponsored print and digital campaign titled “Our Commitment to Beat Coronavirus” that lays out the six key steps biopharma companies are taking to combat the novel coronavirus. Those are: screening existing medicines for usefulness, putting top scientists on the case, sharing information with each other and government agencies, expanding manufacturing capabilities, donating supplies and medicine, and working to ensure any new treatments or vaccines are accessible and affordable.
New symptom tracking app aims to slow spread of coronavirus
Kings is today launching a new app which tracks symptoms related to novel coronavirus (COVID-19), allowing anyone to self-report daily.
Google asks users about symptoms for Carnegie Mellon coronavirus forecasting effort
Alphabet Inc’s Google said on Monday that over the last three days it had surveyed some users about their health at the request of Carnegie Mellon University researchers aiming to forecast the spread of coronavirus infections. Google’s Opinion Rewards app, which exchanges responses to surveys from Google and its clients for app store credit, queried users about whether anyone in their household has “a fever of at least 100 degrees along with a sore throat or a cough,” according to a question seen by Reuters.